The Rotary Club of
Centerville, OH
Chartered 1972
Rotary Club of Centerville - August 25, 2022
Centerville Rotary Meeting Highlights
President Arnie Biondo welcomed everyone to the Centerville Rotary Club and led the Pledge of Allegiance. PDG Harvey Smith provided the prayer.
President Biondo shared these announcements:
  • The Rotary Theme this month is: Membership & Extension
  • Welcome to visitors: Dan Wilson, a prospective new member, and Amber Eastabrooks, daughter of Ger Eastabrooks.
  • Quote of the week: “Behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes."  -  JIM CARREY 
  • Reminder of the social on Tuesday August 30, 2022 from 5:30 till 7:30 at Sueño,  607 East 3rd street, Dayton. We can't wait to see you and please bring a friend that might be interested in becoming a member! We will have a little wine tasting and there will be some dips and chips to snack on. If you like to order a more substantial meal for yourself, you are welcome to do so of course, at your own expense. Please let Sofie know if you can attend and how many others you will be bringing.
Past President, Brian Hayes presented Rotary awards for the 2021-2022 year under his leadership.
President Hayes said, ”The Centerville Club recently voted on "The Rotarian of the Year" and this year that distinctive honor goes to Carol Kennard. Among the reasons given as to why she was voted Rotarian of the Year has to do with her willingness to step up and handle not only the website, but other social media outlets that the club has and taking on spearheading the club's 50th Anniversary Celebration. She truly embodies Service Above Self. And we congratulate her on her nomination.”
Gerry Eastabrooks was recognized for her many years as Club Treasurer. Thanks for keeping the books straight and bills paid in a careful and efficient manner, always with a smile on your face!
A special Founders Award was presented to Lee Hieronymus, Don Overly, and Harvey Smith for 50 years (1972-2022) of membership and leadership of the Centerville Rotary Club. Our club wouldn’t be here without the foresight and dedication of these members and we thank you!
Happy Bucks this quarter go to support Operation Warm, providing new winter coats to children.
Pat Beckel was our Sergeant at Arms this week and he congratulated all of the award recipients.
Happy Bucks generously give this week:
  • Judy Budi announced she is leaving September 5 on a trip to Israel, one that was canceled earlier due to COVID. She also gave celebration of this great club and announced she will be switching to Dayton Rotary Club, as she was encouraged to join when she became CEO of Graceworks.
  • Arnie Biondo for his friend Dan Wilson and award winners, who greatly deserve recognition.
  • Jeff Senney for being with his grandkids over the weekend and again this upcoming weekend.
  • Lee Hieronymus gave thanks for the award, noting it has been a great 50 years, and looks forward to another 50!
  • Carol Kennard gave thanks for the recognition which really means a lot and congratulated the other award winners.
  • Kim Senft-Paras for award winners.
  • Boyd Preston for award winners, and for Judy’s moving to the Dayton Rotary which will be a real loss for us.
  • Amber Eastabrooks enjoyed being at the meeting and she got to see mer mom get an award!
  • Ger Eastabrooks gave thanks for the award and congrats to all award recipients.
  • Elda Gotos-Gay for the award winners and is glad to be back.
  • Sofie Ameloot announced her daughter, Delphine, is off crutches and on to PT, making good progress, and her daughter Marie Therese is back at OU for another year.
  • Adam Manning and Matt Kuhn for award winners.
  • Chuck King for award winners and noted he visited another Rotary club with 35 members and only 5 showed up to the meeting. We have a great club!
  • Brad Thorp for the award winners, and gave Carol the official title of “Team Mom” for all she does to keep the club together.
  • Dan Johnson noted he joined 9 years ago, and a few women set the tone of the club when they showed up at his door after his first baby was born, with gifts for the baby. Judy was one of those women and he will always remember her kindness and welcome.
  • Uriah Anderson, Dale Berry, Jim Harris, Don Overly, Robert Ford, Crissy Allums, Mark Febus, and Susan Schnell all congratulated the award winners.
  • Kelly McDonald apologize for being late as he was listening to success stories.
  • Dan Wilson gave for award winners, and for the great time he had at the Americana Parade with Arnie, Brian and Lee!
  • Harvey Smith noted we are going to miss Judy, and we really appreciate all she’s done. He gave for coats in celebration of his 89th birthday on Monday.
  • Pat Beckel for the award winners, and said Judy is an amazing person who does so much for the community. She will be missed.
Today’s program was a Club Assembly, led by President Biondo.
He reminded the club of our priorities for the year:
Increase membership (particularly younger members)
Have fun and get to know each other better at social events
Regular club assemblies
Increase individual involvement in club activities
President Biondo then proposed an amendment to the Club’s By-laws to remove detailed ticket pricing and amount verbiage in Article V. “Fees and Dues” under Section 4. 
CURRENT SECTION 4. It is the practice of this club that each member purchase or sell 25 tickets @ $6.00 each in support of the club’s primary fundraiser, the annual Pancake Breakfast. The total ticket cost of $150 may be paid annually or in quarterly installments. Full payment of tickets is expected by the 4th Saturday in October, the standing date of the Pancake Breakfast. 
Note: The following schedule was agreed upon for a new member’s first year of membership. It applies to those who choose to have the cost of their tickets billed quarterly. For those who do not choose quarterly billing, the member can pay the full amount at the time tickets are distributed to all members. The pro-ration schedule is as follows: 1) Join in Oct-Dec, you pay for 25 tickets. This amounts to $150 or $37.50 for each of the four quarters. 2) Join in Jan-Mar, you pay for 20 tickets. This amounts to $120 or $40.00 for each of the three quarters. 3) Join in Apr-Jun, you pay for 15 tickets. This amounts to $90 or $45.00 for each of the two quarters. 4 4) Join in Jul-Sept, you pay for 10 tickets. This amounts to $60 for one quarter. First quarter billing for those who pay quarterly is during the Oct-Dec quarter. The second quarter billing covers the Jan-Mar period, the third quarter billing covers the Apr-Jun period, and the fourth quarter billing covers the Jul-Sept period. 
Note: Refer to Centerville Rotary's guidelines related to the conduct of the Pancake Breakfast. The guidelines reside within the Pancake Committee's documentation.
The proposed replacement language:
Section 4. Pancake Committee to make annual recommendation to the board for ticket amounts and pricing.
Lee Hieronymus made motion to approve the revisions to the By-laws, Dale Berry seconded and the motion was approved.
Adam Manning - Pancake Co-chair
CHS is not available 4th Saturday of October this year, due to other school events. The School District offered Middle School locations, but it was decided to move it to November 5 this year - the first Saturday in November. Lookin for removable stickers to place on yard signs and large community signs, and tickets have been re-ordered. The ticket price was increased from $6 to $8 to cover the increase in costs. Kids 8 and under  are free. Each Rotarian will be responsible for 20 tickets - some Rotarians buy all tickets and then give away or just sell them. Can anyone beat Tom Broadwell’s record of ticket sales?
Crissy Allums - Community Service
Announced projects scheduled this year include Operation Warm, Literacy project, Diaper Drive, and a Blood Drive - Kelly’s club in Hawaii had success with a Blood Drive so he is helping. She continues to work on Service Day ideas. She noted we are behind on Operation Warm collections as we raised enough for 626 coat last year, and are only at 256 this year.
Kelly McDonald & Jeff Senney - Socials Committee
September 28 is Quiz for a Cause at Lock 27 Brewing. They will put us on social media, and we’ll have trivia, 50/50, and other fun activities to support Operation Warm. There are some opportunities for volunteers to help run the event. It is an 80s theme and a good way to promote the Rotary Club of Centerville.
Reminder again of the Tuesday, August 30 event at Sueño, 607 East 3rd street, Dayton from 5:30-7:30. It is hosted by Lauren Gay, with wine tasting, snacks, sandwiches for purchase. 30 registered now, with a maximum of 40.
Frank Perez - Rotary Foundation
November is Rotary Foundation month so we will hear more about it then.
The Rotary Foundation is one of most effective charities out there. There is a focus on Rotary’s main areas: disease prevention, education, community development, women’s and infant health, water, etc. Every contribution you make goes into the RI pot for use worldwide, then a percentage of our donations are returned to District 6670 three years later, and then distributed back to the clubs through District grants. There are two main programs for donations:
  • Paul Harris Fellow - Contribute $1,000/year (club matches dollar for dollar to help you get to next level.
  • Paul Harris Society - commitment to give $1,000/year. There are many convenient ways to contribute. See Frank if you’d like to donate.
Susan Schnell - New Generations
She works with all of the youth programs: Interact Club, Rotaract, 4-Way Speech contest, Rotary Youth Leadership Academy (RYLA), and youth exchange. Kisha Taylor will coordinate the 4-Way Speech contest again this year. RYLA is organized by the District. There is a challenge in continuing the momentum at CHS Interact, turnover in teacher advisor. Working to connect with new advisor to get kicked off for the year. Make sure they are aware of all youth activities.
Bill Menker - International Service
We are partnering on a program called Heart to Heart - a partnership between the U.S. and Mexico to provide water in rural Mexico. They plan to do 7 global grant projects per year.
Sofie Ameloot - Educational Foundation
Elda Gotos-Gay will be replacing Judy on the Educational Foundation committee.
Sofie Ameloot - 50th Anniversary Report
50th Anniversary Dinner
  • 50 guests in attendance, included video of our club’s history by our Charter members, Lee Hieronymus, Don Overly, and Harvey Smith, along with updates and messages from former exchange students.
  • Links to all videos are printed in the ebulletin each week or can be found on our YouTube Channel - search Centerville Rotary Club
50th Anniversary Club Fun
  • Had great tidbits of our Club and Rotary’s trivia that focused on the Rotary monthly themes, which will continue through the rest of the year.
  • Ordered 50th Anniversary polo and t-shirts - have a few t-shirts left.
50th Anniversary Project
  • Partnering with Centerville-Washington Park District for redevelopment of Grant Park - McEwen entrance.
  • Our portion includes seeding pollinator plants in the meadow, planting trees, and relocation/upgrade of the Rotary memorial bricks. New memorial area will be a plaza entrance to the trails in the park, with benches, plantings, boulder recognizing Rotary, and bricks memorializing deceased Rotarians. The old bricks will be used as a foundation for the boulder.
  • Trees, benches, brick purchased.
  • Received District grant - $6,000
  • Groundbreaking & Ribbon Cutting will be held on September 22, noon at the Kennard Nature Nook. We will have a box lunch and meeting there instead of Yankee Trace that day.
Rotarian Involvement
  • Help spread seed in the meadow in April
  • Groundbreaking this fall
  • Tree planing this fall
50th Anniversary Budget
  • With District grant, donations, Golf Outing and other income, raised $55,764.91
  • Will spend just over $50,000 on project
Kim Senft-Paras— Membership Committee
Committee includes:
  1. Dan Johnson
  2. Scott Kujawa
  3. Kim Senft-Paras
  4. Sivaji Subramaniam
Centerville Rotary Club Membership Committee By-laws
  1. Provide accurate, complete Club information to prospective members
  2. Orient new members on all aspects of Club membership and responsibilities
  3. Encourage new members to take on a job/role with the Club and communicate to the president about their need to be assigned a role.
  4. Call/contact members who have been absent for some time.
  5. Regularly communicate to other Club members the need to invite guests and prospective members.
  6. Contact visitors to see if they would consider joining our Club
Work Completed:
  1. A revised membership information page has been edited and posted on our site.
  2. A potential member interest form has been created for the website.
  3. A new member profile document has been created to explain to new members all the opportunities for club participation and to help the mentor guide the new member into their areas of interest.
  4. Members who have been absent for sometime have been contacted by committee members.
What Club Members Can Do to Assist the Membership Committee – How You Can Help!
  • Read the United in Friendship and Service article in the August 2022 Rotary magazine
    • What do we do well?
    • What can we do better?
  • Be a greeter when you are asked. It is a great way to start the meeting on a positive note and to get to know our members.
  • Attend the socials whenever possible. This is another opportunity to get to know members and support our local economy.
  • Share ideas for making the club more welcoming  and invite your colleagues and friends to attend a meeting or accompany you on a service project. The Pancake Breakfast is a great event to introduce people to our good work.
  • The committee will have a meeting on Thursday September 1 at 11:15 am before our club meeting. Join us if you want to be part of this group.
President Biondo announced next week is the first meeting of the month so we will sing. Our speaker next week is Wes Cummings from Pink Ribbon Girls.
President Biondo thanked all of the directors for the great work being done in the club, led the group in reciting the Rotary Four-Way Test, and wished everyone a great week.
Please arrange for a sub if you are unable to greet on your assigned day or contact Crissy Allums.
September 1 = Ger Eastabrooks and Boyd Preston
September 8 = Erich Eggers and Frank Perez
September 15 = Mark Febus and Don Overly
September 22 = Robert Ford and Ram Nunna
September 29 = Bob Fry and Mike Norton-Smith
To view the 50th anniversary videos, visit the Centerville Rotary Club YouTube:
Celebrating 50 Years
Exchange Student Reflections
Charter Members Share Fellowship
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Service Above Self
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Birthdays & Anniversaries
Member Birthdays
Judy Budi
September 4
Chuck King
September 6
Mark Gerken
September 7
Patrick Beckel
September 18
Adam Manning
September 23
Kisha Taylor
September 24
Carl Gill
September 25
Don Stewart
September 25
Spouse Birthdays
Gregory Camp
September 15
Mark Balsan
Christine Balsan
September 5
Don Overly
September 11
Bill Menker
Mindy Menker
September 25
Join Date
Mike Norton-Smith
September 1, 2021
1 year
J. Thomas Broadwell
September 10, 1998
24 years
Mark Febus
September 15, 2016
6 years
Crissy Allums
September 19, 2019
3 years
Jim Stuart
September 27, 2018
4 years
Nick Cruz
September 28, 2021
1 year
Sep 15, 2022
Myaamia Center, Miami University
Sep 22, 2022
50th Anniversary Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
Sep 29, 2022
We Care Arts
Oct 06, 2022
Kettering Health
Oct 13, 2022
Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
Oct 20, 2022
Dayton Diaper Depot
Oct 27, 2022
Library Fixit Clinics
Nov 03, 2022
Pancake Day Final Prep
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Meeting Greeters
Please get a sub if you're unable to greet on your assigned day or contact Crissy Allums!
September 1 = Ger Eastabrooks and Boyd Preston
September 8 = Erich Eggers and Frank Perez
September 15 = Mark Febus and Don Overly
September 22 = Robert Ford and Ram Nunna
September 29 = Bob Fry and Mike Norton-Smith
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