This Week at Rotary: May 23, 2019
Our speaker this week was our own Judy Budi, CEO of Graceworks Lutheran Services, who shared an overview of the wonderful services they provide and great benefit to our community at large. 
Raj Grandhi took photography in his own hands, to capture a photo of our photographer, Carol Kennard.
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Centerville Rotary Club Meeting May 23, 2019
Official Greeters for the week:
05/23/2019 Bob Fry and Dan Sortman
05/30/2019 Adam Manning and Judy Budi
06/07/2019 Brad Huffman and Gerry Eastabrooks
06/14/2019 Butch Spencer and Kim Senft-Paras
Here are our official greeters, Bob Fry (L) and Dan Sortman
Dan Sortman arrives first and gets to greet our club president Boyd Preston. President-Elect
Chuck King is to the very left.
Vice President Frank Perez is next in line. He's wearing the royal purple.
Dan Sortman stands heads above the rest, like his cranes. Jeff Senney, to the left, has
arrived earlier than usual for business purposes.
You have to figure out who these people in the dark are...
It's all a matter of where you stand in the entryway. Brian Hayes is still where the light surrounds you.
Terry Hanauer looks like he just came back from Hawaii, but that's not where he got the shirt.
And he has no tan, as of yet.
Kim Senft-Paras gets a double greet.
Arielle Jordan, Publisher of South Dayton Lifestyle Magazine, to be out this fall, is back again and
hopes to join us.
Our singing of God Bless America is assured of a grand rendition, as our lead singer
Brad Thorp, has arrived. 
Sgt.-at-Arms Erich Eggers (L) will take care of Happy Bucks with his son-in-law Mark Balsan this day.
He's not short, but his pants are. Can you tell we have summer weather now? Stay tuned for some great pictures of the club's first Family Fun Outing, still to come.
Arnie Biondo was not at the outing, but he had a good excuse, as an important family moment was at the same time.
Volunteer work kept John Callander from coming early this day.
Carol Kennard always seems to turn her head just as the camera focuses. So be it.
Another tall man enters the picture. Tom Groszko. 
And the man who is not Irish at all arrives...Jim Stuart...But he's not wearing a tam, so how 
should I guess he might be Scotch...
It's hard to catch Butch Spencer as he enters, so here he is. As you see, the food is arriving as 
the members come in. Cookies this day because the cheese cake was too frozen.
Sofie Ameloot can be seen in this picture. Next Thursday is her big day....Citizenship acomin'
Sally Beals and Drew Carter are pictured here.
President-Elect Chuck King's wife Elaine is visiting this day. Yes, Chuck does come here on Thursdays.
Our guest speaker is Judy Budi, new CEO of Graceworks Lutheran Services.
Brandon Brooks is a guest of our speaker Judy Budi
The Centerville Rotary Club met at the Clubhouse at Yankee Trace at noon. Club President Boyd Preston led the Pledge of Allegiance; Ray Merz gave the prayer; and the singing of God Bless America was led by Brad Thorp.
Menu this week:.
Yankee Combo Salad-Chicken Salad, cottage cheese, fruit, mini
Menu next week: Hamburger--lettuce, tomato, onion, condiments. Potato salad.
Guests this week: 
Our speaker Judi Budi; Arielle Jordan; Brandon Brooks
President Boyd Preston presided over the meeting. 
President Boyd Preston thanked our greeters, Bob Fry and Dan Sortman.
He put the Rotary International New Visioning Statement on the tables again, along with an announcement and signup sheet for the 2019 Race to the Holidays. It is a 5K Walk/Run, to be held November 3 with a Health Fair from one to three thirty p.m. and the race at 2 p.m. It is being sponsored by the Kettering Health Network and is being co-sponsored by Amerprise Financial and Centerville Rotary Club. Presented by: Friends of Washington-Centerville Public Library, Centerville-Washington Park District and Washington Township Recreation Center.
More info will come later. You may register online at
President Preston gave an update on the recovery of Joyce Young, now at Bethany Village for her rehab. He said she's happy with her care and that her spirits are strong and that she's in no pain any more, and that she still may have four weeks of recovery. She said to say hi.
And low and behold, Raj Grandhi and Ram Nunna visited Joyce Thursday and brought along some
beautiful flowers and took this picture. Joyce really liked the flowers and picture and Boyd sent it along so we could include it in our bulletin. We like Joyce looking happy and wish her a speedy recovery.  Boyd had to figure out how to send it to my computer as it came to my phone and I never learned how to get a picture off of my flip phone. We all learn as we go...
Boyd asked Jeff Senney to talk about the club's first Family Fun Outing held Saturday May 18 at the patio in back of the Franciscan Center at St. Leonard, in Centerville.
Jeff said the food and fun included hamburgers and hotdogs and water and sodas provided by the club, and red and white wine, with delicious desserts and salads and vegetables, etc., brought by the members. The setting was great, he said. And they wouldn't let Carol Kennard take any of her homemade pies back home. The kids had fun with balls and running on the grassy area, and the some played corn hole and frisbee and everyone had "an overall fun time." Next year might be better having a 1 to 3 p.m. time rather than five hours, so people would all come at the same time, he said.
Brad Huffman was called upon to talk about the exchange program for next year. He said they have three families lined up and that the girl to come is 15 and from Thailand. The mother in the Kava family to host has been an exchange student in the past, he said.
Judy Budi was asked to talk about the six Centerville Rotary Club scholarship presentations that occurred this day. She said Mark Febus and Dick Hoback went to the Centerville High School awards program this morning and the scholarship winners were named. They and their families will be guests at our June 13 meeting. Mark Febus said six awards instead of five were given this year due to the increased fund-raising at last year's pancake breakfast. 
Chuck King said that the plan is to start in August of this year with getting people involved in promoting and understanding what is involved in the pancake breakfast fund-raiser, so they can see how the money is raised and what it is used for. He said they hope to have the spouses come to a meal with the club members, as many of them volunteer and help out during the breakfast, and would benefit from knowing why all the work is done. 
Vice President Frank Perez then announced that the Centerville-Washington Park District has a new program it plans to start with a portable dog park. Our Rotary Club is going to help financially, he said. The dog parks will be set up at four different parks, one at a time, for a three week period. It will also present a service opportunity, as railings and fences will have to be put up. The first program will take place from June 3rd to June 24.
Sofie Ameloot said she will be going to Cincinnati Thursday to be interviewed for American citizenship.  She also talked about the next Tour de Gem coming up in September.
Boyd then talked about the District Assembly and Rotary Internationals's change to its business statement. He said: 
Clubs need to increase our input
Expand our reach
Enhance participation engagement
and Increase our ability to adapt.
He said the number of polio immunizations annually was said to be 400 million.
Also, worldwide one in ten people lack clean water and one in 20 children die from lack of clean water.
Some 750 million adults don't know how to read and two-thirds of them are women. 
Also, 250 million children lack reading and math skills around the world.
He said people wonder why there is still the need for over a million dollars to end polio, but there are many reasons. Not all kids have been immunized and doctors and health specialists have to monitor kids for paralysis and do testing of sewer and water systems. 
The District has $59,000 for grants, with 27 clubs making requests, Boyd said.
Both of our grant requests have been fully approved for funding, he said. There are for Operation Warm and the Thesauri.
Sgt.-at-Arms Erich Eggers and Club Secretary Mark Balsan collected the Happy Bucks. 
HAPPY BUCKS: Happy Bucks this quarter go to Artemis House. The program supplies support and intervention for victims of domestic violence.
Judy Budi began the donations by noting that she missed several meetings, her husband's golfing, and the school scholarship winners. 
Brian Hayes gave for his youngest being a high school grad, now in college.
Chuck King gave for our guests. Kim Senft-Paras gave for the Rotary Board.
Mike Wier gave to announce that The British Brass Band would be performing Saturday, Junes 1 at the park by the river in Miamisburg at 7 p.m. He said there is an awesome xylophone solo to be heard.
Mark gave $5 for the scholarship winners and Boyd gave and Lee Hieronymus gave saying something about sitting next to a car dealer with some of the best deals these days. And then Butch Spencer said something that made the whole group laugh, probably about Lee financing everyone...or some such thing.
Don Stewart mentioned his daughter Malory and OSU and baccalaureate this year, and it being a real good program.
Mark Gerken said he was happy to be back.
Ram Nunna gave and Tom Groszko talked about his daughter attending a special program on ecology in Austin over the weekend.
Harvey Smith said his 26-year-old granddaughter called from Florida to tell him she was engaged, and asked if he would perform her wedding. Everyone was gratified by that, knowing what a good man Harvey is to all.
Brad Huffman gave and then Carol Kennard, saying good luck to if Sofie needs any luck, but it must be nerve-wracking waiting and preparing...
Dan Johnson gave thanking Jeff Senney for all his energy in playing with his kids at Saturday's Family Fun Outing. Jeff's wife Sharon was also out in the field tossing the balls with the kids.
Don Stewart talked about a fun day and an Ohio State future alumni, and 
Ron Hollenbeck said they went out to help with mulching at the VA Grotto only to find that here were 83 volunteers from Excelitas Technologies. They put out 20 yards of mulch. "Chuck and I sat on the hill and smoked cigars," he joked. (Everyone said they knew they did their part...or did they?)
Jim Harris had two grads to talk about, a grandson graduating from OSU and a granddaughter graduating from Kettering Fairmont.
Terry Hanauer gave to say he is off on a terrific vacation.
Arielle Jordan gave for being self-employed and moving here.
Jeff Senney gave for Arielle being at the club.
Sofie Ameloot gave for her 25th wedding anniversary.
And she mentioned her daughter.
Brad Thorp gave for all four of his sons being home this weekend.
And NOW...
Pictures from the club's first-ever Family Fun Outing on the patio at the Franciscan Center at St. Leonard in Centerville. More than 40 people attended the May 18 event, which had a sunny day with temperatures in the 80s, though it was very pleasant on the covered patio, and everyone seemed to be in good spirits, and the food was plentiful and delicious. And if you missed it, sorry, as it was a fun time for all. Our District Governor and Assistant District Governor and their wives were in attendance. Here are a variety of shots from the event:
Our master chefs:
And Jen and Travis with Doc Hoback
Carol Kennard holding the peach pie, with the apple pie already on the table Homemade.
And the Merzes and Mrs. Hoback.
and Bill, Frank and know them...

Speaker of the Week: Judy Budi, CEO of Graceworks Lutheran Services
Judy said Graceworks Lutheran Services was incorporated n 1926 as a Lutheran based program. It has 1,200 employees and 60-plus locations today.
Judy said she started with the program 25 years ago as a dietitian of food services. They had 600 employees.
They have group homes in Dayton and Cincinnati and affordable housing in Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio. There are over 700 in the Bethany Rehab every year, she said.
Their services include Bethany Lutheran Village with living and care options, and rooms, cottages and assisted living. They have a Graceworks at Home program that offers healthcare, therapy, and assistance at home, a Graceworks Enhanced Living program for individuals with intellectual disabilities, and Affordable Housing Services for those with limited incomes.
Locally there are 800 employees, most at Bethany Village, she said.
There are three group homes in the neighborhood behind Bethany Lutheran Village, she said.
Graceworks is one of the largest employers in the area, she said.
It works with the school system, home care workers, nurses aids, etc. There are close to 600 caregivers, she said.
They also partner with nursing programs. They have 729 in the Bethany Rehab center, 280 in skilled nursing memory care assisted living, and 400+ in residential living in apartments and cottages with 340 to 2,200 square feet of living space.
Graceworks Enhanced Living has 275 adults with developmental disabilities in 40 homes, Judy said.
Butler, Greene, Hamilton, and Montgomery Counties have a two day program
services with 90 individuals, with gentle teaching.
Some work at Wright Patterson in housekeeping for $15 an hour, she said.
Judy showed a video showing how those with disabilities are integrated with the neighborhood community and get to know their neighbors.
She said there are 610 skilled nursing services clients and 1,183 private duty clients and also skilled nursing home episodes in their Graceworks at Home program.
Affordable housing is for those over 62  or physically disabled, with less than $13,000 a year income. They have 18 independent living apartments in communities in Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio. There are 700 elderly individuals making less than $13,000 in the program.
The meeting was adjourned with the reciting of the Four-Way Test .
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