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eBulletin - September 23, 2021
Centerville Rotary Meeting Highlights
President Brian Hayes welcomed everyone to the Centerville Rotary Club and led the group in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and then provided a prayer.
Thought of the moment – Writer, Ray Bradbury – made the comment “If you enjoy living, it is not difficult to keep the sense of wonder”.
President Brian had these announcements:
  • Rotary Leadership Institute  has gone virtual and is having their Part 1 – Session beginning October 14, 21 and 28. They will begin at approximately 7pm and run to 9pm. It is a good way to immerse yourself in all things Rotary if you are just beginning with us or refresh yourself if you have been with us awhile. The cost for Session 1 is $20 and the club will reimburse you for that expense if you choose to attend. I will tell you it really helped me to get a bead on some things when I joined and I am sure it will be of benefit to you. Go to our website – and click on District 6670 in the orange banner at top and go to DACdb and sign up.
  • Today our Guest Speaker will be Douglas Deutsch who will talk to us about Identity Theft and he will receive a proper introduction in a few moments.
Ginger Clark announced these are the last two meetings to collect for Operation Warm. We have collected $9,397 toward our goal of $10,600. Give generously!
Lee Hieronymus reminded everyone of the District service project this Saturday to build beds. Everyone should have received an email from District Governor Carol Hughes. You can register to volunteer on the District website (see link on the home page of our website.)
Adam Manning announced a service opportunity on Sunday,  October 10,  12-5:30 pm at the Dover Medical Center for the Dayton Rotary’s Tour de Gem. Volunteers are needed to pass out water and assist riders. Sofie Ameloot & Bill Menker are riding this year.
Adam said the Pancake Committee made the tough decision to cancel Pancake Day again this year. The committee brainstormed ideas including doing a carry out or drive through. We have a really good system with high standards the community has come to embrace and feel we would not be able to deliver the same quality with another format, especially given the short time frame for planning. We were also worried about bringing 1000 people together with the current Covid numbers, and wouldn’t want our event to be a reason for anyone getting sick. We are still looking at options for fundraising to support college scholarships surrounding the Pancake Breakfast timeframe. Stay tuned!
Pat Beckel was our Sergeant at Arms this week.
Happy Bucks this quarter are for Operation Warm - to provide winter coats for needy children.
Pat announced that Nick Cruz turned in his membership application. Pat said he enjoyed a golf trip with guys he played tennis with in college, and on October 15 at 6 pm, Beckel’s Humidor will hold a fundraiser for Dayton Public School athletic department. Food trucks and live bands will be available and all are asked to make a donation in any amount.
  • Adam Manning gave $16 happy bucks to celebrate his birthday (16???)
  • Jim Harris was happy
  • Uriah Anderson gave $2 to add 2 years to Adam’s birthday bucks
  • Jeff Senney announced the Park District was a finalist for the Gold Medal Award this year, which recognizes the best park agencies in the country. He also had a great  weekend in Put-in Bay  which included many family members participating in a 5K race where his grandkids and son-in-law placed. He and Sharon then flew to Boston for their son’s engagement party. He’s tired and ready to be home!
  • Carol Kennard gave a begging $10, asking for someone to take notes for the bulletin next week as she will be out of town. Crissy Allums came to the rescue and will take notes next week. Thanks Crissy!
  • Harvey Smith was glad to see Elda Gatos-Gay back today after an illness.
  • Chuck King was happy to see Elda, and for taking his wife to Niagara Falls next week
  • Boyd Preston was happy to see Elda, and noted he presented to the Franklin-Carlisle Club where the speaker happened to be Arnie, who surprisingly did not embarrass our club at all!
  • Elda Gatos-Gay was happy to be healthy and to celebrate her oldest brother and Adam’s birthday, and she donated for 10 coats!
  • Bob Fry was happy to see Elda and gave for a coat
  • Arnie Biondo was happy Boyd isn’t doing the meeting notes next week
  • Ron Hollenbeck was happy for Elda, and announced Design Outreach just installed their 163rd pump  (not including the 20 going to Malawi.) Design Outreach has now served over 100,000 people. And they are solid pumps - one installed in Kenya 7 years ago has never broken down.
  • Brad Huffman gave for 5 coats and was happy his parents are moving here from Columbus, and was happy for Elda being back, healthy again and said she came bearing cake for many members!
  • Dale Berry gave for 5 more coats, and announced on November 4, 1971 he became a licensed realtor in the State of Ohio and after 50 years of success and  many accolades, he is now announcing his retirement! Congrats Dale!
  • Dick Hoback gave for a coat
  • Tom Broadwell is happy to be going to Palm Springs, California
  • Don Overly gave to complete the table’s 100% participation.
  • Ray Merz gave for a sleeve.
  • Lee Hieronymus said Pat Beckel was in the paper twice this week so he should pay for that publicity. Lee also said he wore long sleeves since it’s fall and then noticed Ron showed up in shorts!
  • Sofie Ameloot gave for Elda, Adam’s bday, and Dale, and noted she and Bill will do their Bike ride on October 2. She announced her daughter, Noe’s apartment flooded again.
  • Rebecca Quinones was happy to see Elda, and that Isa and Carlos are both home this week so the dinner table full again.
  • Carol Sue Galloway gave for 2 coats, and announced the Fisher House fundraising event raised $135,000 at their annual Gala, and her 8-year old granddaughter played in her first football game last Saturday.
  • Ginger Clark was happy that it’s homecoming week at Centerville; her son asked a girl and she said yes, so this new chapter of her life begins!
  • Mike Wier was glad he’s past the age of all that high school drama!
  • Frank Perez was just happy.
  • Ger Eastabrooks was happy for Dale.
  • Jim Stuart was happy.
  • Crissy Allums was happy for Elda.
  • Nick Cruz was happy his best friend is coming to town this weekend, and gave for having to leave early this week.
  • Bill Menker noted having joined during COVID and was pleased to attend his first meeting with his Rotary Badge. He also mentioned the Ohio Department of Health is partnering with the library to distribute free COVID test kits today.
  • Mark Febus was happy to announce his sister and her Alter High School volleyball team were inducted into the Hall of Fame.
  • Brian Hayes gave in memory of his favorite cousin’s birthday today (He passed away last month).
Our speaker today was Douglas Deutsch who talked about Identity Theft.
Arnie Biondo introduced Doug Deutsch who works out of Vandalia, and is a long time Rotarian, previously a member of the Vandalia, then Oakwood and now the Dayton Club.
Doug shared a story from 15 years ago, when clients of his came to him after being victimized by another. Someone had stolen their identities, which resulted in a mountain of debt and false felony charges. It cost a lot of money to clear up the mess.  Afterwards he was determined to make sure his clients knew how to protect themselves from ID theft.
Doug said that ID Theft topic is dry, complex, full of details, and hard to inspire people to take action. So he went to DATV and produced a TV show on identity theft. Here is a link to that show:
ID Theft is when someone steals some or all of your precious personal information and uses it to obtain a profit from your misfortune, money, driver’s license or benefits. It includes:
  • Crimes committed using your personal information
  • Taking over credit card or banking accounts
  • Medical or SS benefits fraud,
  • Bankruptcy
  • Child identity theft, senior ID theft
  • The “dark web”
What can you do?
  • Keep your SSN safe
  • Never give personal info over phone or internet
  • Request Credit Reports
  • Monitor credit, financial, and medical records
  • Change passwords frequently and use strong passwords
  • Possibly place a fraud alert, or credit report security freeze
  • Limit info on social media
  • Protect data on mobile devices
  • Have a lockable mailbox and good shredder
So many companies have been hacked recently, which exposes your precious personal information. Your info could easily be out there already! Some companies who have recently been hacked include:
  • Facebook
  • The VA
  • Equifax
  • Wal Mart
  • AOL
  • Anthem BCBS
  • Verizon
  • Bank of America
  • Google
  • OSU
  • Target
  • Medicare/Medicaid
  • Data Processors International
  • Visa, MC, Discover, American Express
Steps to resolve if you become victim include:
  • Fraud Alert Notification System
  • Consumer Fraud Unit (only if originated in Montgomery County)
  • US Federal Trade Commission has solutions listed, but it’s up to you to take the steps
  • Could get assistance from investigators or attorneys, but that is usually a major financial burden.
Plans now available to help monitor personal information (various levels/cost)
Reimbursement Plan
  • list of things to follow based on your situation; pay up front and be reimbursed
Resolution Plan
  • list to follow; provides coaches to assist/guide you through process, reimburse some/all of your expenses
Restoration Plan
  • Resolves identity theft  using plans investigators and resources. You don’t have to do anything or spend any time on this
The ultimate goal is to restore you to the place you were before ID theft
Ransomware is the latest threat - hold your data ransom until money is paid. A Trojan file or email gains access to your computer’s data and it can travel from computer to computer without specific interaction.
What is the Dark Web? It is growing increasing dangerous, hacking, phishing, underground stores for fake ID, or a place to hire a hacker to do your dirty work.
For more information visit the website:  or email Doug at
Next week our guest speaker will be Attorney Kim Estess who will discuss Estate Planning.
President Brian led the group in the 4-Way Test and wished everyone a good week.
Anyone still need one of our stylish 50th Anniversary polo shirts? We ordered a few extra so contact Carol Kennard if interested! ONLY ONE LEFT! Is it your size???
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