This Week at Rotary: April 25, 2019
Exchange student Rodrigo visited with his host father, Dave Garel who talked about the wonderful impact hosting an exchange student has had on his whole family.
President Boyd led the Club Assembly where a recap of recent Service Projects was shared.
Brad Huffman shared the work done by Rotarians packing food for those in need at the Foodbank.
Deb Dulaney shared about how many books they sorted at Project Read.
"Minor" yard work at St. Leonard's that turned out to be "major" efforts was shared by Jen Gibbs.
Ron Hollenbeck noted Rotarians packaged diapers at one of our regular charities - Hannah's Treasure Chest.
Gerry Eastabrooks gave highlights of food distributed and games played with BOGG Ministries.
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Nov 14, 2019
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Nov 21, 2019
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Nov 28, 2019
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Centerville Rotary Club Meeting Nov. 07, 2019
Official Greeters for the week:
11/07/2019 Matt Kuhn and Tom Broadwell
11/14/2019 Jim Harris and John Callander
11/21/2019 Carol Kennard and Dave Trout
11/28/2019 no meeting..
Matt Kuhn was our official greeter this day. We had a full house in the Academy Room.
Tom Broadwell was at the meeting but did not remember he was to greet. It didn't help that he got no reminder, though his name has been on the weekly list.
Dave Trout is our greetee. 
Joyce Young brought back her two-for-one deal on the Paul Harris Fellow donations, with our club matching a $500 donation if you get the donations in by Nov. 15 so the Paul Harris Fellow can be awarded at the Dec. 12 Christmas dinner. Checks should be written to The Rotary Foundation. Irene Ullmer is seen with Joyce here before the meeting. She was asked to "look this way," but didn't. 
Carol Kennard, our expert camera person, had to leave early for a meeting, so she didn't
bring her camera this day. But look at the smiling faces in the back of this picture. You 
gotta love the positive attitude of the people in this club. 
Ron Hollenbeck was one of four volunteers Suri Peddireddi recruited later in the meeting
to help with the set-up and take-down of the banners and such at each meeting for a certain time period.
Boyd, Joyce and Crissy are some of the first to start filling the tables. They got here even before our greeter, who thought he was coming early.
A couple of these fellows seem to have a checkered past, at least as far as shirts go. 
Doc Hoback, Jim Harris and Boyd Preston are true representatives of what Rotary is about: Service above self. They all volunteer at their churches as well as for Rotary.
Here is Susan Snell, who came in as a guest and left as a new member. Aren't we lucky!
Here's Rick Hauser being greeted by Matt Kuhn.
Terry Hanauer, Crissy Allums, and Boyd Preston have time to chat before the meeting.
You can see the desserts are disappearing behind them. You need to get your dessert before the meeting starts. Some eat it first, to be sure they have room. Yum.
Jeff Senney arrives with the first of his two guests this day. It's none other than Jane Beach, a former Centerville Rotary Club member, who is back in town.
Here is Jeff Senney with both of his guests. Seen left is Bridget Flaherty, known for Lore, which tells people how to tell a story. She is from Ireland and is a story teller. 
The Centerville Rotary Club met at Yankee Trace at noon for the weekly meeting. President Chuck King led the Pledge of Allegiance; Terry Hanauer gave the prayer, and the singing of God Bless America was led by Vice President Brian Hayes. 
Guests this week: Susan Snell, Phillip Geveart, Bridget Flaherty, Jane Beach, and our speaker Jason Johnston.
Menu this week: Chicken Parmesan, vegetable medley, roasted potatoes
Menu next week: Meatloaf, baby carrots, mashed potatoes
President Chuck King presided over the  meeting. He is seen here talking to PDG Harvey
President King thanked our official greeter.
He called Susan Snell and Harvey Smith to the front of the room, along with Sofie Ameloot for Susan's induction ceremony. She was asked to tell a brief bio of herself, and she said she grew up in New York City and Long Island and came to Dayton with her husband, an airforce pilot, now retired. They have two children in the Centerville schools, one in high school and one at Magsig Middle School. 
Sury Peddiereddi asked for volunteers to help with setting up and taking down the banners and badges, etc. for the meeting. At first there were just two people who volunteered, but then there were four. Susan Snell was one of the first volunteers. 
President Chuck King said there is still time to get donations to the Rotary Foundation in memory of the late John Beals to Gerry Eastabrooks.
He mentioned there were forms on the tables for requirements for nominating the Rotarian of the Year. You need to provide reasons for the selection.
He noted the upcoming events:
Nov. 7, Rotary Membership Training and Workshop. Registration is at 5:30 p.m. Meal is at 5:45 p.m. Start is 6:15 to 8:45 p.m. At Middletown Community Room, 601 N. Breiel Blvd.
  1. District 6670, DACDB District Calendar, no charge, meal provided
Nov. 9. Rotary Leadership Institute, Session 1,2,3 at Greene County Career Center.
   1. $50 registration fee is reimbursable by the club.
Nov. 12, Next social at Old Bag of Nails: 5-7 p.m. New member orientation
Holiday Dinner: Dec. 12, with Centerville Jazz Ensemble as entertainment
President King congratulated Dale Berry on retaining his seat as a Washington Twp. Trustee in the recent election, and said that Jack Durnbaugh's wife Allison was elected to the Centerville School Board. 
It was noted that the new winter coats for Operation Warm have been shipped and should be here soon.
Happy Bucks were collected this week by Club Treasurer Gerry Eastabrooks and Vice President Brian Hayes for the Dayton Food Bank.
Jeff Senney gave saying he was just back from Boston where he met the parents of his son's wife to be. He said they are Jewish and he was worried about how they would all get along. He knew he should not order pork and ordered veal rib-eye and red wine, and found out his future father-in-law was ordering the same, and for sure they would get along fine. He said there were kids in the family with three similar names rhyming with Ronda, but the dad's name was Mike.
Jane Beach gave for being happy to be here, and there was some question from Lee about whether she would be back as a club member.
Dave Trout talked about his four grandchildren and then the Happy Bucks turned to being Happy to have Susan as a new member, and for our guests. Dale said he was giving $20 for winning the election, and for his health issues being in remission.
And I believe it was Mark Gerken who gave $50, saying he was glad to be back and Rick Hauser was Happy the levy passed for the schools. Chuck King said something about scoring 86 on the golf course and also was happy about Susan being a new member. 
Ray Merz was back and still not getting the Bulletin from Club Runner, but now has 5 stents in one artery. Miracle man, we might say, to come back so soon and look so spry.
And Doug Bockrath's daughter came in first in a race in Kentucky, and Dan Sortman said he got a new job, but, dang, he said it's in Charlotte, N. Carolina. Wayne Davis gave honoring the late John Beals, noting how much he devoted to the city and Rotary.
Some more pictures follow as the meeting was breaking up.
Speaker of the Week: Jason Johnston, president of Bogg
Vice President Brian Hayes introduced our speaker Jason Johnston.
He said Jason Johnston is the president of BOGG Ministries, which stands for Because of God's Grace. It is a non-profit organization started to help provide the people of Miamisburg, Ohio and the greater Dayton area with food, clothing, and other essentials to sustain a healthy lifestyle and to love people so they know God loves them.
Johnston said they want to come alongside people offering loving support and assistance with social, emotional and physical needs. "It's our goal to bring the church out into the world and not to be restricted to a building. We believe it's time for local churches to unite and become the expression of God's love to those who are hurting and need it most," he said.
 Johnston said he grew up in Wisconsin where he had worked for a BP as a shift manager and then from 2003 to 2010 he was an operations manager/warehouse shipping and receiving manager for the Sugar Creek Packing the Dayton, Ohio area.
He and another Jason, Jason Barton of Vandalia, who knew the restaurant business, got together to co-found BOGG. Johnston said he had to find something outside of the corporation world. He led the Youth Ministry at South Brook Christian Church from 2006 to 2010.
He said he and the other Jason found that food assistance was one of the most overlooked issues in cities like Dayton. Many families struggle to make ends meet after paying for utility bills, transportation costs, and/or finding steady work. They went from feeding four families a week to more than 2,000 a month throughout the Dayton area, he said. 
The food is provided through mobile food pantries called mobile meals at scheduled times and places each month. There are no requirements for anyone to receive free foot items. Anyone who comes gets a week's worth of groceries and at certain times of the year a hot meal.
They partner with the Dayton Food Bank and receive all food at a discounted price per pound, which allows them to give the food away free. They are 100 percent donation funded. Some members of our Rotary have participated as volunteers for service projects at Chevy Chase in Centerville. 
Jason Johnston lives in Centerville with his wife and two children, Connor and Isley.
The web site for the organization is:
Johnston said his wife is an OSU alumni.
He said he had to make sure those who struggle to make ends meet hadn't been forgotten. Food is also donated from local grocery stores, he said. 
The Rotary meeting was adjourned with the reciting of the Four-Way Test
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