This Week at Rotary: August 23, 2018
Kathy Hayde, widow of the late Michael Hayde, a former Centerville Rotary member, and her daughter Allison Taylor visited our meeting to receive a Paul Harris Fellow from donations made in memory of Michael.
They then surprised the Club with a $1,000 donation for Operation Warm! What a great way to honor Michael's memory! Thank you!
An employee at Dorothy Lane Market and friend of Rotarian Kitty, Elaine Zambon came to present the club with a generous $200 donation for Operation Warm!
Our speaker this week was Montgomery County Recorder, Brandon McClain, who shared information on the Fraud Alert Notification program and a new Veteran's ID card program that will roll out after Labor Day.
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Centerville Rotary Club Meeting August 23, 2018
The GREETERS​​​: ​​​​ 
08/23/2018 Tom Broadwell and Sally Beals
08/30/2018 Carl Gill and Eric Beach
09/06/2018 Brad Thorp and Matt Kuhn (Eric will be gone this week and asked to be on
schedule by 08/30 before he has to go to Cincinnati for a while, so I switched him with Matt Kuhn.)
Brian Hayes not only came in early to set up the meeting's banners and sign-in materials, 
but again he wore another hat, that of Sgt.-at-Arms, very appropriate as Brian knows all
about Operation Warm and the money needed to buy winter coats for needy children. 
He is seen here with Club President Boyd Preston. He's holding decorations for the August
birthday table. 
Our official greeters, Sally Beals and Tom Broadwell, did a wonderful job of welcoming.
John and Sally Beals hosted the latest social mixer at their Centerville home.
Vice President Chuck King and Past President Peachy Metzner chat before the meeting.
Our Club President Boyd Preston talks with Jen Gibbs about our new Rotary Exchange student
Rodrigo, from Peru. She's hoping he will soon make some new friends to make his stay
more fun and enjoyable. The clubs will be starting up and Interact should make some good 
This smiling guest, Elaine Zambon, came to present the club with a $200 donation for Operation Warm. She works at Dorothy Lane Market and when told of Centerville Rotary's project to provide 
warm winter coats for needy children, she said she would like to donate for a coat. She was
invited to come to our meeting and present a check for a coat, but she had bigger ideas than
that and provided $200 to buy 10 coats to keep 10 children warm this winter. A lady with
a warm generous heart, she donates to a number of local organizations needing help.
This presidential picture with Vice President Frank Perez being greeted, makes it look like
President Preston has a few horns growing out of his head. Sorry about that. At least its
not the Eiffel Tower. Frank is just back from Ireland.
Dottie and Don Overly chat with Harvey Smith before the meeting.  Harvey does not read
palms, and this doesn't look like a high five, but the camera captures all.
Jim Briggs has a bit of fun up his sleeve for later, as he arrives.
And here are two more guests, Kathy Hayde, widow of the late Michael Hayde, a 
former Centerville Rotary member, and her daughter Allison Taylor. Allison is president
of the Cincinnati East Rotary Club. Kathy was presented
with a Paul Harris Fellow, and her daughter presented the club with a check for $1,000  from the family, which includes her brother, to be used to purchase 50 coats for Operation Warm to honor their late father and husband.
Sally Beals talks with Kathy Hayde.
Wendy Kissel, Membership Team Chair for Rotary District 6670, arrives.
Greeter Tom Broadwell poses with Wendy. Note Jim Briggs in the background with
something round in his hand.
Centerville High School Principal Jack Durnbaugh and Boyd talk about the new school year.  
Past President Peachy seems in awe of something we don't see or hear.
And here's that Jim Briggs...up to something....
He shows the camera what he had been hiding in his will show up later during
Happy Bucks.
And Kisha Taylor has been missing in action. But she makes her re-entry in style, as usual.
See...she's not afraid of the camera. Welcome back Kisha.
Jim is still getting a laugh out of his mischief.
Our guest Elaine Zambon and member John Beals have a talk about a long-ago connection.
Her mom taught physics at Xenia High School and had John as a student, and she once worked
for John's engineering firm for a short time in the 1980s. She and President-Elect Chuck King
also knew one another from Dorothy Lane, where Chuck worked for a while.
The group starts to fill the Academy Room at Yankee Trace as meeting time nears.
Serious business seems to be at hand here.
Vice President Frank Perez and our guest speaker Brandon McClain, Montgomery County
Recorder, meet before the eating begins.
Tom has just greeted another guest this day, Sharon Lowry, Washington Twp. Trustee.
Tristina Allen, Community Affairs Specialist for the Montgomery County Recorders Office,
arrives with papers in hand to pass out.
And here's Sharon Lowry again, lest we forget, with Dave Trout signing in. She is also Vice
President of Brownies Independent Transmission.
Wendy has brought a guest and prospective future member along...Shanta Shellabarger, a local
realtor, who just sold Wendy's house for her. 
The Centerville Rotary Club met at the Clubhouse at Yankee Trace at noon. Club President Boyd Preston led the Pledge of Allegiance; PDG Harvey Smith led the prayer, and Peachy Metzner seemed to be the one who led the singing of God Bless America.
The guests at this week's meeting included: Elaine Zambon, of Dorothy Lane Market, with a $200 donation for Operation Warm; Kathy  Hayde, widow of Michael Hayde, a former Centerville Rotarian, and her daughter Allison Taylor, with a $1,000 donation for Operation Warm; our speaker Brandon McClain, Montgomery County Recorder; Wendy Kissel, Membership Team Chair for District 6670; Tristina Allen, Community Affairs Specialist for the Montgomery County Recorder's Office; Sharon Lowry, Washington Twp. Trustee; Shanta Shellabarger, realtor and potential future member. 
Here we see President Boyd Preston with that evil-eye look at a few noise-makers at the 
beginning of the meeting.
Michael Hayde's widow, Kathy Hayde, and daughter Allison Taylor are seen here with
Harvey Smith as he passes the Paul Harris Fellow pin to Allison to pin on her mother in
honor of their late father and husband.
The two women spoke about how they wanted to honor Michael Hayde for his life and work
with Rotary and said by providing the coats for the children, they would be doing something
he would have liked and done. Harvey Smith said that at Michael's funeral $700 was given
for Rotary, and with added points they could present a Paul Harris Fellow to Kathy in Michael's
Jen Gibbs said 200 copies of the Sponsorship forms for the Centerville Rotary Pancake Breakfast Oct. 27 at Centerville High School are available to give to prospective sponsors, with dates and information about the donations and where and how to send them.
President-Elect Chuck King's recruiting brochure made to inform people about Centerville Rotary are available to hand out to people who might be interested in joining our club.
President Preston noted at an earlier meeting that World Polio Day is Oct. 24, two days after our Pancake Breakfast Fund-raiser at Centerville High School on Oct. 22. He said they are looking for ways for the club to celebrate World Polio Day. 
He also reminded members of the Sept. 12 District Trilogy at Normandy Church, which will start at 5:30 p.m. It's a good opportunity to meet with other club members and see what they are doing, he said. A free meal comes with the invite.
President Preston said that at the July 26 meeting the club agreed to change the 50/50 drawing.
President-Elect Chuck King explained the new system. Twenty cards will be pulled out of a deck of cards. Whoever has their number called will draw from the cards. If you get the Ace of Spades you win the pot. If not, the card is taken from the pile and no money is exchanged. The drawing gets bigger until someone draws the Ace of Spades. Then it goes back to the 20 cards again. The maximum the drawing can go is 20 weeks.
...Ron Hollenbeck had the winning ticket this week and wouldn't you know it, he drew the Ace of spades. Since he gave the money back to the pot, it starts with $14 next week, Aug. 30.
Adam Manning noted that next week's meeting will be the second Pancake Breakfast meeting and that a few more volunteers are needed to fill several positions. He said they hope to get $14,000 in sponsor donations.
Frank Perez said our service days will be coming Tuesday Sept. 18 and sign-ups will begin in a few weeks. He said we're hoping for at least 45 members to participate.
President Preston called on Mark Febus to stand and be recognized for making the news. He and his father are co-owners of Home Care Assistance of Dayton, and an employee of theirs, Juanita, was named Caregiver of the Year at the annual Caregiver National Conference. The award included an all-expenses paid trip to Miami to receive the award, Mark said.
President Preston reminded everyone that Eric's open house for Remodeling Designs, Inc., of Miamisburg, at their new location at 3720 Benner Road, is Saturday from 2 to 6.
President Preston asked for volunteers to stay after the meeting to help stuff envelops with the 
Pancake Breakfast tickets, stating it should not take more than 30 minutes. Harvey Smith was 
working with the tickets.
 ***President Preston noted that he will not be present next week, so President-Elect Chuck King will
be running the meeting.*** 
HAPPY BUCKS: The Happy Bucks this quarter go to Operation Warm, and Brian Hayes said our goal is to buy 375 coats, which will cost $7,500. 
Brian stood in for our Sgt.-at-Arms. As of this day, before Happy Bucks, the club is 25 percent of the way to the 375 coats, he said. We need $5,500 to get 280 more coats in 7 weeks. 
Elaine Zambon, our guest from Dorothy Lane Market was the first to give. She donated $200 for ten coats. Your bulletin editor met Elaine at the store and became friends over time. I told her about Rotary and Operation Warm. She said she would like to donate to the cause and would write a check for a coat. I mentioned this to Boyd and he said to invite Elaine to the club for lunch, so she could present the check in person. Little did I know at the time that Elaine planned a bigger surprise, and a very generous donation of $200. So we thank her again for the gift to the area's children.
Boyd gave for a coat, noting he messed up the order of the Four-Way Test at the end of last
week's meeting. 
Frank Perez gave for a coat.
Bob Fry gave for a couple of coats for being absent awhile.
Don Stewart gave and said he didn't get here until right before the meeting because he had gotten a phone call and the woman, Ginny, age 90, had said if he was late she would pay his fine. She told him she was listing her house for sale and moving to Lincoln Park.
Judy Budi gave several Happy Bucks, one for Elaine's generosity and another for the Beals hosting the recent mixer, which Judy and others, including Rodrigo, attended.
Jack Durnbaugh gave for the Elks football.
Mike Wier gave for a coat and said he just came back from two weeks cruising in circles.
Mark said he was happy and Carol Kennard gave $10 to announce that the Centerville-Washington
Foundation is holding an event this year to honor Joyce Young. Last year Sally Beals was the honoree. It will be held Sept.27 at Yankee Trace. Let Carol know if you need tickets to the event.
Jim Harris gave, and Lee Hieronymus gave for two sleeves and a zipper.
Our guest Wendy Kissel gave for a coat.
Adam Manning gave and Deb Dulaney gave and Jeff Senney gave for a coat, and Peachy gave,
noting he had gone to three different Rotary clubs with Ron Hollenbeck to talk about the global
grant for water pumps in Haiti and Operation Warm.
Jim Briggs gave for part of a coat and then pulled out his round Cactus Club Cafe coaster that he got while visiting out West as a granddaddy for a new one. He turned it over to show something that made the members laugh, and then handed it to our Past Present Peachy Metzner, who always answers, "Just Peachy," when anyone asks how he is. ...Peachy is shown with his new present below.

and here it is up close.
Ron Hollenbeck gave for a coat and said he was at the Northeast Cincinnati Rotary Club Tuesday, and that Peachy was a big help, as he had brought along some things they needed for their presentation. The pumps they plan to install in Haiti go down 400 feet, and these are the only pumps
that can go down that far, Ron said. If a global grant is received and five or six pumps can be purchased, 10,000 to 12,000 people can be helped in Haiti to have clean and safe water, he said. They still have another club to go to and plan to go to the Cincinnati Club where Allison Taylor is president, he said.
This Week's Speaker: Brandon C. McClain, Montgomery County Recorder, speaking about two new programs he has introduced: Fraud Alert Notification System (FAN), a free program to protect the title for your home; and a free Veteran Identification Card program
coming up after Labor Day. 
Dale Berry, a Washinton Twp. Trustee, introduced our guest speaker Brandon McClain.
 Dale said Brandon is a veteran of the armed forces, an attorney, and a magistrate, as well
as Montgomery County Recorder. He is an advocate for veterans affairs and has implemented a Fraud Alert Notification System to combat property fraud.
Brandon said that as an attorney he witnessed homes being taken away from individuals because someone had created property deed fraud. It can cost thousands of dollars to correct a fraud and sometimes a person can lose their home. He created a system in which a person registers their property with the Montgomery County Recorder's Office and will get a notification at no cost if any fraud with the title is suspected. He said it only takes about a minute or 43 seconds to register. You can do it by visiting the FAN System link on the left side of the page:
You search the property by parcel, owner or address. You select the desired property and fill out the required contact information. 
You can e-mail Brandon at or phone him at 937-225-4275.
You can also go to the recorder's office on the fifth floor of the Montgomery County Administration Building at 451 W. Third Street, Dayton. Hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays.
Property fraud numbers have been going up, he said. There are 253,549 parcel properties in Montgomery County. 84 percent are residential. That is 211, 737. There is 60.8 percent home
ownership, he said. In 2017 there were a dozen property deed frauds, he said. 
In July they got an indictment for 25 felony counts of property fraud. 
People have found for sale signs in their yards and people backing up with a truck to unload
their furniture at a home they were fraudulently giving title to, he said.
He said one man had a home with four investment properties. He found the other four properties had been taken from him, he said.
Instead of being reactive, he wants to see people be proactive, and protect their properties, he said.
Last month forty different properties were actually stolen, he said.
The Veteran Identification program is free to any military veteran honorably discharged, he said.
The card serves as proof of military service, and is a valid form of voter ID. It can also assist in obtaining hospital benefits, burial benefits, store discounts and more, he said.  Right now about 250 businesses support the program, he said.
The identification card is valid for 10 years, he said. 
Access to the recorder's office's newsletters is at
Coffees for Veterans are scheduled at various dates and locations. The next one is Aug. 28 at Oakwood Community Center, 105 Patterson Road, Oakwood, Ohio.
The meeting was adjourned with the reciting of the 4-Way Test.
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