This Week at Rotary: September 7, 2017
The club always has a lot of fun with Happy Bucks!
Chair of our Rotary Service Day, Boyd Preston gave the overall impact of our service to others.
Rotarians gave information about the various service project locations and ideas on how we can continue to help.
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Birthdays & Anniversaries
Member Birthdays
Judy A Budi
September 4
Chuck King
September 6
John J. Beals
September 9
John Callander
September 16
Patrick Beckel
September 18
Jack Durnbaugh
September 22
Adam Manning
September 23
Dan Sortman
September 23
Kisha Taylor
September 24
Don Stewart
September 25
Joyce C. Young
September 27
Spouse Birthdays
Mary Ann Briggs
September 11
Don Overly
September 5
Join Date
Peachy Metzner
September 5, 2013
4 years
Tracie Hoker
September 8, 2016
1 year
J. Thomas Broadwell
September 10, 1998
19 years
Mark Febus
September 15, 2016
1 year
Sep 14, 2017
Foster Care/Adoption
Sep 21, 2017
Sep 28, 2017
BPH - Sept National Prostate Health Month
Oct 05, 2017
New Location for Montgomery County Fairgrounds
Oct 12, 2017
Noble Circle
Oct 19, 2017
Run - Hide - Fight Instruction
Oct 26, 2017
Pancake Breakfast Prep
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Rotary's Theme for 2017-18
Centerville Rotary Club Meeting Sept. 7, 2017
The GREETERS​​​: ​​​​  
09/07/2017 John Beals and various club members
09/14/2017 Brian Bergman and Dan Sortman
09/21/2017 Bob Fry and Don Stewart
09/28/2017 Deb Dulaney and Brian Bergman
10/05/2017 Jack Durnbaugh and Jennifer Gibbs
10/12/2017 Brad Huffman and Boyd Preston
If you cannot greet on the day assigned, contact Kitty and she will schedule a replacement.

The greeters this day were John Beals and various club members who volunteered their services, as Butch was absent and John came a bit later than some.
The Pancake Breakfast Committee minus two late comers....See next picture for the two.
The two missing members are seen in this different view.
The Pancake Committee met as members began to arrive later.
Rebecca Quinones, Dale Berry, and Don Gerhardt arrive before any greeters. But then Dale
immediately takes on the duties of the missing greeters.
And here we see our three newly arrivals making the most of the greeting process. Rebecca
Quinones and Don Gerhardt join Dale in making the most of their arrival.
And then four other arrivals come in as our first threesome find some seats to reserve. Here we see Jim Harris, Brian Bergman, Jack Durnbaugh, a principal at Centerville High School; and Kim Senft-Paras, of library fame.
Next we see Jennifer Gibbs looking to sign in. She does Marketing for St. Leonard.
And Official greeter for the day John Beals makes his arrival. He watches as member Tom Broadwell, the biggest Pancake Breakfast ticket salesman, signs in.
Next, Jim Harris, who worked with the Project Read group, talks to Jennifer and Lee Hieronymus gets a chuckle out of something, as Don Gerhardt looks askew at the person who occasionally wants to spell his name as if it were Gebhardt. Go figure.
Next PDG John Beals greets Doc Hoback, who, from the looks of his shirt, as you can tell, gets around alot...from Conventions to sister cities in Germany, and Disney cruises, etc.
Next, well, we saw Jim inside earlier, but here he is with our greeter.
And now Bob Fry comes in with a big smile.
And now as it gets closer to chow time, the rest begin hurrying in. They probably had to park out further and thus it took them longer to get in. Mike Wier leads the group.
After the group above stormed in, Dave Trout and Mike Wier leading, others came in one by one.
Here you see Phil Raynes and our minister friend Ray Merz, who always puts a good word in for his friends when he talks to God.
and then Raj Grandhi, who you will read about later with his $100 offer....
And coming in trying to dodge a greeter photo is Ann Blackburn. Had to wait until she was in and turned around. And you thought taking photos was easy.
Next comes Joyce Young, who is on so many boards that we couldn't begin to name them all. Plus being on the Washington Twp. Trustees, as president multiple times.
And next, Raj and Rebecca chat before lunch, as our $200 man comes in. Don't forget to look for Ram's name in the Happy Bucks for Operation Warm.
And seems like this next photo is out of order, as we just saw Raj come in.
And a look at one table
Gerry Eastabrooks, our treasurer, has a drink in her hand, obviously preferring something other than tea, coffee, or water.
And now Brian mugs a look at Erich our Sgt. at Arms, who with Gerry Eastabrooks gets the Happy Bucks for the Club.
And now, Deb Dulaney, who whizzed past the greeters and camera, is caught on film. Ram Nunna and Vas Appalaneni are seen to her left. Ron Hollenbeck is on the right.
Today's Guests included: Sofie Ameloot, a guest of Rebecca Quinones, who will soon be a new member, and new Centerville City Manager Wayne Davis, who also will be joining us as a new member.
Here we see Sofie Ameloot
And here we see Wayne Davis, the new Centerville City Manager, speaking with Dale Berry, now a Vice President of the Washington Twp. Trustees. Berry called this an ecumenical moment, as some people think Washington Twp. and Centerville don't get along, he said.
Past President Ron Hollenbeck stood in for our new president Peachy Metzner, who is still working on getting back to health, but seems to be improving.
Ron mentioned again what Kim Senft-Paras had talked about last week, noting that the Dayton Rotary hopes other Rotarys will join them in the Peace Walk Sept. 10. The walk is from 4 to 6 p.m., with people gathering at 3 p.m. at Riverscape, with a band concert afterwards. 
Ron mentioned again that if we want to sponsor a youth exchange student for the 2018-19 Rotary Year, the deadline for getting information in about who might be interested in helping house the youth is September 15, so let Mark Febus or Rebecca Quinones know of your interest in helping. Rebecca said she thought there must be at least one Rotarian in the club who would like to have an exchange student in their home. The Rotarian is just one of the people who would share the responsibility of housing the youth, she said. 
Frank Perez said at a previous meeting that he and Jennifer Gibbs are helping drive the donations from sponsors for the Pancake Breakfast this year and that they can use help in getting sponsors for the breakfast. He said he hopes each member can get at least two sponsors. If you need his help in asking a sponsor, he is willing to do that. 
It was noted that the club will be looking into the possibility of having an outbound student to host at the end of the month. 
Ron said he and Boyd met with Peachy on Friday and that Peachy has been feeling better and is hopeful he might make a board meeting a week from this coming Monday.
Ron said the Rotary Leadership program will begin Saturday, Nov. 4, with three sessions. The first session is for beginners and you need to have had it to take sessions two and three. The cost is $50, which the club will pick up, he said.
Ron said he got an e-mail from a professional photographer in Pennsylvania who wants to take photos of the delivery of the coats for kids in our Operation Warm project, because of the good job the club has been doing. Didn't get the rest of the info...about where it might appear.
Ron said the Pancake Breakfast Rotary fund-raiser for our club is being promoted on Facebook. When you see the event on the Rotary Facebook page “reshare it on your page,” he said. He said we will also be selling on-line tickets. The event is the Fourth Saturday of October, in this case, Oct. 28. Signs are available to put in your yard, if you don’t have one already.
Make sure your sign says the event is at Centerville High School, and not one of the old signs that said Hithergreen.
Sgt.-at-arms Erich Eggers collected Happy Bucks for Operation Warm. Each $20 donation buys a new children's winter coat distributed by Hannah's Treasure Chest in partnership with local social agencies. Gerry Eastabrooks, our club treasurer, made the rounds with the collection cup. Our Past-President Ron Hollenbeck is seen at the right.
Eric Eggers said the club collected $490 last week for Operation Warm. He reminded club members that two members of the club have pledged to give $1,000 each if the club comes up with $2,000 in additional money, which counts last week’s $490. Well, the club outdid itself and came up with $1,276, plus Eric Eggers' 50/50 drawing winnings at today's meeting.
More than overly generous members helped us make that giant leap.
Among them was Ram Nunna, with $200 for 10 coats. 
Eric started with giving $100 for five coats, mentioning something about him and Jeff Senney being rude about something to someone. Then Arnie Biondo gave $100 for five coats, and Judy Budi who gave last week for a coat gave for another coat for her son Matthew getting married. And Deb Dulaney gave for a coat and Carol Kennard gave for a coat, having had a grand time with family coming in, including her granddaughter, and CHS principal Jack Durnbaugh gave for a coat saying the Elks have begun with a 2 and 0 season.
Don Stewart then gave for football and for going to his daughter’s high school open house and seeing how hard her course work looked.
The coat money flew in and I only captured first names for a while, so it was Brad, Kisha, Brad, Tom Broadwell, Dale, Rebecca, Sofie our guest, and Ann Blackburn, who held up $5 and said she would owe for a coat and another for next week, and was happy for Wayne and Sofie becoming new members, as she heads up the membership committee... and what a great job she does.
Boyd gave a coat for the semi-delusional NFL Browns fan in the club, and Doc Hoback gave $100 for five coats, noting that his son is doing well after his eight-week ordeal on a hip replacement, having to undergo a second surgery after the first one became infected.
John Callander gave for a coat and Jim Harris gave $10 for three volunteers who are taking over his pre-meeting duties while he goes on vacation: Ron, Jenn, and Rebecca.
Joyce Young gave for a coat, inviting the club to the first anniversary of the Abe Lincoln statue being placed by the Dayton Court House. The club contributed $1,000 to the making of the statue and Joyce Young was also an individual contributor. The celebration is at 1:30 p.m. Sunday at Courthouse Plaza. There will be refreshments and amusements, and it will be over in time for the Peace Walk, she said.
Dave Trout gave for another coat, and Kim gave for a coat and Chuck King gave $66 for every year he has been on this planet…Happy Birthday Chuck…we didn’t sing…how come? Brian gave for a coat, and Mark gave for his brother’s birthday and Wayne Davis said he will by check (if I read my handwriting and/or heard correctly) and that his has a five-year-old grandchild going to kindergarten.
Ron, our stand-in president, gave $100 for five coats, noting he has made his 100th blood donation. Just what doesn’t this man get involved with if it has to do with giving...volunteering at the VA Grotto, etc., etc.?
Vas gave for a coat and then Raj Grandhi said he would give $100 for coats if members of the club would also come up with another $100 worth of coats right then and there…and low and behold, hands went up and 5 coats were added to the five that Raj had just pledged.
Boyd then came up and gave an overview of the Service Above Self Service Day hours club members have put in since the past year.
Today's Speakers:  
The speakers this day were the leaders of each of the seven Club Service Day projects. Several photos are included below: You see John Callander in the dark blue shirt. All of the speakers are shown at the top of the bulletin, as sharp-shooter Carol, captured the well-spoken group one-by-one with her camera.
And now, Rebecca Quinones, who said her husband's family in Puerto Rico, in the path of hurricane Irma, was safe, but much of the island was without power.
Boyd Preston gave an update of the Service Days put in by our club’s Rotarians since March of last year. He said we’ve contributed 801 people hours, over 100 work days of help.
This most recent Service Day period in August, with seven sites, included 55 people, with 34 Rotarians and two Interact members and the rest family and friends, doing 188 service hours, over a month of volunteer work, he said. That’s 23.5 work days.
He asked the leaders of each of the seven groups to give a run-down of what they did at their site.
1. Mark Balsan said his crew helped BOGG Ministries at the subsidized housing complex called Chevy Chase in Centerville on a Wednesday evening. They helped check what the families needed in food supplies and then helped gather the food as in a grocery store and helped them carry it out.  “It was really rewarding,” he said.
2. John Callander and his group worked at the House of Bread. Kisha Taylor brought five others with her. He said the House of Bread feeds 200 people a warm meal seven days a week. All the food is donated, from grocery stores, individuals, etc. The chef does a great job preparing all the different items that come in, from oysters to chocolate cake, he said. They prepare everything from scratch, and don’t serve any food that is not good and that they would not eat themselves. After they help prepare and serve the food, the volunteers help clean up, including mopping the floor, he said.
3. Rebecca Quinones and her group helped clean up outside the Nature Nook area and Mark Kreusch Nature Playce, mulching the play area and cleaning around the Rotary memorial area. They used a chainsaw in places and Rebecca said there are park plans to re-landscape around the memorial area. She said Boyd did not stop, but just drove by their area. She said Daybreak liked the Peanut Butter we supplied them with earlier in the year, and that they still need toothpaste and tooth brushes.
4. Doc Hoback lead the group at Daybreak and said that the program is for homeless and what they call throw-a-way kids who aren’t welcome in their homes. They are taught life skills. There are two buildings at S. Patterson and Far Hills. There the kids make doggy biscuits and package and ship them. Other times our club volunteers helped cut out or package the biscuits, but this time they helped label the packages, which was a sit-down job, he said. All the ingredients for the treats have to be edible by people too, as sometimes the people eat them, he said. “They’re quite good,” Don Stewart chirped in. Vas Appalaneni brought three additional people to help out here, he said.  Boyd’s wife also helped out here. Their only problem was finding the right door to go into, Dick said.
5. Brad Thorp was the leader at Hannah’s Treasure Chest, which collects donated clothes, furniture, and toys for needy children. Brad had to leave early after slicing his finger on one of the ceiling lamps they were trying to repair. He reminded others of Peachy’s mishap and having a light come down and break at a past Service Day.
They helped repair shelving there too, and one suggestion Brad had was to have someone from the club go beforehand to see just what club members will be asked to do, so they have the needed supplies to work with. Dave Trout and his friend Phyllis helped clear out a large cluttered room so they could clean it and arrange all the items in order.
6. Jim Harris headed up Project Read where in three hours they sorted, and packed boxes with 3,500 children’s books for Project Read, a literacy program that has a home base in Dayton, but an office next to the Antiques Mall behind Sam’s Club in Washington Twp. Boyd was on site working here the whole time, he noted. Huge boxes filled with unsorted books are looked at quickly to be put in smaller plastic containers according to age groupings, pre-school, kindergarten, 7th-8th grade, etc. At least one limber person needs to be part of the group, as near the end, the person might have to get into the boxes to reach books at the bottom, Jim said. They hand the books then to the people outside. The problem might be getting back out of the box, which had to be tipped so as not to hurt Gerry Eastabrook’s daughter Amber, who did the box jumping. Frank Perez was the box jumper last time. The books donated are used to help people who are learning English as well as inner city school groups and other organizations who need books.
7. Carol Kennard lead this group at St. Vincent DePaul’s Community Store. They packed up groceries for people in need, Carol said. The job was easy, Carol said. They sorted donations and packaged up bags of groceries. They worked as kind of an assembly line packing up the groceries, she said. The organization is always short of help, especially on Wedesdays to help with the shopping, she said. They packed 450 bags of groceries and filled 13 freezers of meat, and yet finished up early, she said. Every other week the store gives out food, and there were over 250 families that needed food that they gave to.
 Photos of the groups at work can be viewed on the Centerville Rotary's Facebook page. You can go to their home page and click on the Facebook logo and you will find the photos and also more information about tickets to the Pancake Breakfast fund-raiser coming up Oct. 28 at Centerville High School on E. Franklin Street in Centerville...not far from St. Leonard.
And not to forget:
Don Gerhardt's original Pancake Breakfast song:
The meeting was closed with the reciting of the Rotary Four-Way Test.
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