This Week at Rotary: July 12, 2018
PDG Harvey Smith inducted our newest member, Carl Gill, along with his sponsor Ann Blackburn and President Boyd Preston. Welcome to the club, Carl!
Our fearless President, Boyd Preston is off to a good start on his Rotary year!
Liz Cameron, Interact Club advisor had time during the school summer break to give us an update on the club's upcoming activities.
Substitute Sergeant-at-Arms, Pat Beckel has a friendly way to convince Rotarians to empty their pockets!
Our speaker today was very familiar to the club - past president, Ron Hollenbeck gave an update on his trip to Haiti to see the LifePump well projects our club has supported financially. 
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Centerville Rotary Club Meeting July 12, 2018
The GREETERS​​​: ​​​​ 
07/12/2018 Arnie Biondo
07/19/2018 Jeff Senney and Pat Beckel
07/26/2018 Raj Grandhi and Greg Horn
08/02/2018 Sofie Ameloot and Don Overly
Our official greeter was Arnie Biondo. Doug Bockrath couldn't make the meeting, and a replacement had another conflict.
Arnie is seen here after greeting our president-elect Chuck King
Our newly elected club president Boyd Preston is seen here with Jill Williams of Yankee Trace, seated at the desk and ever ready to help out the club, and Irene Ullmer, an honorary member of the club. Arriving early, as always, Boyd makes sure the meeting will run smoothly.
Phil Raynes made sure the Rotary banner was in place before the meeting. It never wants to hang perfectly straight, but it looks pretty good here.
Pat Beckel arrives. He will be the Sgt.-at-Arms for the day. Doc Hoback is arriving also
as Arnie heads out to greet him.
Something's funny, but I'm not sure what. Dottie and Don Overly arrive along with Doc Hoback.
Boyd's wife Debbie arrived to hear Ron Hollenbeck speak about his trip to Haiti to help put in
a water pump with the help of Greg Bixler, co-founder of Design Outreach, a Christian humanitarian
engineering nonprofit working to help eliminate global poverty. Their LifePump design is used
to reach deep to clean water.
Our guest speaker, member and a past president, is hoping to get other Rotary Club involved
with putting the LifePump in Haiti and other places where clean and safe drinking water is needed.
Doc Hoback takes a seat and we get extra help this day from some young men, among them
is Alex Wenz in the red shirt.
Ray Merz makes his way in, but he is waiting on a guest he has brought, Jeremy Davit.
Frank Perez, our new vice president, makes his entrance and will make an announcement later.
President-Elect Chuck King looks surprised at something.
And there's Jack Durnbaugh on the right. He's been missing for a break, you know.
Arnie knows when to make the most of his greetings. Here he greets our Assistant District 
Governor Carol Hughes, of the Springboro Rotary. She's a vibrant lady who comes bringing
good cheer.
Judy Budi is ever loyal despite many responsibilities at Bethany where she works.
And finally, we get to see the famous Liz Cameron, whom we have heard so much about,
the adviser for Interact at Centerville High School. We hope to interact with them more on 
a regular basis. They have done book drives, helped out at the House of Bread, and been very active with Hannah's Treasure Chest, walking from the school down the street to help out with numerous
activities there.
Greg Bixler seems to get taller every time we see him. He led the group putting in the LifePump
on the Haiti trip he and Ron Hollenbeck made to put in a water pump that reaches down 400 feet.
Just in case you missed him in the picture above, here he is again, with Arnie smiling and 
officially greeting him.
And if you wonder what these three are up to, it's checking the set-up to play the pictures Ron made on the trip to Haiti.
Kim Senft-Paras has helped all around with the scholarship winners and Interact and greeting
whenever needed, etc. Hard to beat this volunteer and excellent head of the library.
And Carl Gill comes in as a guest and will leave as a new member of the club. We welcome
Carl with the Gusto he brings to the club. Loyal from his beginning as guest.
Like the barn-like doors behind Carol and Frank Scott? He's District Foundation 
Rotary Chairman, from the Dayton Club, come to bring us news of Kim Forster's global grant.
Our club offered to sponsor her for the grant that allows her to study at the London School of
Economics. A graduate of Centerville High School, Kim went to Brazil on an exchange hosted by the Centerville Rotary Club back when she was a high school student. She visited our club recently.
Money from other districts was needed to fund the grant. Generous donations. More about this later.
Oh yes. You can't beat this picture of proud dad Matt Kuhn with his daughter Lauren, soon
to be off to Harvard Law School. She graduated from USC summa cum laude.
And here's Ray's guest, Jeremy Davit, of Dayton Performing Arts, Ohio, recently relocated from
Pittsburgh. He was a Rotary Exchange student in Sweden.
Rebecca Quinones and Mark Febus talk with Liz Cameron...Mark has continued with the 
Generations program, as Rebecca will be in Washington D.C. soon, as her husband Carlos
was transferred there when he became a Colonel in the U.S.A.F. recently.
The Centerville Rotary Club met at the Clubhouse at Yankee Trace at noon. Club President Boyd Preston led the Pledge of Allegiance; Harvey Smith gave the prayer, and Jen Gibbs led the singing of God Bless America.
The guests at this week's meeting included:
Carl Gill of Hospice of Ohio; Dottie Overly; Frank Scott; Carol Hughes; Jeremy Davit; Liz Cameron; Lauren Kuhn; and Greg Bixler.
Our newly elected president Boyd Preston presided over the meeting. He didn't say it, but
he probably owes it all to colluding with his wife Debbie.
Here you see Harvey Smith welcoming Carl Gill into the club. Our membership director Ann
Blackburn stands by with his pin.
Carl was offered a short time to tell us about himself, which he did.
Carl said he is with Ohio Hospice and is not only a U.S.A.F. veteran, but also a Vietnam Veteran. He said he has a brother at the Ft. Myers Rotary Club.
President Preston thanked Lee Hieronymus for his use of the old fire truck in the Americana Parade.
He didn't say anything about Lee's driving, but we know there was a lot of squirted water going on and that the crowd was well pleased during the 90-plus temperatures during the parade.
Our grand marshal Joyce Young noted earlier that it was very hot in the car and that the crowd was not that great this year because of the heat. Vendors said the people were not buying much because of the heat. The ones serving ice drinks did best it seems.
Boyd also thanked Peachy, John Callander, and Ann Blackburn, who were daring enough to ride on the fire truck, having a blast along the way.
President Preston also reminded members of the next board meeting on Monday, July 16 to be held from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. at the Washington-Centerville park district headquarters at 212 N. Main St. in Centerville, close to Marion's Pizza for those not in the know.
Frank Perez and Jenn Gibbs spoke about the Boomer Fest at St. Leonard Aug. 11 from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.
Frank said they need ten volunteers to help out. The all-day community festival features free music and entertainment inspired by the Baby Boomer era. Live entertainment includes Outside the Box, Corky's Old Time Rock & Roll Band, Ohio-State Alumni Marching Band (2-3:15 p.m.), Eddie Osborne, Kent Rader, comedian, Soul Express (with former members of the Dayton Daily News playing), The Fries Band (8-10 p.m.) 
There will be food vendors, craft beer, arts and crafts vendors, exhibitors, a free kids area, and tethered Hot Air Balloon Rides.
Frank Scott then was introduced and announced to the club that Kimberly Forster's Rotary
global grant scholarship of $50,000 has been funded with the help of other district Rotary clubs. He said the school year will start in late September for her at the London School of Economics. He mentioned that Kimberly had gone on a trip to Brazil in 2009/2010 through the Centerville Rotary Club  Frank said the St. Louis District made a generous contribution and that another district in Illinois, Zone 30/31 shared in the contributions. He said our own district donated $11,800.
He said Kimberly has connected with the Bexley Club near the London School of Economics, as the Rotary Club there. All that's needed now is to get the money and pay the tuition and move forward.
Once she graduates, she will come back to tell us about it all, he said.
Carol Hughes came to tell us to get the word out about our events and projects and the club activities to let everyone know about Rotary and its service to the community. She said we should use Facebook and other social media and send information to the district. She gave Ann Blackburn several booklets on club membership and how to diversify and expand our membership and also gave her something to survey how we are doing and how to evaluate our club's success.
Liz Cameron was then introduced and she told how the Interact Club, that she advises, has been doing. She said she hopes to see our club and the Interact Club do more together, joining in the help at the House of Bread and noting that at Hannah's Treasure Chest they had five to ten students going there to help out on a weekly basis. Mark Febus, Kim Senft-Paras, and Rebecca Quinones, helped with the club, she said. She came to thank them and the club for our support, she said.
President Preston also reminded members of the Sept. 12 District meeting at Normandy Church, which will start at 5:30 p.m. It's a good opportunity to meet with other club members and see what they are doing, he said.
He also noted that the Rotary District's Dragon's Night is Aug. 18 and that tickets need to be purchased by Aug. 10, if not before they are sold out.
Tickets cost just $10 and include a hat and seat, with $5 of the price going back to the Rotary Foundation.
Our Sgt.-at-Arms replacement, Pat Beckel, helped with Happy Bucks at this meeting.
HAPPY BUCKS: The Happy Bucks this quarter go to Operation Warm, and Brian Hayes said our goal is to buy 375 coats this year, which will cost $7,500., 
Gerry Eastabrooks, our club treasurer, collected the money.
Pat started off the Happy Bucks, giving $100 for Operation Warm, to put it on sound footing. 
The collecting went rather fast, so some comments may not have gotten recorded. Pat said that he had set up a tent at the Americana Festival but when the people heard Brad Thorp, whose office is just down the road on Franklin St., had food...they hot-footed it to the food.
Pat said he had been absent for a while and welcomed Carl Gill, noting how much he is giving of himself in his work at Hospice.
Brian Hayes mentioned that the fund now begins for donations for Operation Warm, with the goal of 375 coats to donate to the children in need. A coat costs $20.
Our president gave $5 for his wife Debbie being at the meeting, even though she came to hear 
Ron Hollenbeck's presentation on Haiti and not because of her husband....
He also gave $3 for a coat.
Mark Febus gave for being excited...about...something that got drowned out.
Deb Dulaney gave $5 for officially being retired July 1.
Carol Kennard gave for just being happy.
Matt Kuhn gave for his daughter's achievements and being with him at Rotary.
Jeremy Davit gave his business card noting that it would be followed with a $20 donation.
Brad Huffman gave for a coat and also mentioned that Dr. Hermann had been in an auto accident with his wife having her arm injured....
Adam Manning gave and Dale Berry gave for a first coat.
John Beals gave for having 15 guests on the July 4th holiday, along with 3 dogs...
Frank Perez gave for something that sounded like 34 years....
Ann Blackburn gave for a visit from her son, a doctor, and a girlfriend from high school.
Harvey gave for the guys and gals who went to the Rotary Convention in Toronto...Sivaji, Dick Hoback, Jim Harris and their wives, along with him too.
Sivaji Subramaniam, by the way, is chairman of the Centerville Diversity Council now. There were 178 countries represented at the convention, Sivaji said.
Chuck King gave for our new member Carl Gill.
This Week's Speaker: Our own Ron Hollenbeck speaking on the project he and Greg Bixler helped with while on a five-day trip to Haiti. 
Their objective was to bring a LifePump to an area in Haiti that did not have access to adequate clean and safe water. They have some water pumps, but many of them were not of the quality of the LifePump, and did not reach as far a depth to get to a good water supply. Some dripped from not having a shut-off or cap on them, wasting much of the available water each day.
There were two new wells, one put in before they got there that went down 60 feet or so. The one they put in went down 400 feet, Ron said. They had to make a bore hole down to the water before they could start to lower pipe down. They had four people lowering the pipe at first but as the 20 sections of pipe got heavier and heavier, they had to use heavy equipment to lower it. He showed pictures of their group, which included a number of women, who had to wear long skirts out in the field to cover their legs. The men could not wear shorts but had to wear long pants, he said.
They not only put in the pump but also fixed leaking pipes in other pumps with specially designed piping and caps to stop the flow of water. The pipes cost $30 to $40 apiece to produce, Ron said. They stopped several thousands of gallons of water from flowing out, he said.
Ron pointed out the often crude containers the people brought to get the water. They used donkeys to carry the containers, and if there is no water, the donkeys die, he said. Having the water saves the donkeys as well as the people, he said.
He showed pictures of a local church where they were invited on a Sunday. Some of the women in the group sang songs too.
He showed one person bringing a 55 gallon drum to get water and wondered how he was going to transport it...Turns out there were smaller containers the water was going to be put into for transport.
Here is a map of Haiti showing where they went.
And here a group of men are getting ready to install the pipe.
And this picture shows the LifePump at the top of the pipe.
And here you see the donkeys with the water containers.
Here are the locals getting water.
And you can see how easy it looks to use the pump.
Additional pictures were shown to indicate the qualities of the LifePump.

Ron then showed another slide showing where he hopes the project will go next, getting other Rotary Clubs to participate in funding the pumps.



The meeting was closed with the reciting of the Rotary Four-Way Test. 
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