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eBulletin - July 1, 2021
Centerville Rotary Meeting Highlights
Newly inducted President Brian Hayes welcomed everyone to the meeting of the Centerville Rotary Club and led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance. He then provided a prayer for the group.
Brian also gave us a thought of the moment: "For happiness for something to do, someone to love, and something to hope for."
President Brian gave the following announcements:
  • Just to remind you that the Americana Festival Parade is on for this year on Monday July 5. We have approximately 6 spots available on the truck – we will meet at the Centerville Municipal Building in the lower parking lot around 9:15 am. We are leaving to take our spot at 9:30 am – so please do not be late or you may be left behind. Our spot in the parade is #108.
  • We are going to sunset Zoom meetings as we have had no participation the last couple of weeks. Next week will be our last hybrid Zoom meeting. Please join us in person!
Arnie Biondo announced he is planning speakers for October and beyond so please send ideas to him.
Frank Perez announced our team for the Optimist Golf outing on the 12th includes Chuck King, Jim Stuart, Frank Perez and a potential new member Brian Leedy.
PDG Harvey Smith and Ron Hollenbeck presented new Paul Harris Fellows to the following members. Thank you for your generosity!
Bob Fry PHF +2
Mike Wier PHF +3
Our meeting guests this week included: 
Larry Marchand, guest of Boyd Preston who returned for another visit and is a potential member. 
Scott Kujawa, Fire Chief for Washington Township and guest of Lee Hieronymus also visited and is filling out membership form.
Our Happy Bucks recipient for this quarter is Operation Warm. We would like to exceed our record of 528 coats that we accomplished last year. (530 x 20 =$10,600)
Lee Hieronymus was our Sergeant at Arms today. 
  • Chuck King thanked Frank Perez for his leadership and congratulated Brian Hayes on his new presidential year.
  • Jim Stuart was happy.
  • Ron Hollenbeck was happy.
  • Ray Merz was happy to announce he and Sue celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary at Mohican State Park with many family members in attendance.
  • Mike Wier gave sad bucks as our club has over 60 members but just over 20 in attendance.
  • Arnie Biondo gave for Scott and Larry visiting today and Frank’s successful presidential year.
  • Brad Thorp donated to buy a coat, and announced if you are coming to parade, you may park behind his office (tell police where you're headed), and the office will be open for restroom during the parade. He suggested to arrive early.
  • Frank Perez was happy.
  • Boyd Preston gave for Larry joining us today, happy for Brian, and for Ray’s anniversary.
  • Bob Fry gave for the new board and congratulated Brian.
  • Dave Trout gave for Brian.
  • Don Overly gave for his birthday this week.
  • Carol Kennard gave for her birthday this week and for her grandkids visiting last week, which was exciting, busy, and tiring, but she misses them already. 
  • Harvey Smith gave to buy some coat buttons and for the two new PHF.
  • Dick Hoback gave a coat in honor of new president and our guests today.
  • Jim Harris gave for our new president, guests, and PHF.
  • Ger Eastabrooks gave for a coat and the upcoming long weekend.
  • Carol Sue Galloway gave for the long weekend and family time.
  • Ginger Clark announced she is taking over project warm, and she got a new car yesterday - the first in over a decade!
  • Lee Hieronymus was happy to be here.
Our speaker today was our new president, Brian Hayes who gave an overview on our upcoming Rotary year.
Brian noted he appreciates the family atmosphere of our club and said he was impressed by the leadership he's seen since he joined the club. 
We have faced some crazy challenges this past year, but we have risen to keep the club moving forward with a purpose.
Brian then shared these thoughts:
Defining Rotary
I want to give you a slightly different thought regarding Rotary that I want you to take to heart. We have billed and touted ourselves as a “service organization”. I disagree. There are a lot of service organizations out there – the Red Cross, Goodwill/Easter Seals, The Salvation Army. That is NOT who we are. We are a Membership Organization that does Service. Members are who we are. Service is what we do. Individually we are good – together we are awesome and unstoppable.
What is Rotary -
The worlds largest, biggest service organization
We are 1.2 million members strong – and if you have a cause you can always find someone in Rotary to support it.
People who are engaged and interested in a diverse array of subjects and people
People who love people, service and this great organization
We are service – you don’t come here to get but to give and if you give you will get although it may not be exactly what you expected – it will be better.
Goals and Objectives
I have a few goals for us for this year and number one on my list is to work at making our club better – don’t get me wrong, we are good – but I want to be better. I realize that by going for better we elevate our standing in the community, our service to others and our impact globally as a whole. May sound a little lofty, but at its core it is the truth.
The goals really are simple, but I need your help to accomplish them; here they are:
  1. My overall number one priority has to do with the club itself. We have had Members who have parted with us over this last year and that has created a hole in our organization and in our lives as well. To our credit we have had individuals who have stepped up to fill in and for that we are extremely, extremely grateful; but I realize that in order for us to do the most good and to have a greater impact personally, professionally and in this community – we need more people (not just a warm body to fill a place), but individuals like you. Passionate, caring, thoughtful, dedicated and committed. I know they are out there, because we tend to associate with those who are most like ourselves (and you are here so) – I am asking that you make an effort to find that person who would add even more to this great Member organization and get them in here with us so we can continue to do more good in this community and this world.
  2. Take advantage of the various trainings that take place throughout the year. If we are better informed and better trained Rotarians we can further our impact on every level.
  3. My other goal is for us to make an impact on the service day projects. We have had limited ability to have a visible impact in the community because of recent events, but with the changes and new protocols I believe we can show our presence and involvement once again and make an even greater impact and contribution. 
We are still looking for members to step forward to help lead service days and also help with the website and social media. Please let Brian know if you can step up to help in these areas.
We have always had the Rotary Foundation annual fund that we contribute to – where a portion of those come back to the District for grants (that we use to subsidize our Operation Warm and the School Dictionary/Thesaurus projects).
Opportunities we have as a Club for fundraising this year include:
1. Pancake Day – where we fundraise for scholarships for graduating High School seniors - fundraising total for the last 3 years (prior to covid) ranged from $20,000 - $27,000. Individual donations typically range $2,500-$3,000 with corporate donations at $10,000-$15,000
2. The Golf Outing – we implemented this past year to fund the scholarships (since we did not have a breakfast last year) - Fundraising total in first year was $13,460. Individual donations were $2,249 with corporate donations at $13,050. And we now have a new one to add to the mix…
3. The 50th Anniversary Project at Grant Park – where we will relocate the Rotary memorial, gather and scatter prairie seed, plant trees - Total project cost is $53,000; goal is to raise $7,000 from club members in donations plus $1,000 in Happy Bucks during a specified quarter
I know it may sound huge, but as a Club we always rise to every opportunity and thrive on challenges. We will have pledge cards available soon as a visual reminder and an opportunity for you to determine where your dollars will go and how much you are able to commit.
Everything you do is greatly appreciated and makes a difference. Boyd shared the other funds for the 50th Anniversary project will come from the Club's budget, District grant, and the 2022 Golf Outing. 
I want to believe that each of you are here because in some way you want to make a difference in the world around you and want to be connected to a source that makes those things possible. I know at times you get tired of hearing the elevator speech and it can sound like the teacher from Charlie Brown, but I want to challenge you to clear your heart and your head and recall why you joined. I want you to think about the difference you, as an individual, make with every contribution you give.
The Coats
The Dictionaries and Thesauruses 
The Adopt-A-Family Gifts
The Scholarships for the Pancake Breakfast and Golf Outing
And every other entity we help with our time/talent/service or financial sacrifice in helping them to achieve their goals.
As you do that, though we say it, I want you to hear it again – it is greatly appreciated!
Let’s go make a mark that cannot be erased.
Brian closed the meeting by leading in reciting the 4-Way Test and wished all to be healthy, safe and have a great 4th of July.
Anyone still need one of our stylish 50th Anniversary polo shirts? We ordered a few extra so contact Carol Kennard if interested! 
Next week our speaker will be Diane Farrell sharing about the Dayton Metro Library improvements. (Did you know our taxes go to support our own Washington-Centerville Public Library, and not the Dayton Metro Library? Some people may not realize that interesting tidbit!)
Next week will be our last hybrid meeting. Please join us in person if you can!
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