This Week at Rotary: May 16, 2019
Rotarians celebrated with Rick Hauser as he completed the requirements to have his "New Member" yellow ribbon removed today.
Sury Peddireddi shared his background just before he was inducted into the Centerville Rotary Club.
Then it was Robert Ford's turn to tell us about his background.
PDG Harvey Smith, President Boyd Preston, and Membership Chair Ann Blackburn helped us welcome new members Robert Ford and Sury Peddireddi. Congratulations!
Centerville City Schools superintendent Tom Henderson shared the latest news on our award-winning school district.
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Rebecca Quiñones
May 8
Shelley Fisher
May 18
Raj Grandhi
May 24
Peachy Metzner
May 30
Spouse Birthdays
Susan Grandhi
May 15
Isaiah Febus
May 24
Mandy Groszko
May 30
Sofie Ameloot
Gregory Camp
May 14
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Erich Eggers
May 1, 2003
16 years
David Wolf
May 2, 2002
17 years
Joyce C. Young
May 18, 2000
19 years
Butch Spencer
May 31, 2012
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Centerville Rotary Club Meeting May 16, 2019
Official Greeters for the week:
05/16/2019 Mark Febus and Doc Hoback
05/23/2019 Bob Fry and Dan Sortman
05/30/2019 Adam Manning and Judy Budi
06/07/2019 Bead Huffman and Gerry Eastabrooks
Here are our official greeters, Doc Hoback and Mark Febus
Pat Beckel arrives early and is greeted by our club president Boyd Preston
And look what Pat has brought with him. An even bigger sign than before.
PDG Harvey Smith gets a greet from Doc Hoback
And not to be outdone, John Beals makes his early entry.
Jim Briggs isn't fooling around this day. Seems in a more serious mode. Maybe it's because Don 
Gerhardt isn't here to egg him on.
And the camera wasn't as clearly focused as it needed to be here. Carol Kennard has just come
back after holding her newest granddaughter and got to announce today that her daughter
Emily will be bringing her fifth grandchild into the family later this year.
Jackie Power, a return guest, is trying out our club again. Hope she decides to join and bring additional fun and service.
Talk about fun. When Jeff Senney enters the room, it lights us. He has brought more guests than
anyone I know, other than our membership chairwoman, Ann Blackburn. Here he poses with
Arielle Jordan, Publisher of South Dayton Lifestyle Magazine, to be out this fall.
Jim Stuart looks a bit Irish here.
And look who came all the way from Washington D.C. just to eat spaghetti here...Rebecca Quinones....just kidding about the spaghetti, as she had business in Toledo and came here to 
grace our meeting with her presence. You can see how everyone hopes she moves back soon
and can come more regularly. That's Ron Hollenbeck signing in.
Everyone seemed to take longer to get here this day, maybe because the parking lot was full with golfers and an insurance company luncheon in the bigger rooms out front. We had to move into the Academy Room, which is big enough for our group most days. Here you see Bob Fry and Dan Sortman coming in.
Ray Merz comes in just behind Rebecca Quinones, who had to search for her club badge this day. 
The hall was briefly empty for a while...and then the food came.
Where is Lee Hieronymus this day, a day for hugs. Here Rebecca gets one from Ann Blackburn.
And what could be better than this smiling trio? Lots to be happy about this day.
Deb Dulaney is dressed for the summery weather this the high 70s. Light and airy is 
the fashion of the day...for those young at heart.
And there's Jeff again, showing his talent for making pictures perfect.
And look at Sury Reddipeddi, one of our two new members inducted this day.
Ann's guest Kasheen Swango arrives to find Ann actually here this day...Sometimes she doesn't
make it on a day an invited guest comes. Banking comes first.
And our new member Robert Ford has come with an employee, Crissy Allums. We welcome them both and thank them for returning to join us.
The Centerville Rotary Club met at the Clubhouse at Yankee Trace at noon. Club President Boyd Preston led the Pledge of Allegiance; Ray Mer gavze the prayer; and the singing of God Bless America was led by Brad Thorp/Adam, and others, as Boyd meant to call on Adam and said Brad
Menu this week:.
Fish Fry
Menu next week: Yankee Combo Salad-Chicken Salad, cottage cheese, fruit, mini
Guests this week: 
Our speaker Tom Henderson, superintendent of the Centerville City Schools; Jackie Powell; Arielle Jordan; Kasheen Swango.
President Boyd Preston presided over the meeting. 
President Boyd Preston thanked our greeters Doc Hoback and Mark Febus.
He put this message on each table.
He told how Joyce Young has now moved to Bethany Village for her rehab, and that her daughter has come up from Florida, and that Joyce is participating in rough therapy to get better faster. Her knees are doing better, he said.
Then he called up Nick Hauser and his membership sponsors to be recognized.
Our two new members came up front to be inducted by Harvey Smith. Boyd and Ann served as Sury's and Robert's sponsors for the induction.
 Both men were asked to tell a little bit about their backgrounds.
Sury said that he is the manager of a local automotive company. He said he has spent 48 years in this country. He has a son in college at OSU and a daughter who is a sophomore in high school.
Robert said he had been with All-State Insurance 37 years and retired in 2010 and then decided to purchase an All-State agency to do what he used to do. He is married and has two adult children, a son who will be 30 in July, and a daughter, 39. He said he has two granddaughters, 16 and 9, which he loves because he can send them home after a while. He said he is engaged in family and church and would like to show them about creating a legacy with doing things with the purpose to try to give to others.
President Preston called on Ron Hollenbeck to give an update on the global water pump grant the club has been working on to put 10 pumps in Haiti. Ron first passed around a folder with pictures from a pump we contributed to in Kenya, that is supplying water to a school there. The club was being thanked for our contribution.
Ron said he went with Bixler, the owner of LIfePump to the southwest district of Rotary in Florida, and found that there was one club that might partner with us, which could help us get a global grant, since a fourth of the clubs in our district have offered to participate and with multiple districts involved, it would benefit our request. The final submission will be at the end of the month, and it could take months to receive an answer back, he said.
Jim Stuart talked about the family potluck picnic Saturday at St. Leonard from 12 to 5 p.m.
He suggested those wanting to sit out in the grassy area bring along some chairs, and that there is a need for coolers, if you have them. About 40 people are expected, he said.
President Preston said he would talk about the District Assembly meeting he attended at 
Normandy Church next week, due to time limitations at this meeting. He said the District Governor Bill Shula and his wife Nancy plan to be at the Saturday picnic along with the Assistant District Governor Carol, and Frank Scott.
Sgt.-at-Arms Erich Eggers and Club Secretary Mark Balsan collected the Happy Bucks. 
HAPPY BUCKS: Happy Bucks this quarter go to Artemis House. The program supplies support and intervention for victims of domestic violence.
Many gave for our new members and guests and/or Artemis House. Wayne Davis started the Happy Bucks for the guests and new members. Dave Trout has some smart grandkids and gave for one having a 3.75 grade point average, and getting a job in New York, and another getting a six-figure scholarship to start next year studying chemistry. Harvey and Brad gave and Don Stewart gave $5 for Malory finishing her exam.
And Brian gave for Carol being the right person to ask for a favor.
And Rick Hauser gave for help getting his yellow ribbon off.
Ray gave and then Dan Johnson gave, noting that maybe a dream came true that Rebecca would be coming back, as she did this day. Adam Manning gave for the new members and Rebecca gave for it being a Happy Day for her. Pat Beckel also had a child to brag on, as a son won the 10th grade pole vaulting, setting a school record.
Sofie gave for new members and Rebecca, and Dale Berry gave for an Interact Club member at Centerville High School getting an award for Community Service.
Ron gave for new members and Sury gave and Jim Harris gave for new members and Terry gave for new members and Doc Hoback gave for two granddaughters who graduated and have jobs.
Boyd gave for new members and the committee organizing Saturday's picnic.
Carol gave for her daughter Emily having her first child in November.
Kim gave for new members and Jackie Powell gave for being Happy to be here again.
Ann gave an IOU for the ladies being here and for the new members. Someone offered her some money for the IOU..
Jeff talked about his golf game and winning $20.
Deb talked about going on a vacation, and Chuck and Mark and Robert gave, with Robert saying he was Happy to be here and looking forward to a long relationship.
Erich gave for his fourth anniversary to his wife.
Speaker of the Week: Tom Henderson, Superintendent of the Centerville City Schools
 Centerville Rotary Club Vice President Frank Perez (L) introduced our speaker, noting that he heads a school district with more than 7,800 students. He said 75 percent of the teachers in the district have their masters degrees.
Superintendent Henderson is in charge of daily operations. He and Assistant Superintendent Bob Yux answer to the board for all instructional and supervisory aspects of education, as well as for financial and business affairs of the district. Treasurer Mitch Biederman handles financial matters. 
Tom said the school district has a School Board and also a Student Board to get input from the student body. Dan Tarpy is in charge of Human Resources, which includes Recruiting and Career Fairs, Meet the Candidates Night and the Dayton Job Fair.
Tom said Information Technology's goal is for every two students to have a device. There are 5,500 student devices, he said.
They have 3D printers, and students learn how to make items to replace something broken.
Sarah Swan is in charge of Community Relations. She handles Facebook and Instagram. They have 27,000 users on the district web site, Tom said.
Treasurer Mitch Biederman makes a five-year forecast for appropriations every spring and summer. Because the Centerville-Washington Twp. area is considered a high-income area, the district gets only $1,799 per student from the State, while poorer districts like Trotwood get
$8,600 per student.
Tom said the district gained 300 students last summer. The district has a good partnership with the city, township, park district, and library, he said. He said there were 400 students in the college-plus classes.

According to the Internet site for the schools, with Tom's comments interspersed: The district has developed a Quality Profile that provides a more detailed look at what our community, staff and students value most in our schools. 

Quality Profile Highlights

  • We serve about 8,200 students from Centerville-Washington Township in preschool through 12th grade.
  • 54.3 percent of students achieved at Accelerated, Advanced or Advanced Plus level on state tests, an increase over the previous year
  • 1,150 Advanced Placement (AP) exams were administered in 20 subject areas, with CHS students scoring an average of 3.47 (national average was 2.87)
  • Sinclair and University of Dayton partnerships assure our students are prepared for success after graduation.
  • The teachers also have a requirement to take additional training in summer and winter institutes, to keep up their professional standards, Tom said.
  • Award-winning groups and individuals in athletics, band, orchestra, chorus and visual arts
  • More than 3,400 college credits were earned by CHS students through Career Education programs and College Credit Plus
  • Primary Village North and Stingley Elementary are National Schools of Character
  • 9,756 service hours logged by 414 parent and community members in Academic Volunteer Program
  • Third lowest tax rate among school districts in Montgomery County
  • 12 percent of students identified as having special needs. This is 991 students, Tom said. There are seven school psychologists and 93 intervention specialists.
  • 30 languages spoken by English Language Learners.Tom said the main languages are Chinese, Arabic, Indian dialects and Spanish. He said they got a $30,000 grant from Fuyao to help with this for their employees. They have 21 students in the English Language services, Tom said.
The meeting was adjourned with the reciting of the Four-Way Test .
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