This Week at Rotary: July 26, 2018
President Boyd Preston stands by the three club members who could not make the Benham's Grove
meeting where the board members and directors for this Rotary year were sworn in. PDG Harvey Smith
gave the oath of office this day and Boyd presented each with a pin. The members are (L to R): Mark Balsan, secretary; Brad Huffman, Club Affairs; Mark Febus, New Generations. 
Here we see the board members and directors, except for Gerry Eastabrooks, treasurer; and Brian Hayes,
Community Services, who were absent, and Ann Blackburn, Membership, who took the above pictures.
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Brian Bergmann
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David Trout
July 14
Michael Wier
July 17
Erich Eggers
July 23
Ron Hollenbeck
July 30
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Allison Durnbaugh
July 28
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July 2
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Shannon Huffman-McAfee
July 4
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Maureen Perez
July 14
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July 7, 2016
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Centerville Rotary Club Meeting July 26, 2018
The GREETERS​​​: ​​​​ 
07/26/2018 Raj Grandhi and Greg Horn
08/02/2018 Sofie Ameloot and Don Overly
08/09/2018 Jeff Senney and Joyce Young
08/16/2018 Raj Grandhi and Greg Horn
08/23/2018 Tom Broadwell and Sally Beals
Our official greeters were not present, so Harvey Smith stood in, along with several other members of the club. 
Before the meeting took place, the membership committee met to discuss how they can 
increase and diversify the membership. Ann Blackburn is on the right. She heads up the 
committee and took the top pictures of this bulletin today. Therefore she was not in that
Club member Phil Raynes has been handling the pre-meeting set-up with the flags,
membership badges, 50-50 drawing tickets, etc.
Coconut cream pie was the dessert of the day. It was followed by wraps with chicken and 
lettuce inside. Brad Thorp and Dale Berry had the pick of the pie.
Vice President Frank Perez was one of our presenters this day.
Another presenter was Past President Ron Hollenbeck, seen below. He arrived along with Kim Senft-Paras.
Judy Budi and Kim look over several articles that show our college scholarship winners
doing good. One of the girls was able to get $10,000 donated to Centerville High School
after submitting information to the donating organization about her teacher creating an
inclusive atmosphere that helped her overcome any fears about her blindness impeding
her studies. 
Eric Beach is back.....
Here's PDG Harvey Smith, who graciously agreed to greet today.
Harvey quietly awaits the incoming members. No guests this day.
Club secretary Mark Balsan has a big smile for Harvey.
A fine trio if there ever was one.
Mark Febus seems to get a what if...look from Harvey.
Eric Eggers, our Sgt.-at-Arms,....has one of those sly looks today. No Happy Bucks today,
as the meeting is about the club and its goals and plans.
Here John Callander wears one of his fancy shirts with his name all over it. Lest we forget.
John gives our member Joyce Young, also a presenter this day, a greet.
Vas Appalaneni is all smiles this day.
Sally Beals, Arnie Biondo, and Tom Broadwell look at the wraps and decide how to attack
them. Most chose a knife and fork and John Callander asked for some sauce to make them
Club President Boyce Preston stands ready to say the pledge.
Sivaji Subramaniam gives the prayer this day.
The Centerville Rotary Club met at the Clubhouse at Yankee Trace at noon. Club President Boyd Preston led the Pledge of Allegiance; Sivaji Subramaniam gave the prayer, and Brad Thorp led the singing of God Bless America.
The guests at this week's meeting included:  None today.
Our newly-elected president Boyd Preston presided over the club assembly.
Here are three members of the club who couldn't make the Benham's Grove meeting when the board members and directors took their oaths of office for the 2018-19 Rotary Year. Mark Balsan (L) will continue as our club secretary. Brad Huffman is director of club affairs, and Mark Febus is director of New Generations, working with the Interact Club at Centerville High School. PDG Harvey Smith is administering the oath of office. The group broke into laughter when one member had a bit of
trouble repeating a long sentence Harvey gave.
President Preston noted that World Polio Day is Oct. 24, two days after our Pancake Breakfast Fund-raiser at Centerville High School on Oct. 22. He said they are looking for ways for the club to celebrate World Polio Day. 
Here are the guys having fun during the picture taking.
President Boyd Preston called up the presenters and also
listed and explained the goals and plans for the club during the 2018-19 Rotary year, both for the 
presidential citation, and for the club itself.
At a previous meeting President Preston reminded members of the Sept. 12 District meeting at Normandy Church, which will start at 5:30 p.m. It's a good opportunity to meet with other club members and see what they are doing, he said.
He also noted that the Rotary District's Dragon's Night is Aug. 18 and that tickets need to be purchased by Aug. 10, if not before they are sold out. Our District Governor sent out ticket information to members last week.
Boyd said he has four goals for the club. One is to continue to grow the club with new members.
The requirements to get a presidential citation have a category called Support and Strength Club. There are four goals, and a club must meet three of the four goals. The first is a net gain of one new member, which means if you lose a member you have to make up for that loss and add a member in addition. Our club goal is to add 3 new members, Boyd said. The second goal is to add one new female member, which is also the club's goal. Internationally there is only 20 percent females. In our club it is 21 percent, he said.
The next goal is for 60 percent of the members to report their birthdays on My Rotary. The club has a goal of 65 percent. Also a citation goal is to conduct a classification study of member's occupations and work to align membership with a mix of business and professions in the area.
Boyd said his second focus is on youth.
His third goal for the club is to have a stronger presence on social media, and his fourth focus is on the club experience itself. Members should feel it is worth an hour and a half of their time each week, he said. 
As for goal number two, Boyd said Kim Senft-Paras, Mark Febus, and Rebecca Quinones all helped build the Interact Club at Centerville High School, along with the help of Liz Cameron, the club's high school advisor. He said he hopes the club's Rotary board will interact more with the club this year.
The presidential citation goals for the category of Focus & Inc Humanitarian Service has four goals:
Sponsor Interact Club; Contribute at least $100/member to Annual Fund. The club's goal is to have more Interact involvement and a $150/member contribution to Annual Fund.
A third goal is to increase member involvement in service projects. Our service days had 39 percent involvement in 2017-2018, and the club would like to make that increase 5 percent.
The fourth goal is to conduct significant local or international service project within the six areas of focus. The club has been involved in promoting peace; fighting disease; providing clean water, better sanitation and hygiene; supporting education; and growing local economies; maternal & health: example water pump project.
The third category for the presidential citation is: Enhance public Image & Awareness.
The goals are: Post club projects on Rotary Showcase; Cont partnership w/corp, govt or non-govt entity and work on a project together; Sponsor Youth Exchange student or RYLA participant; Promote Club and service activities on social media (including our website & Facebook, and District newsletter and local press.
Boyd's notes say we need to include activity details, volunteer hours and funds raised for the Rotary Showcase. We have two projects a quarter as our club goal.
Our partnerships include Habitat for Humanity, Hannah's Coats, Project Read, the Dictionary and Thesauri projects. We have an exchange student from Peru coming Aug. 8 to stay first with the host family of Jen Gibbs. And we hope to sponsor three RYLA students. Rodrigo Garnica hopefully will be involved in the club and have the same good experience as Mato and Saloni, our past two exchange students. As for the fourth goal, Boyd has put an average of four times a month for getting the word out about the club.
Boyd said Ron Hollenbeck and Chuck King have been going to other clubs to talk about the Haiti water project and Operation Warm, to get them involved with the projects and get a $50,000 global grant for the water projects if possible.
Boyd said the Pancake Breakfast Fund-raiser is to be based more on income and sponsorship.
He said he hopes to get a District grant of around $3,400 this year. 
We got a grant of $1,500 from the Centerville/Washington Foundation this past year to help pay for the dictionaries we distribute to the school children.
He said more money is in the budget for the Christmas party this year, and that they hope to make the meal better than in the past. They've added more money to help the Interact Club, and money for the social mixers, so the host or hostess doesn't have to foot the bill for the hordoures. Some $5,000 is for the Haiti water project, he said. There's money in the budget for the exchange student support and $500 for scholarship recipient Kim.
Here's presenter Frank Perez, our vice president.
Frank spoke about the need for three or four more volunteers to work two-hour shifts at the Boomer Fest at St. Leonard Aug. 11 from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. He needed ten altogether, he said, and has all but three or four. These would be needed from 4 p.m. to the evening close, ar about 8 or 9 o'clock, he said. 
The all-day community festival features free music and entertainment inspired by the Baby Boomer era. Live entertainment includes Outside the Box, Corky's Old Time Rock & Roll Band, Ohio-State Alumni Marching Band (2-3:15 p.m.), Eddie Osborne, Kent Rader, comedian, Soul Express (with former members of the Dayton Daily News playing), The Fries Band (8-10 p.m.) 
There will be food vendors, craft beer, arts and crafts vendors, exhibitors, a free kids area, and tethered Hot Air Balloon Rides.
Frank spoke about Service Days and projects, including Project Warm, Adopt-a-Family, the dictionaries and thesauri distribution, etc. He said the club is all about service. We are a community service organization, he said. There's BOGG, the Food Bank, Hannah's Treasure Chest, the House of Bread, and new groups that we will partner with, he said.
Everyone seems to rally around to help with the Pancake Breakfast, but he'd like to see 50 percent of the members rather than 39 percent participate in the other service projects, he said. You should get family members and friends to help out and let them see what Rotary is all about, he said. This is one of the ways to help grow the club, he said. Get the exposure you want.
Here's presenter Joyce Young, Rotary Foundation director for the club, speaking about the Foundation.
Joyce had good news to present about Rotary's fight against Polio. There were only 17 new cases of polio this past year, she said. Also the efforts for peace and literacy have been working. "We have made a difference," she said. The goal of Rotary International is to get $380 million world-wide, she said.
Our Rotary always has a part of that, she said.
Here's Arnie Biondo speaking about our incoming exchange student, Rodrigo Garnica. His
full legal name is Rodrigo Fernando GARNICA TINAJEROS, as per the applicant information.
His father's last name is Garnica, and his mother's, Tinajeros.
Arnie said applications are already open for the next Rotary Youth Exchange program, so students hoping to go to another country can start applying now. 
He said our exchange student from Peru is due in a 2:41 p.m. Aug. 8. He's coming from Dallas Ft.Worth to the Dayton Airport.
Arnie said he hopes he will be greeted by a large group of Rotarians from the club. His daughter went on an exchange and landed on her birthday in a foreign country where she was greeted by a large Happy Birthday sign. It was a great welcome, he said.
Our exchange student has finished secondary school, which is through the 11th grade in Peru. He likes math, history, science, etc. He plays the guitar and piano and sings. His first family will be with Jen and Travis Gibbs and her family. His third family is Carolyn and Mike Rice, home of the Montgomery County Treasurer, Carolyn Rice. Rodrigo was in the top 20 percent of his class.
He lives with his parents and 14 year old brother in the second largest city in Peru, Arequipa, with a population of 1,500,000 inhabitants. It's located in a valley with an elevation of 7,600 ft. on the foot of the magnificent Misti volcano, and the Chachani and Pichu Pichu mountains.
He's fluent in English (10 years of study) and Portuguese, and speaks Spanish.
HAPPY BUCKS: The Happy Bucks this quarter go to Operation Warm, and Brian Hayes said our goal is to buy 375 coats, which will cost $7,500. 
No Happy Bucks were collected this week due to the time element.
Adam Manning addressed the need for participation in the club's projects, especially the
Pancake Breakfast Fund-raiser Oct. 27 at Centerville High School.
Adam said this is the club's biggest fund-raiser and last year the total revenue was $27,000.
That's a lot of pancakes and sausages, he said. Our expenses were $4,000.
That left the club $23,000 to give out for scholarships and service projects.
What has helped is the community support and interest in the event, he said.
The first committee meeting for this year's Pancake Breakfast will be Aug. 9, and he said he hopes those interested in serving on the committee will show up.
Those on the committee will help get volunteers to work on Pancake Day and work with ticket sales and donors. Last year the club received $14,000 in donations, he said.
They hope to get $23,000 again this year to help with scholarships and projects, he said.
Mark Febus (on left) and
Ron Hollenbeck, seen seated behind Mark talked about the Interact Club, while Ron talked about the club's water projects in Haiti and Operation Warm, which provides new warm winter coats for kids.
Mark said that he plans to meet with Liz Cameron, the advisor of the Centerville High School Interact Club in early mid August this year to get an early start on the club's program. He said Liz had already selected the leadership for the club at the end of last school year, so the club should get a good start.
Ron Hollenbeck said there is a lot of work to be done to get a $50,000 global grant from Rotary International. A community assessment must be made to ascertain the need for the grant. They need to look for pledges to install the water pumps from each of five host Rotary clubs on the Island of Haiti. He said our club is on the radar of 12 Clubs in the area, including Huber Heights and the London club in Ohio, and is on the schedule with eight of the clubs, with three already making pledges. Ron said he is feeling cautiously optimistic about the project. Recently riots on the island have toppled the government with the president and cabinet resigning, and recently the Doctors without borders pulled out of two hospitals there.
President Boyd Preston asked the club how members felt about the 50/50 drawings, done at the end of the meetings. They usually only bring about $7 to the club. Options were to discontinue the drawing...only two were in favor of that, or to have a rollover payout, only given when the pot is big enough for it to be meaningful...or some other option that might be agreed upon. Arnie said that at a club where he came from they had a rollover payout that once got up to $700. Everyone oooohed at that. No decision was made at this time. 
This Week's Speaker: Our club members as seen above were the speakers for the 
club assembly.
The meeting was adjourned with the reciting of the 4-Way Test.





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