This Week at Rotary: August 29, 2018
Eric Beach completed all of the requirements that help new Rotarians get to know the club better, and now the "new ribbon" was removed from his badge! Congrats, Eric!
Our speaker today was Andra Watkins, New York Times best selling author who treated us to entertaining stories about hiking the 444-mile Natchez Trail on her own.
Jan 24, 2019
Building the new first responders network
Jan 31, 2019
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January 1, 1993
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January 1, 1993
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January 5, 2004
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January 15, 2015
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January 17, 2013
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Rotary's Theme for 2018-19
Centerville Rotary Club Meeting Jan. 24, 2019
In case you didn't find Judy in the previous she is...I intended to lighten the picture and then neglected to do it and didn't realize I hadn't put it in until I sent the Bulletin and looked at it again, having previewed it before...Such is the weather...a roller coaster ride....sending this now so in case the weather is so bad the power goes out tomorrow, you get it...

Our official greeters for the day were Dan Johnson and Jim Briggs, Jim standing in for Rick Hauser
Here you see Dan greeting Jack Durnbaugh, principal at CHS.
Dale Berry (R), newly elected president of the Washington Twp. Trustees and a realtor
on the side, is coming in with John Beals (L).
Here Jim is talking with Don Overly, former superintendent at CHS.
A view from inside Yankee Trace this day...A snowy winter has the past week.
The boys in blue...John Callander, Don Overly, and Jim Briggs, have fun
socializing before everyone else comes in.
Here's Frank Perez, our vice president, setting up the equipment to run Ron Hollenbeck's
excellent video this day. And below this picture you see our president Boyd Preston with
John Callander, pie in hand. Choices were cheese cake or apple pie this day.
Below you see Frank Scott, Dayton Rotarian and Assistant District Governor, district chair of the Rotary Foundation; and Ron Hollenbeck, receiver of our club's first-ever Service to Humanity Award for his work on the club's efforts to help provide clean and safe water to
villages in Africa and Haiti. A story about the Life Pump project and our club's efforts to get
a global grant with the help of other clubs in the district, was posted in the Centerville Dispatch's
Thursday Jan. 17 edition. You can find this paper for free at Bill's Donut Shop or Dorothy
Lane Market, usually on the Wednesday of each week. Other locations must also carry it, 
but those I know for sure.
Here's Arnie Biondo bringing in his fun-loving nature from outdoor park activities, despite
the ever cold winter we have just begun to witness again.
Deb Dulaney really isn't in the dark about anything, though it may look like it here, Her
smile shines through as does her service to the club. 
And look at that plate of fish. Everyone raved over the day's menus.
President-Elect Chuck King and President Preston continually keep each other apprised of
what's happening in the club. Chuck always beats everyone to Yankee Trace and was one
of the Service Above Self award winners for this past year...He helped get the lunch menus
improved and the members have been pleased beyond appetites.
Attorney Jeff Senney always comes well-suited from work, sometimes a tad bit late, as he
works in downtown Dayton and has a ways to come, but always with a smile and most times
with a guest to add to the fest.
Raj Grandhi arrives just in time to get into this next picture. He's a recent Paul
Harris-plus one Fellow, one of 23 members of our club who donated to the
Rotary Foundation at the end of last year.
Brad Thorp and President Preston carry on the blue shirt theme. Since we don't see the blue
sky all that much in winter, it's a pleasant addition, also a reminder of blue ocean some of
our members visit this time of year.
Adam Manning chats with his guest Jack Gerbs (middle).
Erich Eggers, our Sgt.-at-Arms and Happy Bucks collector is here this day, though Gerry 
Eastabrooks is not...probably one of the ocean never knows.
Sally Beals, along with her husband John, are long time members of the club and have served
the community on Centerville Council, as mayor (Sally) and councilman (John). They also
sponsored the city's town clock at the center of town, among other things, such as serving
on the board of directors for the Montgomery County Regional Planning Commission. 
Dan Johnson stops Carol Kennard for a shot at fame. This woman is always picture perfect,
with photos for the bulletin and in service to the club, always a Rotarian of the year, whether
rewarded or not.
Brad Huffman is taller than you might think from afar, as the two men he is standing inbe-
tween aren't short by any means, though they look like they might be trying to pull him
Frank Perez and Mark Balsan seem intent upon the meal. Mark is our club secretary and 
often steps in to help collect Happy Bucks when Gerry Eastabrooks is not here.
Oh what fun when Ann Blackburn is in the room. Our great membership increaser. She stood
to announce that an e-mail will be coming on an upcoming social mixer next week at
Carrabba's Italian Grill....Thanks to Ann and Carrabba's proprietor Adam Manning in advance.
Jack Gerbs, guest of Adam Manning. Hope he liked our club and comes back again.
The Centerville Rotary Club met at the Clubhouse at Yankee Trace at noon. Club President Boyd Preston led the Pledge of Allegiance; Harvey Smith led the prayer; and Brad Thorp once  again made us all sound good by leading the singing of God Bless America.
Menu this day: Fish fry with fries and cole slaw. Dessert: cheese cake or apple pie
Menu next week: Pasta Salad, Rolls and Butter, Barbecued Chicken, Roasted Potatoes, Green Beans.
The guests at this week's meeting included:  Dottie Overly, wife of member Don Overly; Jack Gerbs, a guest of Adam Manning.
President Boyd Preston presided over the meeting. Here you see him with President-Elect
Chuck King.
Boyd mentioned again that the annual MLK breakfast will be held at 7:30 a.m. Jan. 21 at Yankee Trace.
He also noted that a Grants Training Seminar will be held Tuesday, Feb. 5 at 5:30 p.m. at Normandy Church, 450 W. Alex Bell Road in Centerville. There is no cost to attend. Dinner will be served at 5:30 p.m. and the seminar will be from 6 to 8 p.m. It is mandatory to attend if seeking a grant.
Boyd reminded everyone of the District Conference to be held April 12/13 at the Nederland Hilton in Cincinnati.
The Rotary Institute will be held Feb. 19, possibly with all three parts given, in Xenia. You can sign up for that on the District Web site. Boyd said it is great training. Feb. 2 is the deadline for applying'
The next club board meeting is Monday at 5:30 p.m. at the Centerville Park District headquarters off Main Street in Centerville. All members are welcome to attend.
President Boyd said that Kisha Taylor and Brian Hayes are absent this day because they went to Alter High School to see if they can recruit students to participate in the Four-Way Test speech contest held each year.
Our outstanding club member Judy Budi made the papers the other day in an announcement that 
she has been named the new president and CEO of Graceworks Lutheran Services, a large nonprofit organization based in Centerville, effective March 2, 2019. She replaces Willis O. Sere II, who retires March 1, after 30 years of service. Budi will be the first female and the eighth CEO in Graceworks' 
93-year history. She has been serving as Vice President, Residential Care, acting as the chief operations officer for Bethany Village, Graceworks Enhanced Living, Graceworks Housing Services, and Graceworks at Home.
A special worship service will be held at Epiphany Lutheran Church on March 3 to mark the transition. It will begin with a celebration of Serr's leadership and conclude with the commissioning of Budi as the new chief executive.
A native of Sidney, Ohio, Judy has worked for Graceworks since 1994.
HAPPY BUCKS: The Happy Bucks this quarter will go to Honor Flight, which offers free transportation to Veterans who are not otherwise able to go to Washington D. C. to see the WWII, Korean War, Vietnam, and other war memorials there.
The Happy Bucks this day became a salute to Honor Flight and Judy Budi. It was a Judy, Judy, Judy, Judy,
Wayne Davis started it off with the first Judy and it went from there, with Jack and Frank Scott also giving to Honor Flight and Frank mentioning Ron Hollenbeck, and then Judy, who had just been recognized by the club with a round of applause when the word was spread about her new position, said she was giving $100....and eyes popped and the Judy, Judy, Judy continued.
Jeff Senney talked about going to see his son in Washington D.C. and on vacation in early February.
Dale Berry said he was happy all around and Deb Dulaney said she was happy for Carol, as Erich kept calling on several women using Carol"s name.
Carol then said she was happy for Honor Flight and gave an extra $5 for Judy.
Sivaji Subramaniam gave a sad Happy dollar to announce that one of the four people killed in Kabul in recent days was the son of a friend of his who was with the World Bank.
At Don Overly's table everyone named Judy...Don, John, Lee, Jim, Doc, Irene, Kitty, ...
Frank Perez gave for Judy and talked about his son, who got his law degree last year and now is working in a District Attorney's office.
Mark Balsan gave and Boyd gave for Judy and the Honor Flight. Mark Febus gave for Judy,
and....Erich Eggers said he was matching Judy's $100, for Judy.
Ron Hollenbeck also noted that our member Dale Berry, also mentioned in the Centerville Dispatch,
had been elected president of the Washington Twp. Trustees for the third time.
Today's Speaker: Club member Ron Hollenbeck, showing a video of how a Life Pump made here in Ohio transformed the sub saharan African village of Zolomondo, in the middle of Malawi, by supplying the villagers with a steady and reliable source of clean and safe water. Greg Bixler, head of Design Outreach, which makes the pumps that can go down to 400-500 feet, narrates parts of the video, and inhabitants of the village also tell their stories.
Ron said the video was made to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the Life Pump made by Design Outreach, the first it has placed in Africa, and the five years it has remained in working order without failure to bring up water.
An aerial view of a large hole with green nasty slime at the top, where villagers used to have to walk to get water. A lack of rain often causes a lack of adequate water, and previous pumps that failed and/or often had to be repaired, did not help. Standard hand pumps lasted about six months and the water was often deeper than they could go. The Life Pump can reach farther down than any other pump, Bixler has said. More than 125,000 other pumps have been abandoned, the video said.
Bixler said they spent years developing the hardware for the Life Pump with the help of World Vision and other donations.
Since installed in 2013, the Life Pump in Zolomondo  has operated without failure, he said.
It has allowed the village of around 800 to establish agriculture and raise livestock. They can make better houses than the mud houses they lived in, because they have a source of water nearby that allows them to make bricks that they don't have to carry long distances.They can wash and have clean clothes for the children to wear to school.
One Life Pump costs about $11,000, Ron said. The pipes have a steel rod inside and metal tubing that helps sustain water going up.
Other pumps used galvanized pipe that rusted, he said.
Ron said we have to have $30,000 to get a global grant that the club is trying to get to put more Life Pumps in Haitian villages. $15,000 with pledges from the clubs in the district, with matching funds from the district....The hope is to get up to 9 pumps with a global grant that matches what the clubs and district ultimately come up with. 
Our Four-Way Test Banner is seen below.
The meeting was adjourned with the reciting of the Four-Way Test .
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