The Rotary Club of
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Chartered 1972
Rotary Club of Centerville - September 8, 2022
Centerville Rotary Meeting Highlights
President Arnie Biondo welcomed everyone to the Centerville Rotary Club and led the Pledge of Allegiance. PDG Harvey Smith provided the prayer.
President Biondo shared these announcements:
  • The theme this month is Basic Education & Literacy and today happens to be International Literacy Day!
  • The thought for the day: "Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter."  -  MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR.
  • Thanks to Frank Perez and Erich Eggers for being greeters today. Next week’s greeters are Mark Febus and Don Overly.
  • Guests today included Frank Scott, District Governor, Zenas Pierce, guest of Jeff Senney, Amy Hary, guest of Sofie Ameloot, and Wyatt Thorp, son and business partner of Brad Thorp.
PDG Harvey Smith inducted new members:
  • Dan Wilson (Arnie Biondo sponsor, Frank Perez mentor)
  • Ashlee Walton (Jeff Senney sponsor, Sofie Ameloot mentor)
Ashlee shared she is a Senior Financial Planner at James Investment, married, with a 7 yr old daughter, French bulldog puppy, rescue mutt and 2 cats. She loves camping, canoeing, and anything outdoors.
Dan Wilson was originally from Chicago, was a Director of Quality at a steel company, has three grown kids, and three grandkids all in the Dayton area. Dan is looking forward to meeting everyone and participating in civic activities.
President Biondo reminded everyone about the upcoming social at Lock 27. September 28 6:30-8:30 pm is Quiz for a Cause at Lock 27 Brewing. They will put us on social media, and we’ll have trivia, 50/50, and other fun activities to support Operation Warm. There are some opportunities for volunteers to help run the event. It is an 80s theme and a good way to promote the Rotary Club of Centerville. Come early and have dinner or you might find yourself standing!
Reminder that our September 22 meeting will be held at Grant Park, McEwen Road entrance for our 50th Anniversary project groundbreaking. Please let Sofie Ameloot know of your sandwich choice if you haven’t already.
Adam Manning announced the next Pancake Committee meeting is September 15, 11 am at Yankee Trace. We will also pass out tickets that day so get ready to sell!
Crissy Allums said to watch for details in upcoming emails about the  Diaper Depot, Hannah’s Treasure Chest and blood drive.
Happy Bucks this quarter go to support Operation Warm, providing new winter coats to children.
Pat Beckel was our Sergeant-at-Arms today and noted it was great to be greeted by Erich Eggers. Erich used to be SAA and that’s where Pat learned the art of fining people.
Happy Bucks were given generously for:
  • Jim Stuart for operation warm and new members, and good attendance today
  • Brad Thorp was thrilled to see Erich Eggers back
  • Jeff Senney to see Erich, and shared he and Ashlee met Zenus Pierce last night and talked her into joining them for breakfast and lunch today!
  • Mike Wier for so many people here - almost 2/3 membership in attendance.
  • Kelly McDonald for a coat, and reminder to watch for an email on Trivia night - they would like to get a head count.
  • Ashlee Walton happy to be in Rotary.
  • Arnie Biondo happy for new members
  • Don Overly happy for a good first football weekend Ohio State, Indiana and Penn State all won their games.
  • Dan Wilson for operation warm
  • Elda Gotos Gay for the new members
  • Sofie Ameloot for the new members and Erich, and that her older girls will be home this weekend to celebrate her husband’s birthday.
  • Susan Schnell for new members and potential members.
  • Lee Hieronymus was happy to be here as he was not supposed to - had plans to be spraying thistles but a wheel fell off so he’s here today and will work on it after the meeting.
  • Uriah Anderson happy to see only two empty seats today
  • Dale Berry for new members
  • Scott Kujawa was happy
  • Jim Harris for new members
  • Dick Hoback for new members and a coat
  • Carol Kennard for new members and the apology Boyd Preston will give to all women of the club.
  • Frank Perez for new members
  • Adam Manning for new members
  • Boyd Preston for a coat, to welcome new members, and gave a somewhat apology for joking about the women on the 50th Anniversary committee. (See Ron Hollenbeck for details…)
  • Ginger Clark in support of women.
  • Chuck King for new members and visitors, and gave a dollar for every year of his life in celebration of his birthday
  • Ron Hollenbeck for new members, sorry for Lee’s broken wheel, and congratulations to Judy Budi for being named to the Board of Trustees at Bowling Green State University.
  • Harvey Smith for new members and our speaker Frank Scott
  • Chris Norman for Grandparents day this Sunday when he will get to see his grandkids
  • Erich Eggers for the women of the club who do 99% of the Club’s work.
  • Frank Scott for the new members, and shared a quote from Margaret Thatcher, “If you want something said, ask a man. If you want something done, ask a woman!”
  • Dan Johnson for new members.
Our speaker today was District 6670 Governor, Frank Scott.
President Biondo introduced our speaker today as one of the best friends of Rotary. Frank Scott is from the Dayton Rotary Club, and has served the District through many different roles, and now is our District Governor.
Frank noted he brought gifts and passed out a theme pin for everyone! He then presented the club with the theme banner that starts with the first female president of Rotary, who is well qualified for the position. He noted our newest members fit the Rotary goal this year of  50% male, 50% female.
Frank noted he reviewed the five-year giving history of our club and congratulated us as one of the clubs that does the best in donations (per capita). He would like to see $100 per capita this year which would result in $250,000 into our district if all met this goal. The District average is $72 per capita, but our club was $422 per capita last year. The Presidential Unit Citation will be coming to our club again.
Frank shared he has been in Rotary for 15 years, and belongs to the Dayton Rotary Club since he works downtown. He was president of the Dayton Club in 2012-13, which was also the 100th anniversary of that club. He recognized and thanked all of the Assistant District Governors in our Club and Don Stewart who is the District Treasurer.
Centerville is always a very giving club. This year for first time, the District had to turn down some requests, as there was not enough funding. The Rotary Foundation has a 3-year cycle - after 3 years, the District gets 50% of the donations back, 25% goes to global grants, with 25% to district grants. The other other 50% stays with RI for global grants and programs. Donations the last couple of years have been low primarily due to COVID. The District was still able to award $40,000 in grants this year.
Polio is still a major focus of Rotary. Six weeks ago a case showed up in New York. We’ve had 2 generations since polio has been endemic in the US, so this is alarming. Afghanistan and Pakistan are the only countries where it has not been eradicated. It is difficult to vaccinate because the people in those countries tend to move around a lot.
$1,500 for polio eradication per club is the District’s goal.
Membership is another focus and our club has met this year’s goal of bringing in 4 new members. We would add 160 new members to District 6670 if all clubs meet this goal. Closer to 3,000 before pandemic, but numbers are down considerably now. Frank complimented our club on the mentorship program for new members which helps promote engagement.
Another goal this year is to increase our social media presence. Frank pointed to one club that gained 9 new members from social media contract. The District is now using Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Heidi Schiller is the District PR chair who does all of the postings.
The future is in our youth. One club uses a Student of the Month program to celebrate excellence and expose them to Rotary. The Youth Exchange is back with a student from Spain at the Batavia Club. Our district has 3 incoming and 1 outgoing student this year.
The Youth Peace Action program was started last year to acquaint High School students with peace initiatives around the world. 35 students participated on Zoom on Monday evenings last year. They hope to stimulate interest again this year. Work is underway to get Interact & Rotaract clubs active again. Rotaract members are now full fledged members of Rotary. Our District held RYLA twice last year - which is a weekend of leadership activities at Camp Kern for high school students.
Next week our speaker is George Ironstack from the Myaamia Center, Miami University.
President Biondo led the group in reciting the Rotary Four-Way Test, and wished everyone a great week.
Please arrange for a sub if you are unable to greet on your assigned day or contact Crissy Allums.
September 15 = Mark Febus & Don Overly
September 22 = Chris Norman & Ram Nunna
September 29 = Bob Fry & Mike Norton-Smith
October 6 = Mark Gerken & Ray Merz
October 13 = Jen Gibbs & Kelly McDonald
October 20 = Carl Gill & Larry Marchand
October 27 = Elda Gotos Gay & Adam Manning
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Please get a sub if you're unable to greet on your assigned day or contact Crissy Allums!
September 15 = Mark Febus & Don Overly
September 22 = Chris Norman & Ram Nunna
September 29 = Bob Fry & Mike Norton-Smith
October 6 = Mark Gerken & Ray Merz
October 13 = Jen Gibbs & Kelly McDonald
October 20 = Carl Gill & Larry Marchand
October 27 = Elda Gotos Gay & Adam Manning
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