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Rotary Club of Centerville - October 6, 2022
Centerville Rotary Meeting Highlights
President-Elect Adam Manning welcomed everyone to the Centerville Rotary Club and lead the group in the Pledge of Allegiance. Brian Hayes provided the prayer and the group sang, “God Bless America”
The Rotary theme this month is Community, Economic and Development.
Quote for the day: " I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear."  - NELSON MANDELA
President-elect Manning thanked our greeter today, Ray Merz.
Guests today included our speakers from Kettering Health Network Taira Suchland & Denise Berthold, and repeat guest (and future member), Amy Hary.
PDG Harvey Smith then made a special presentation. Rick Hood, Rotarian from California called his family up and then presented Paul Harris Fellows to his grandsons Ryan and Cole, who attend Magsig Middle School. PDG Smith explained that their grandfather made a substantial contribution to the Rotary Foundation in each of their names and this is a special honor that will be with them for the rest of their lives. Congratulations Ryan and Cole!
PDG Harvey Smith, with Rotarian Rick Hood with Rick’s grandsons, Ryan and Cole, and their parents Stacey & Chris Hood.
Today’s announcements:
You Too Can Diaper a Baby!
Centerville Noon Optimist vs. Centerville Rotary Diaper Drive Competition
"A friendly-competition to stock Dayton Diaper Depot"
· One in three families struggle to provide enough diapers to keep a baby or toddler clean, dry and healthy.
· 57% of parents missed work or school for lack of diapers required by child care centers.
· Diapers are not covered by food stamps or Medicaid.
· Without diapers, often a child is left in a soiled diaper, leading to rash or infections.
WHEN?   October 8 to October 22
WHAT IS NEEDED? Any size of new, disposable baby or toddler diapers
HOW? Drop off a package of diapers at any collection barrel at the listed sites.  Or, give to your favorite Optimist or Rotarian.
Location of Rotary Barrels:
Beckel’s Humidor
33 W. Franklin Street
Allstate Insurance
689 Miamisburg-Centerville Road
Home Care Assistance
6109 Far Hills Avenue
C-W Park District Administration Bldg.
221 N. Main St (Activity Center Park)
Pancake sign stickers are available to adhere to your sign. After this year, we hope to go back to the 4th Saturday in October and you’ll be able to peel this year’s sticker off.  Reminder to be sure to place 6’ from the road so the City/Township don’t pick them up for being in the right-of-way!
Frank Perez announced we will be placing stickers in dictionary/thesaurus today and Rotarians are needed to sign up for distributing the books to schools. We need 2 Rotarians per school, one who serves as the leader who will contact school to coordinate a time to distribute. The goal is to distribute by the end of October.
Crissy Allums announced this year’s Operation Warm  drive raised $9,395 to purchase 427 coats. Last year we were able to donate 637 coats but the cost per coat has increased and last year we had some unusual donations. Crissy said we will still take donations to cover short fall if anyone is interested in giving.
Crissy also shared about these volunteer opportunities:
Need: tour-de-Gem Rest Stop Volunteers (four volunteers needed)
Where: Kindercare (951 E. Rahn Road, Dayton)
When: Sunday, October 9
Time: Noon to 5:30 P.M. (First riders should be there about 1:00 P.M.)
Volunteers' Responsibility: (Bring your own chair)
  • Put one bag of ice into each 5 gallon water cooler and fill with water
  • Put snacks into dixie cups
  • Cut made PB&J sandwiches into quarters
The jobs are really simple which is refilling drinks and snacks. You are sitting the entire time. 
Now, here is a new initiative for our Club:
What: Trunk-or-Treat
When: October 29, 2022
Time: 1:00 P.M. - 4:00 P.M.
Where: Berkley Center (Beavertown Plaza Shopping Center, 3035 Wilmington Pike, Kettering)
This is a great opportunity for an easy way to volunteer, especially for folks with kids.
PDG Harvey Smith reminded everyone to pick up your pancake tickets or turn in money to him.
This quarter our Happy Bucks will go for Puerto Rico hurricane relief.
Pat Beckel was our Sergeant-at-Arms this week.
Pat congratulated Ryan and Cole for becoming PHF and noted it will be more meaningful as they get older. He advised them to cherish and display their pins proudly.
Happy Bucks were given for:
  • Pat Beckel  to promote the Heart of Centerville, a group of 120 local businesses who help each other’s businesses and give back to the community. Also for an upcoming Honoring those Who Served event Sat, Nov 19, fundraiser for the Battle Buddy Foundation. This year they are honoring a local Centerville pilot who flew for the Operation Baby Lift in Vietnam. His plane crashed but he saved hundreds of children.
  • Carol Kennard for the Centerville-Washington Foundation Founders Event honoring Jenell Ross this evening (Harvey Smith is a former recipient), which Rotary sponsored, and then to travel this weekend to visit her youngest granddaughter, Elyse, in Pittsburgh.
  • DIck Hoback who is going to the Founders Event.
  • Tom Broadwell for his son and family in Orlando who lucked out during the hurricane and never lost power. All are fine.
  • Harvey Smith was pleased with recognition of Ryan and Cole
  • Jim Harris for the many activities of the Club.
  • Crissy Allums  shared that Tom Broadwell walked in to her office and tried to sell her a Pancake Ticket! He had a great sales pitch, even if he didn’t recognize her. She now knows why he is the number 1 seller every year!
  • Rick Hood for his family - 17 years ago his son/daughter-in-law met in Brussels, 15 years ago today they got married. Happy Anniversary!
  • Jeff Senney for his 43 anniversary today, said he feels lucky every single day. Also announced the next social at Zinks Meats & Fine Wines, Wed 10/26. Jeff challenged that if we get 30 people from our club to attend, he will donate to Operation Warm to help make up the shortfall.
  • Ger Eastabrooks was happy
  • Chris Hood thanked Rotary for all we do for the community.
  • Amy Hary noted she attended the. Fall Fest at Stubbs Park this weekend and it was great! Pat noted 15,000 came out for the event.
  • Adam Manning started noticing leaves are changing and noted he never personally knew an author before, but he has read Brian Hayes’ book and read an excerpt from Chapter 4 that talked about how Fall is a special season in life.
  • Dave Trout for the new PHF
  • Lee Hieronymus didn’t have anything to say except that it is a lovely day today
  • Don Overly for the new PHF
  • Elda Gotos Gay for the PHF, and thanks for the club helping Puerto Rico, which is greatly needed.
  • Chris Norman for the new PHF and reminded the boys to put it on their college applications.
  • Sofie Ameloot thanked Rotarians for helping her reach her goal for the Tour-de-Gem, which started with the Dayton Rotary; she encouraged all to attend the  social at Zinks; and congrats to the new PHF
  • Ray Merz for a wonderful day
  • Chuck King got a call from is wife - while she was at RecPlex, the Optimist guest speaker asked where they meet!
  • Ron Hollenbeck for the new PHF, Puerto Rico, and for wrapping up volunteer work at the Grotto this month
  • Kim Senft-Paras was just happy
  • Dale Berry announced this is Fire Prevention week, activities sponsored by schools and the Washington Township Fire Department will have open houses at a different fire station every night this week. School age kids can sit in trucks, food, refreshments.
Our speakers today were from Kettering Health Network, Taira Suchland & Denise Berthold. Denise has been a nurse for over 6 years, and Tara has been a nurse for over 18 years.
Denise shared information about a ew program provided by the Kettering Health Network. She and Taira are traveling to various groups to educate about and promote the program. Denise was in Rotary Interact while in high school and hopes to find time to join Rotary again in the future. 
Most important part of Healthcare team is YOU. You have the ultimate choice when it comes to the health of your body.
Evolution of healthcare - in 1930’s doctors made house calls and one doctor did it all. By 1961 half of the doctors were general practitioners, but now only 1/3 are which has led to
fragmented healthcare. That causes more challenges as all doctors may not share information, and your care can get confusing.
Denise encouraged all to take charge of your health -
  • Be your own advocate
  • Be proactive
  • Become an educated consumer
  • Prepare for your medical appointments - list of questions, keep a diary/log
  • Know your options and make informed decisions
  • Establish advance directives - know who you entrust with your care if you can’t take care of yourself
Taira said the Healthcare Navigator Program is helping people take charge of their health. They can help appoint someone to accompany you to your appointments. Independent health advocate are available for a cost, but the
Healthcare Navigator Program is FREE from Kettering Health Network. All work is done over the phone or email.
Example - need a new healthcare provider, on hold forever and then find out they are not taking new patients. The Navigator program allows you to tell them what you want, they will then spend the time to ask questions and research to find one that will work for you. Find out wait times, accepting new patients, and if they take your insurance, etc.
KHN backing helps get them through the door.
They will refer to KHN first, but if needs can’t be filled with Kettering, will still assist you to find what you need.
They can help find specialties, mental health services (may need referral).
3 people total in the office. Not big call center. They are there for personalized care.
Greeters next week are Kelly McDonald and Jennifer Gibbs. And our speaker is Frank Meier with the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.
President-Elect Manning lead the group in reciting the 4 Way Test and wished everyone a good week.
- Time to sell tickets! Pick up your packet at the meeting or let Boyd Preston know if you need them delivered.
- Sign up for your favorite work assignment now before someone beats you to it! See Adam Manning to sign up.
Please arrange for a sub if you are unable to greet on your assigned day or contact Crissy Allums.
October 13 = Jen Gibbs & Kelly McDonald
October 20 = Carl Gill & Larry Marchand
October 27 = Elda Gotos Gay & Adam Manning
Nov 3 = Jon Lusk & Terry Hanauer
Nov 10 = Scott Kujawa & Jim Harris
Nov 17 = Matt Kuhn & Brian Hayes
Nov 24 = Chuck King & David Herman
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Please get a sub if you're unable to greet on your assigned day or contact Crissy Allums!
October 13 = Jen Gibbs & Kelly McDonald
October 20 = Carl Gill & Larry Marchand
October 27 = Elda Gotos Gay & Adam Manning
Nov 3 = Jon Lusk & Terry Hanauer
Nov 10 = Scott Kujawa & Jim Harris
Nov 17 = Matt Kuhn & Brian Hayes
Nov 24 = Chuck King & David Herman
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