This Week at Rotary: Sept. 20, 2018
Substitute Sgt at Arms, Brian Hayes works the room to sell tickets to the Library Gala, while Treasurer, Gerry Eastabrooks prepares to collect donations from our generous Rotarians.
Our speaker today was Ty Sutton, president and CEO of the Victoria Theatre Association, who shared information about the exciting lineup of performances this season.
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Centerville Rotary Club Meeting September 20, 2018
09/20/2018 Brian Hayes and Dick Hoback, with help from Carl Gill
09/27/2018 Doc Dave Herman and Mike Wier
10/04/2018 John Callander and Butch Spencer
10/11/2018 Ron Hollenbeck and Peachy Metzner
Before our official greeters arrived, club president Boyd Preston and president-elect Chuck
King talk as Carl Gill helps greet this day. He helped last week too and will soon get his new member yellow ribbon off his badge.
It didn't take long for Doc Hoback to arrive. This was his last day working. He had retirement
cards to hand out, noting he would not be available for anything he does not care to do or 
respond to. Some 54 years as a medical practitioner. Jim Harris is right behind him.
and here's Doc's card
Meanwhile, the Overlys have come in. We're in the back Academy Room this day again.
Jim Harris and Chuck King discuss the news of the day.
Carl Gill greets Lee Hieronymus, who doesn't have anyone to hug this day. Frank Perez is
right behind these laughing men. He's our vice president. Frans Hals would have a field day.
Ron Hollenbeck, our man in Haiti, has been making the rounds of the local Rotary clubs and
gathering pledges to help get a $50,000 global grant to put in six LifePumps in Haiti. The latest
count shows $19,000 in pledges, with New Carlisle and Springboro being the latest clubs to add
to the pledge amount. He said he has three more clubs scheduled to meet with, and that they
all have been very receptive of taking part in the project to bring safe, clean water to the inhabi-
tants of Haiti. Each pump can serve 2,000 villagers, he said.
Brian Hayes, one of our two official greeters, will also serve as our Sgt.-at-Arms this day.
Then there's Lee Hieronymus, waiting for more members to arrive.
Our two official greeters await more arrivals.
Meanwhile Frank Perez and Carl Gill discuss more news of the day.
And here comes one of our two guests from the Victoria Theatre Association. This is Sue
Stevens, vice president of marketing. She had colorful brochures in her hand.
And here she is with her cohort: Ty Sutton, our speaker of the day. He's president and CEO of the VTA.
Jen Gibbs gives a lot of time to Rotary, and will be going out looking for sponsors for the
Pancake Breakfast fund-raiser on Oct. 27 at Centerville High School from 7 a.m. to noon.
And a new member is about to be born. James Stuart has been accepted into the club and
will be inducted soon, our president Boyd Preston said during the meeting.
Carol Kennard arrives carrying copies from last year's Pancake Breakfast. The handout 
contains the pictures of the members, so any new members need to have their picture
taken to be among those pictured this year. Carol offered to take the pictures after the
And here are three very active members of the club: Carol, Gerry Eastabrooks, and 
Jen Gibbs.
Mark Balsan seems rather camera shy this day. Witness protection program? Don't think
And soon we'll be saying hello to new member James Stuart.
Here's what the gathering crowd looks like.
and here's Bob Fry arriving.
Joyce Young and Kisha Taylor arrive but aren't looking this way.
Jim Briggs gets greeted by Brian Hayes
Another return guest is Tom Groszko, of Beltone, seen here with our president.
Raj Grandhi and Vas Appalaneni, seen here at right, haven't been in town of late.
Doc Herman sits with two of our guests.

Three people not mentioned before are Adam Manning, Jack Durnbaugh, and Sofie Ameloot.
...and guys sure do like blue...
The Centerville Rotary Club met at the Clubhouse at Yankee Trace at noon. Club President Boyd Preston led the Pledge of Allegiance; PDG Harvey Smith led the prayer, and Brad Thorp led the singing of God Bless America.
The guests at this week's meeting included: our speaker Ty Sutton; Sue Stevens; Dotty Overly;
James Stuart; and Tom Groszko.
President Boyd Preston presided over the meeting. 
Club President Boyd Preston thanked the greeters.
Ann Blackburn, new member chair, mentioned that the next mixer will be held Oct. 1 at Modern Design, in Miamisburg, to be hosted by Erich Eggers and Co.
Vice President Frank Perez then spoke about the sign-up for the upcoming service days, noting that
the first one, BOGG, at Chevy Chase, was Tuesday and well attended. The six different locations: The Centerville-Washington Park District....Oak Grove Park, at the Rotary shelter; BOGG at Chevy Chase; Project Read, next to the Antiques Village behind Sam's Club; The Dayton Food Bank; the House of Bread; and Hannah's Treasure Chest. In conjunction with the latter group, he said help is needed for the $1 Book Swap on Webster Street. He said we need at least 45 members to participate in the service days.
Signups were also available for positions at the Pancake Breakfast fund-raiser on Oct. 27 at Centerville High School.
Adam Manning said at the last meeting that sponsor donations need to be in by Sept. 28, though Sept. 26 would be better, to be included in the Dayton Daily News insert. He said they will try to canvas Centerville on the 20th just after the Rotary meeting and help from members is appreciated. We need to make sure we ask all of last year's donors again, Boyd said.
Brian Hayes said sign up for the dictionary/thesaurus project is needed. Labels will be put in the books on Oct. 4 and people are needed to deliver the books to the schools.
Harvey Smith said Don Gerhardt is now home recovering from broken ribs. He can't go to the Kettering Rotary where he usually sells tickets to the Pancake Breakfast and a substitute for him is needed. Joyce Young offered to be that person. The club meets Wednesdays at the Presidential Banquet Center.
The club applauded the announcement that James Stuart will soon become a member of the club.
Mark Febus said Ron Hollenbeck and Peachy Metzner were going to meet with the Interact Club.
President Preston noted at an earlier meeting that World Polio Day is Oct. 24, two days after our Pancake Breakfast Fund-raiser at Centerville High School on Oct. 27. He said they are looking for ways for the club to celebrate World Polio Day. 
At the July 26 meeting the club agreed to change the 50/50 drawing. President-Elect Chuck King explained the new system. Twenty cards will be pulled out of a deck of cards. Whoever has their number called will draw from the cards. If you get the Ace of Spades you win the pot. If not, the card is taken from the pile and no money is exchanged. The drawing gets bigger until someone draws the Ace of Spades. Then it goes back to the 20 cards again. The maximum the drawing can go is 20 weeks.
The jackpot was not won this week again...It is up to $35 
Boyd said last week that at the District Conference in April they are going to collect shoes and socks again and also have a silent auction. Sofie Ameloot has agreed to chair the new shoe collecting and Dick Hoback has agreed to chair the wine barrow again, and will be looking for donations of wine. All the money from the auction goes to the Rotary Foundation, he said.
Jack Durnbaugh said that the Centerville High School Jazz Band would be playing at a community night free concert Saturday. There will be food trucks and any donations will benefit the band program.
Boyd left a packet of Be the Inspiration pins by the badge table for people to take a pin if they liked.
That's the new theme for Barrie Rassin's Rotary year term.
HAPPY BUCKS: The Happy Bucks this quarter go to Operation Warm, and Brian Hayes said our goal is to buy 375 coats, which will cost $7,500. 
Sgt.-at-Arms Erich Eggers was absent so Brian Hayes collected the Happy Bucks along with Gerry Eastabrooks, our club treasurer. Brian started the session offering two tickets to the night's opening of the renovated Woodbourne Library, normally going for about $60 a piece, and asking for an opening bid of at least $30 for each ticket.
It was a brief battle between Jen Gibbs and Bob Fry, but when Jen couldn't find her money or checks in her purse, and Bob Fry said he had the money and waved it above his head, he won the tickets. 
Brian said we only had $700 to go to exceed our goal for Operation warm and hoped we 
could do that in this week and next. He started the donating with what sounded like a half
a coat, and the donating went quick again. 
Brian started the donating by giving for a coat. Boyd and Doc Dave gave for a coat and Adam Manning said he was 34 and gave that much for Operation Warm, and Carol Kennard gave a Happy Buck to announce that she would be taking pictures for the DDN insert for this year's Pancake Breakfast. Anyone who didn't like the picture that was in last year can get their picture redone, she said. Someone shouted out...what if you don't like someone else's picture? 
Ha, ha, ha...
Sofie Ameloot gave for half a coat and noted that at the BOGG program on Tuesday, a woman saddled up to Harvey and she got a picture of that...and we all need to watch for it in the pictures that show up for the service days. Hope it is there.
Boyd, Harvey, Frank, and Matt were there too, she said.
Irene Ullmer gave for a coat, and Dick Hoback gave for a coat, and Jim Harris gave for half a coat, and Mark Balsan and Kisha Taylor gave, and Butch Spenser gave for a coat and Lee Hieronymus gave, and said he had to leave early and go bail hay.
Jen Gibbs gave for a coat and mentioned an open house Tuesday where she works that got support from several Rotary members.
Jeff Senney gave for part of a coat and president-elect Chuck King gave for two coats and mentioned being in the Canadian!
Raj Grandhi and Vas Appalaneni gave and Mark Balsan gave.
This Week's Speaker: Ty Sutton, CEO and president of Victoria Theatre Association.
Club Vice President Frank Perez introduced our speaker.
Frank said Ty worked at the Butler Performing Arts Center at Butler University in Indiana three years before becoming the new CEO and President of the Victoria Theatre Association Aug. 13, and has 20 years experience with the vibrant theater community.
Ty said he has worked in Indianapolis, Texas, Colorado, and California, and yet finds that Dayton has a world class facility in the Schuster Center. 

According to his bio on the internet, Ty was previously the general manager of the Wagner Noël Performing Arts Center in Midland, Texas, as well as general manager of The Lincoln Center in Fort Collins, Colo. He has held several arts administration positions, including Programming Director at the University of Utah and Audience Services Manager at the Lesher Center for the Arts in Walnut Creek, Calif.

A native of Danville, Calif., in the San Francisco Bay area, he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of Utah and is a graduate of the International Association of Venue Manager’s Venue Management School. He and his wife, Polly Creer Sutton, a retired professional ballerina, have two children.

“My philosophy has always been that the arts bring people together,” Ty said. “I am very impressed with the level of commitment and financial support the Dayton community has given the Dayton arts scene, especially in embracing Victoria Theatre Association’s world-class facilities and arts programming. With the addition of the new Arts Annex, I believe our venues can accommodate any type of performance and allow us to grow the diversity of our shows while broadening our audiences. I am eager to lead an organization with such an outstanding record of success. Continuing to grow our offerings and making a positive impact in people’s lives will be at the top of my priority list. Dayton will be a great place for my family to call home.”

 Ty replaces Ken Neufeld, who retired.

Ty said he is now the head of the largest performing arts group in the Dayton area, which has a budget of $14.3 million. There are 75 employees and more than 600 volunteers.

He said the Victoria Theatre Association operates the Victoria Theatre, Schuster Center, The Metropolitan Arts Center, The Loft Theatre, The Arts Garage, and Citilites restaurant. They are the largest property owner in the city of Dayton, he said. 

They deal with arts and entertainment and have a variety of educational programs, bringing in thousands of school groups. They deal with the Dayton Opera, Dayton Philharmonic, and Dayton Ballet. 

Ty gave an overview of many of the events coming up this season, starting with the six Broadway performances at the Schuster Center, beginning with the Oct. 2 School of Rock, based on the hit film. It features 14 new songs from Andrew Lloyd Webber. The lineup includes  the Kennedy Center production of The King and I, a dazzling production requiring 13 semi-trucks to bring in the props, costumes, and equipment for the show, he said. 

He said they have one or two night shows that are family friendly, one being Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer: The Musical, which is great for kids and only 70 minutes long. In February Chicago will be a two night show and The Book of Mormon will be coming for the third or fourth time in May. The Wizard of Oz will be at the Schuster Center from Oct. 23-25.

Contemporary music is featured at the Victoria Theatre and there are sensory friendly programs for kids who normally couldn't enjoy the regular series programs and therefore would be left behind, he said. 

Also they have National Geographic Live programs, now in its seventh season. One features Exploring Mars, one is called Life on the Vertical, and one, Into the Arctic Kingdom. These are at the Victoria Theatre.

Ty said they have a new theater space called the Arts Annex at the corner of Second and Ludlow across from the Schuster Center, a state-of-the art 250 seat theater and new studio space, which will offer their Discovery Series teachers and students a more intimate experience. 

The Discovery Series has shows at the Victoria Theatre to connect students with the theater arts.

The meeting was adjourned with the reciting of the 4-Way Test.
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