This Week at Rotary: May 9, 2019
Terry Hanauer gets his yellow new member ribbon removed by PDG Harvey Smith (L), as
his sponsor, Doc Dick Hoback, stands by (R).
And here is the actual removal of the ribbon.
And here is Dick congratulating Terry, who has rejoined the club after years of absence.
Our speaker Mike Bevis, president of the board of trustees for the Centerville-Washington
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May 16, 2019
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Birthdays & Anniversaries
Member Birthdays
Rebecca Quiñones
May 8
Shelley Fisher
May 18
Raj Grandhi
May 24
Peachy Metzner
May 30
Spouse Birthdays
Susan Grandhi
May 15
Isaiah Febus
May 24
Mandy Groszko
May 30
Sofie Ameloot
Gregory Camp
May 14
Join Date
Erich Eggers
May 1, 2003
16 years
David Wolf
May 2, 2002
17 years
Joyce C. Young
May 18, 2000
19 years
Butch Spencer
May 31, 2012
7 years
Russell Hampton
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Centerville Rotary Club Meeting May 09, 2019
Official Greeters for the week:
05/09/2019 Matt Kuhn and Kim Senft-Paras
05/16/2019 Mark Febus and Ram Nunna
05/23/2019 Bob Fry and Dan Sortman
05/30/2019 Adam Manning and Judy Budi
Here are our official greeters, Kim Senft-Paras and Matt Kuhn, with former club member
Rand Oliver and current member Lee Hieronymus (R)
John Callander arrives early, even before our greeters came.
And look who should get extra points for setting up and also helping greet before Matt Kuhn arrived.
Our guest speaker, Mike Bevis, president of the board of trustees for the
Centerville-Washington Foundation, also arrived early.
Rand Oliver is now part of the Cincinnati Rotary and came as a guest of Pat Beckel, who both had something to say about an upcoming Cuban Cigar special night at Benham's Grove.
You'll hear about this later.
Robert Ford has been accepted into the club, President Boyd Preston announced, though Rogert was not at this meeting. This is from last week. He is seen with Crissy Allums, an employee of 
Allstate Insurance Agency, in the picture below.
And Sury Peddireddi, Ram Nunna's guest for several meetings, has also been accepted into
the club. He too was not at this meeting. But here is his latest picture at the club.
Tom Groszko steps in to help greet, and Jenn Gibbs arrives in camouflage, which is prob-
ably why you do not see them clearly... 
The guys in blue seem to dominate this picture, though Irene Ullmer also gets in.
Our greeters seem to be explaining something to our president.
No matter what, these guys, Jim Harris and Doc Hoback, are jovial fellows. People are already 
asking Tom Broadwell (seated) how many pancake breakfast tickets he has sold...for October.
The guy who is going to be feted at the 15th Annual Centerville-Washington Community Founders Event Sept. 26, the Rev. Harvey B. Smith, arrives.
CHS Principal Jack Durnbaugh arrives in style, umbrella in hand. It would rain off and on during the day.
Our ever-busy Joyce Young was here last week, but the group could only wish her a speedy 
recovery this week after she went across some uneven concrete and her wheelchair
tipped over sending her crashing to the ground. She ended up with two broken knees and is in Miami Valley Hospital's rehab and will probably be at Bethany Village for a number of weeks after that. Many wished her well with their Happy Bucks this day. A speedy recovery for this lovely lady.
Brad Thorp is among those coming in on time.
Deb Dulaney makes a chic entrance as usual.
Deb stays to talk with Kim as John Beals arrives.
Here's Terry Hanauer with his new member ribbon still on before the meeting.
The room has gotten fairly full by now.
As these pictures show.
And this one too...Here we see Centerville City Manager Wayne Davis in forefront and Sofie Ameloot standing.
Our president greets Don Stewart, who, arriving late, seems to have brought in his own meal.
The Centerville Rotary Club met at the Clubhouse at Yankee Trace at noon. Club President Boyd Preston led the Pledge of Allegiance; Doc Hoback gave the prayer; and the singing of God Bless America was led by Brad Thorp and others.
Menu this week:.
Yankee Club Wrap and Pasta Salad
Menu next week: oooohhh...Fish Fry.
Guests this week: 
Our speaker Mike Bevis of the Centerville-Washington Foundation, Rand Oliver, former Centerville Rotarian, now with the Cincinnati Rotary and the Union Institute for Social Justice.
President Boyd Preston presided over the meeting.  Who do you think has the broader smile,
him or Julia Roberts? Toss up?
President Boyd Preston thanked our greeters, Kim Senft-Paras, Matt Kuhn, and Tom Groszko, for their service.
He told how Joyce Young had been injured and passed around a card for members to sign and send messages on.
He asked Kim Senft-Paras to talk about the club's $2,000 scholarship award winners, and she said the interviews have all been done. They had 16 people apply and six CHS students were chosen to each receive a scholarship award. They and their parents will be invited to our June 13 meeting, along with past recipients of the award. She thanked the committee that helped with the interviews and selections. They included Ray Merz, Mark Febus, Dick Hoback, and Deb Dulaney. Here's Kim reporting on their work.
 Sofie Ameloot went around and asked members in attendance who plans to be at the family picnic day May 18, with rain date May 19. About 50 had committed thus far.
 It will be from noon to 5 at the Franciscan Center at St. Leonard with cornhole and badminton and other fun. Water and soda to be provided and potluck from participants
to go with grilled meat. Lists for potlucks to be made..desserts, pasta, fruit, etc. Alcohol can be purchased inside the building. More salads than desserts thus far.
President Preston said they appear to have the three host families lined up so our club can host a female exchange student next school year. Ram Nunna has agreed to be the first family and Arnie Biondo has agreed to be the third family, with another family, the Kavas, not in our club, offering to be the second family.
Terry Hanauer gave an update on the club's work with the Interact Club at CHS at Oak Grove Park. Everything but the stones to be used as game pieces have been painted, he said, and the tables with the game boards were urethaned to protect the painted designs.
President Preston mentioned the District Conference meeting at Normandy Church this evening. He, along with Harvey Smith, Brian Hayes, Chuck King, and Dick Hoback, attended.
Pat Beckel told everyone about the first of the 2nd Friday events at Normandy Square. He said there will be seven food trucks and entertainment and cornhole games, etc.
It's free (except for buying food, etc.), and is from 5 to 9 p.m.
He also talked about the following:
Rand Oliver said the silent auction is a fund-raiser for Union Institute for Social Justice.
A special Havana & Rum and Cigar Extravaganza is also available for $1,995 per person, plus airfare and Cuban Tourist Visa. Information about it was put on the tables. You get to have dinner with Chef Alejandro, Fidel Castro's private chef for more than 20 years, as part of the trip. Si Cuba Tours is the provider of the trip.
It departs July 17, and you spend four nights in a comfortable, air-conditioned B&B, Villa Soto, etc. You also visit Cuba's finest tobacco farm and meet Hector Luis Prieto recently recognized by Cigar Aficionado as Cuba's most famous tobacco grower. Etc., etc...
Sgt.-at-Arms Erich Eggers and Club Treasurer Gerry Eastabrooks collected the Happy Bucks. 
HAPPY BUCKS: Happy Bucks this quarter go to Artemis House. The program supplies support and intervention for victims of domestic violence.
Many gave for Joyce Young getting better, and/or for Artemis, with Erich starting and Boyd and Chuck King giving, with Chuck noting he had missed last week. Ray Merz gave $10 for the candidates they interviewed for the Rotary scholarships. Jen Gibbs gave for her son back in college. Deb Dulaney gave for the students and Kim Senft-Paras gave for the students and the committee that interviewed the students for the scholarships. She also mentioned a lecture at the Woodbourne Library this night.
Terry Hanauer gave for being very happy and for Artemis House and for his daughter graduating from UD Saturday with a masters degree.
Jim Harris gave for Artemis and Terry and Doc Hoback gave for the scholarship group, and Dale Berry gave for a daughter at UD graduating Saturday and mentioned an oldest son graduating in engineering, following in his father's footsteps.
Tom Groszko mentioned his daughter taking a big trip, and his wife and something about Japan, which got lost across the room.
Pat Beckel gave and said no matter what the DDN reported that there are 120 businesses in Centerville that are grateful for the new city manager. "Don't believe what you read," he said...For those who didn't see the recent articles, they were about a number of long term city employees leaving for jobs in nearby cities.
Rand gave $5 to mention working with a scholars program and junior and senior leadership conference.
Adam Manning gave and Raj Grandhi gave for a daughter graduating from the University of Virginia.
Doug Bockrath mentioned his daughter and Fayetteville, Arkansas.
Sivaji, Brad, Brian, and Sofie gave, with Sofie giving for Artemis and her daughter home from college and making the dean's list.
Dan Johnson gave and Jeff Senney gave $5 for seeing Rand Oliver. And a four-day golf trip was mentioned, and something coming up Tuesday at 4:30 at Community? 
Harvey Smith wished Joyce Young a full recovery, and Lee Hieronymus also mentioned the city manager.
Speaker of the Week: Mike Bevis of the Centerville-Washington Foundation
 Born and reared in Cincinnati, our speaker Mike Bevis has an interesting past. He studied business and Marketing at Miami University, joined the Navy ROTC program and was commissioned as an ensign after graduating in 1970. After six months in Athens, Georgia, he was stationed on the USS Enterprise during the Vietnam War. After two tours in Vietnam he came back to Dayton and became a marketing coordinator at the Huffy Corp., where he stayed for ten years. He married his wife Terry in the late 70s.
He survived a brain aneurysm in the '80s while working for Huffy in Seattle, and later, in 2002, joined the Noon Optimist Club of Centerville, and later became president of the club.  He worked for Monarch Marking and served as president of Edict Systems from 2003-08, before starting his own company.
Mike said:
The Centerville-Washington Foundation exists to be a community partner for corporate and individual charitable giving, functioning in the formation and preservation of charitable donations, providing services to donors and non-profit organizations and serving as a source of funds for community groups. The Centerville-Washington Foundation is a component of the Dayton Foundation.
Though they've been around since 1998, not everyone knows what they're about, he said, and that they are not getting the funding like other Foundations in the area, that have millions in assets. He said the Centerville-Washington Foundation has assets less than $150,000. That's the money in the bank. They are funded through an Annual Meeting in April, a Founders Event on Sept. 26, this year, and a December Support Mailing.
"We need a lot of help," he said.
Their object is to help people help our community, he said. They look for groups that care about the community and make responsible decisions that make a positive impact on the community.
"We're always looking for volunteers," he said.
Judy Budi was recently honored by the group for her 15 years working with them. She is now the CEO of Graceworks and a Centerville Rotarian.
He said each year they have two grant programs and that this year they had added a Community Impact Grant, a $10,000 award.
President Boyd mentioned that our club had received a $1,000 grant last year to help with the dictionary distribution to all the local school third graders.
Mike said In 2019 they had $40,000 to give, up from $20,000 in three years. They gave to Incarnatiion and St. Vincents to help those moving to the area, such as immigrants get food, education, and learn English as a second language. They've given grants to the Centerville Arts Commission, the Centerville Washington Park District, the CHS After Prom, Hannah's Treasure Chest, Just A Little Lunch, T.J's Place of Hope, etc.
He said the Troy Foundation has a lot of industry, and assets of $84 million. The Springfield Foundation has $76 million. The Jamestown Foundation has $9 million, despite the town's small size, he said.
The Voss Auto Network has been a sponsor and the Minuteman Press has been a sponsor, he said. There are donors and those who have a legacy charitable checking account.
There are no members, but a board of 12 and just the two sponsors. It's total volunteers, he said.
The board meets once a month at the local library.
The meeting was adjourned with the reciting of the Four-Way Test .
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Service Above Self
We meet Thursdays at 12:00 PM
Golf Club at Yankee Trace
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