This Week at Rotary: October 24, 2019
It's PANCAKE TIME and our fearless leader, Adam Manning provided all the information needed for another fantastic fundraiser! Thanks Adam!
The meeting ended with the traditional singing of "Take Them Out for Some Pancakes!"
Many Rotarians shared wonderful memories of John Beals today during Happy Bucks. John always treated club members with kindness and shared his love of Rotary whenever he had the chance. He was always so full of life, and will be missed by all. Rest in peace, John.
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Centerville Rotary Club Meeting Oct. 24, 2019
Official Greeters for the week:
10/24/2019 Matt Kuhn and Don Stewart
10/31/2019 Kisha Taylor and Doug Bockrath
11/07/2019 Matt Kuhn and Tom Broadwell
11/14/2019 Jim Harris and John Callander
Don Stewart greeted with the help of Ron Hollenbeck, Arnie Biondo, and others who came before. Dave Trout is being greeted in this picture.
This shows a non-meeting meeting before the meeting started. Actually it is a good
shot of Adam Manning, who had a lot to say this day for the work done by all who 
helped get ready for this coming Saturday's Pancake Breakfast Day, our biggest
fund-raiser of the year. Past President Boyd Preston was among those Adam thanked
for all the help they were in keeping up to date on inventory and sponsors and money
turned in on ticket sales, etc. He said they upped their number of coffee urns and other items they ran out of last year, like apple sauce and orange juice.
Here is Ron greeting Elda Gotos Gay, soon to be a new member of the club.
Everyone is busy talking about the upcoming Pancake Breakfast Day and also the sudden passing of Centerville Councilman John Beals, from a heart attack on Monday, Oct. 21, one of our most active Rotary Club members. The City Hall was holding a visitation at 1 p.m. today. The funeral was set for Friday at Epiphany Lutheran Church,
where the Beals have been members for 58 years. John died during a volunteer golf outing at Yankee Trace.
Here Arnie Biondo and Ron are greeting PDG Harvey Smith.
Our President-Elect Frank Perez and President Chuck King make a good duo, both hard
This is a potential new member, who heard about the club and came to see what it is all about. Mario Contreras looks like a good candidate for membership. Hope he comes back.
A good-looking group has taken root at this table.
Brad Huffman is our greetee in this picture.
Judy Budi, new CEO at Grace Works Lutheran Social Services, can be seen in  this 
picture. Mark Gerken is also standing nearby.
Crissy Allums and Robert Ford are a good team to have at Rotary. Carol Kennard gets
kudos for all her camera work and back of the scenes Rotary work that helps get all
things done, especially the Pancake Breakfast these days.
Tom Groszko is tall, but he fits right in at the table.

President Chuck King talks with Sofie Ameloot.
Here's a better picture of Judy Budi at left. Deb Dulaney is sitting down next to 
Terry Hanauer.
Vice President Brian Hayes talks with Don Johnson.
Here's Harvey, Rick and Kisha. One happy lot.
The men are interested in the salad and chicken, this day.
The Centerville Rotary Club met at Yankee Trace at noon for the weekly meeting. President Chuck King led the Pledge of Allegiance; Harvey Smith gave the prayer, and the singing of God Bless America was led by Brad Thorp.
A video tribute followed, showing our late club member and Centerville Councilman John Beals. Several pictures from that video appear below.
Guests this week: Mario Contreras, Elda Gotos Gayl
Menu next week: Barbeque pork loin, mashed potatoes, green beans

President Chuck King presided over the  meeting.
President King thanked our greeters.
He said Joyce Young, who was to be our speaker this day, could not make it. She is a polio survivor and today is celebrated as World Polio Day. 
Chuck read what Joyce intended to say:
"Today is World Polio Day. It's also the birthday of Jonas Salk, who developed the vaccine to end polio. A decade ago Rotary Foundation decided to commemorate the birthday of Jonas Salk by celebrating the millions of volunteers working to end polio with World Polio Day. Use of the Salk inactivated vaccine and Sabin's oral vaccine gave rise to the hope that we could rid the planet of this terrible devasting disease. It led to the establishment of the Global Polio Eradication initiative in 1988. Rotary International is a partner in this GPEI as is the World Health Organization, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, UNICER and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. You have all heard about the success of the GPEI and the Rotary International campaign, and the reduction of polio cases from 350,000 in  1985 to 33 world wide in 2018. 99.9 reduction!
Lots of success to report, year after year.
 Until this year.
Last year, the campaign poster featured a picture of a hand with the thumb and forefinger close together, with the caption, "we're this close to ending polio."
And the steady decline in the number of cases pointed to the inal eradication. So this year, 2019, the campaign carried on its momentum. Rotary committed $ 100 million to the campaign this year. $50 million will be matched 2 for 1 by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
 But new cases, 42 of them, showed up in Pakistan and Afghanistan in 2019. A hotly contested election halted the success of the immunization program in Pakistan. Further, the immunization campaign divides families within countries just as it does in the US. Not everyone believes the end polio now campaign is necessary. The London Times reported that a Pakistani man divorced his wife when he came home to discover that his three children's fingers were marked by the indelible ink showing proof of vaccination.
 Some countries in Africa have outbreaks of vaccine derived polio, mutated strains of polio virus used in live vaccines. These have reverted back to lorms capable of causing paralysis. Also, in the Republic of Congo they have had several outbreaks.
Last month, the Emergency Committee under international Health Regulation convened to discuss the increase in the disease, both from the polio virus and the vaccine derived outbreaks in Africa, and China and the Philippines.
So as we celebrate today a campaign involving 20 million volunteers, 2.5 billion children vaccinated over 30 years in 200 countries, we can see that while we may be this close to ending polio, ending polio is going to take everythng it's possible to do. There's no end to the need for public education. And there's no end to the need for immunization.
In Pakistan, a child must be vaccinated at least three times to be considered immune. That means that a volunteer must find the child three times and go thru the procedure of notifying the family three times.
On the medical side, because of the outbreaks of mutated vaccine, there  is no end to the work necessary to integrate the live and inactive virus in a new vaccine. And on all fronts there is no end to the new efforts to end polio now.
Rotary is working on a new plan to eradicate polio, and I look forward to hearing about it soon. Because in today's global society, polio will not be eradicated until there are no more cases."
It was mentioned at the last meeting that we had $9,700 for Operation Warm, our project to provide new warm winter coats for those in need. Sofie Ameloot said we got $534 last week and now have $10,150 for Operation Warm.
Arnie Biondo said we have more than $18,000 in sponsorships for the Pancake Breakfast, a record thus far. Sofie said Arnie knocked one out of the park in gathering sponsorships.      
On Nov. 7 from 5:30 to 8:45 P.m. there will be a workshop in the Community Room at Middletown High School on various topics dealing with membership recruitment.There's a dinner and program.
President Chuck King sent out e-mails on how to register for this and the Rotary Leadership Institute. 
On Nov. 9, a Saturday, there will be a Rotary Leadership Institute with training sessions 1,2, and 3.
President King said it is a good way to meet members from other clubs. The fee for this is $50, but the club will reimburse you for that.
Happy Bucks were collected this week by Sgt.-at-Arms Erich Eggers, with Vice President Brian Hayes collecting the funds for the Polio Foundation.
The Happy Bucks normally go for the Dayton Food Bank this quarter. Next quarter it's for the Alzheimer's Association of the Miami Valley.
The Happy Bucks this day were given for John Beals and or for John Beals and Sally Beals. Everyone in the club gave for one or both of these great individuals. Everyone knows what a pair they have been and all the trips they have made together. Both have been members of Epiphany Lutheran Church for 58 years. Our club banner was at half mast this day before Yankee Trace Clubhouse. Many thanks to Carol Kennard for the great pictures she showed of John and Sally, especially since she arrived with a walking cast on her foot from a fracture while walking in one of the parks she is so familiar with.
Members remembered John as a scholar and leader, and a gentleman, having been a District Governor. Sofie Ameloot said John was one of the first members she met, and most said they had no idea he was 83, as he worked like a 50-year-old in all he did. 
Doug Bockrath also got a good word in for his daughter who is a runner and came in first in one of her latest races. John was the sponsor for a number of members. 
As I write this just before sending, I note that the Pancake Breakfast was packed with people and the service was spectacular and Pat Beckel helped with my mom as we were leaving and People from Dorothy Lane and Bill's Donut shop showed up and high school kids came and the young volunteers were just great and the wives of many of the members were doing a super job. Couldn't be better. Kudos to all, who help make the day a great success, and to those who came, and the sponsors. Everyone said the pancakes were great. Sorry I had to leave when I did.  But now you know the rest of the story...and should get this soon. Have a great day and may Ohio State start making some score against Wisconsin. 
Speaker of the Week: Joyce read by President Chuck King
At the end of the meeting, the club sang The Pancake Breakfast the tune of Take me out to the ball game...Our leader, Don Gerhardt was not at the club this day, but I believe Carol Kennard captured some of the singers of the song. Let's all hope for a great Pancake Day. Anyone who can stay and help with the cleanup are invited to stay or come back and help. No active politic work is allowed on school property, so no one should be going around and promoting their politics, Adam Manning said. 
The Rotary meeting was adjourned with the reciting of the Four-Way Test
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