This Week at Rotary: September 21, 2017
Frank Perez reminded everyone to get their Pancake Sponsorships in next week in order to meet the print deadlines.
Pancake Chair, Adam Manning encouraged all Rotarians to sign up for a work shift to help make our main fundraiser a success!
Dan Johnson thanked everyone for attending the Rotary gathering at Whole Foods!
Pat Beckel introduced a potential new member, Dr. David Hermann.
Rebecca Quinones introduced our speaker, noting his role in getting her family to bike more.
Our speaker this week was Jamie Reddin, from Logik Studios who provided many valuable tips on the rights of bicyclists.
Sep 28, 2017
BPH - Sept National Prostate Health Month
Oct 05, 2017
New Location for Montgomery County Fairgrounds
Oct 12, 2017
Noble Circle
Oct 19, 2017
Run - Hide - Fight Instruction
Oct 26, 2017
Pancake Breakfast Prep
Nov 09, 2017
New SICSA Facility in Washington Twp
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Birthdays & Anniversaries
Member Birthdays
Judy A Budi
September 4
Chuck King
September 6
John J. Beals
September 9
John Callander
September 16
Patrick Beckel
September 18
Jack Durnbaugh
September 22
Adam Manning
September 23
Dan Sortman
September 23
Kisha Taylor
September 24
Don Stewart
September 25
Joyce C. Young
September 27
Spouse Birthdays
Mary Ann Briggs
September 11
Don Overly
September 5
Join Date
Peachy Metzner
September 5, 2013
4 years
Tracie Hoker
September 8, 2016
1 year
J. Thomas Broadwell
September 10, 1998
19 years
Mark Febus
September 15, 2016
1 year
Rotary's Theme for 2017-18
Centerville Rotary Club Meeting Sept. 21, 2017
The GREETERS​​​: ​​​​  
09/21/2017 Bob Fry and Deb Dulaney 
09/28/2017 Don Stewart and Katie Neubert
10/05/2017 Jack Durnbaugh and Jennifer Gibbs
10/12/2017 Brad Huffman and Boyd Preston
10/19/2017 Frank Perez and Butch Spencer
If you cannot greet on the day assigned, contact Kitty and she will schedule a replacement.

The greeters this day were Deb Dulaney and Bob Fry.
And here they are, greeting Dale Berry. 
Before Bob and Deb arrived, guests were greeted by none other than club
Rotarian Jim Briggs. Here we see him greeting fellow Rotarian Raj Grandhi and his wife and friend Padma Rao.
Deb arrived and also greeted Padma Rao
and then Deb greeted our speaker for the day, Jamie Reddin
Deb Dulaney and Jim Briggs greet Rotarian Rebecca Quinones in picture below.
And here we see the Pancake Breakfast Committee in full action before the meeting, with guest Eric 
Beach at the far right.
And the membership committee has been busy with new members coming almost weekly.
And back to the greeters: Our new Centerville City Manager Wayne Davis and member Carol Kennard  are seen in the picture below. Wayne has been accepted into the club.
Club member Jim Hester, at right in picture below, informed us that this would be his last meeting with the club as his work with the Lebanon National Bank is taking him back to Lebanon.
Wayne Davis stops to chat while Brian Hayes checks matters on the sign-in table.
Here you see Wayne Davis with the greeters again in the picture below.
Sally Beals is looking around the room to see if there's an empty seat left...she obviously hasn't spotted one yet in this photo. She sports a beautiful Lapis necklace. And below this picture you see Ann Blackburn and Boyd Preston coming at a royal reception...
Today's Guests included:
Eric Beach, a guest of Brad Huffman, who intends to join our club: Sofie Ameloot, soon to be a club member. She's the guest of Rebecca Quinones; Padma Rao, wife/friend of member Raj Grandhi; and Dr. David Hermann, guest of Pat Beckel, who also plans to join the club. Also, our speaker Jamie Reddin.
And here you see guest Erich Beach.
Sofie Ameloot, a guest of Rebecca Quinones, who will soon be a new member, is pictured
And Padma Rao, wife of Raj Grandhi, seen below, as in a previous picture.
And Dr. David M. Hermann, Chiropractic Sports Physician, guest of Pat Beckel is seen with Pat in picture below. Pat is on the right, David on the left.
Below you see our guest speaker Jamie Reddin. He is standing with Chuck King (R), our club member who usually introduces our guests.
The Centerville Rotary Club met at The Golf Club at Yankee Trace at noon. Past President Ron Hollenbeck led the Pledge of Allegiance; Sivaji gave the prayer, a lengthy one considering ones before, asking God to shed his blessings on all those in the devastated areas of Houston, Texas, and Florida and the islands of the Caribbean and Puerto Rico, devastated by the recent hurricanes, and those in Mexico City where the recent earthquake killed more than 200 people, many of them children, etc.
God Bless America was the hymn of the day.
Here you see our Past-President Ron Hollenbeck, who is subbing for Peachy Metzner, our current club president who has been recovering from ill health. Ron is seen talking with club member Jack Durnbaugh, a principal at Centerville High School. Go Elks!
Ron reminded everyone of the Rotary Leadership program beginning Nov. 4 that costs $50 for the three sessions. Our club will pick up the cost for individuals attending.
While we are in the midst of collecting Happy Bucks for Operation Warm right now, Ron said that the first week in October, a student from the Centerville High School Spirit Chain will be coming to Rotary to ask for our support. The annual contest is a rivalry between CHS and Kettering’s Fairmont High School, to see who can raise the most money, with the money going to the charity of the school’s choosing.
Ron gave an update on our club president Peachy Metzner, stating he was able to attend the board’s Monday meeting.
Frank Perez thanked those who have become or gotten sponsors for the Pancake Breakfast fund-raiser at Centerville High School from 7 a.m. to noon Oct. 28. He said the deadline for getting sponsor money in is this coming week. We are only a third of the way to last year's numbers, he said.
He said Dictionary sign-ups would be next week at Rotary.  You can help put the Four-Way Test labels in the dictionaries after the meeting at the school office behind Cline Elementary...(check with Frank on exact site) and/or sign up to go to the school classes to help hand them out. 
Ron said the annual fund-raiser for the House of Bread, called Harvest Home, will be Friday, Oct. 20 at 6 p.m. You can buy an individual ticket or a table. He has more info, if needed.
Here we see a variety of "Service above self."
 Ron said Wayne Davis has been accepted into the club and will be inducted as soon as the materials for the induction arrive.
Rebecca Quinones said sign-up sheets for the Pancake Breakfast are set up so you can keep the job you had last year or seek out a new one open on the list.
Adam Manning, manager of Carrabbas, and head of the Pancake Breakfast Committee, said the offer is still on for a $100 gift certificate for the most Pancake Breakfast tickets sold, and $50 for second place. He said he has already sold 55.
Rebecca Quinones has offered to host the next club social hour at her home Oct. 18 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Bring a dish to share and wine or non-alcoholic drink. Dan Johnson was announcing the event and told Rebecca to stop him if anything he said didn’t correspond with what she told him, and then he said that everyone was to bring PJs and…and she stopped him right there, as everyone had a good laugh, possibly because some people don’t wear watches or depart at departing time….don’t know the answer to that one, but it got a good laugh. This group is good at that. Quick with the wit.
Then Ron said the District Newsletter for September had a story submitted by yours truly, Kitty Ullmer, about our all-club service days. He praised the writer, though it’s the club members that make the news and service so distinguished. I tried to find the Sept. newsletter on the internet and could not bring it up. Hope you have better luck.
Harvey Smith then noted that the Rotary Foundation has helped out with funds in the recent hurricane disasters.
Above you see them last week. Below you see them this week.
Sgt.-at-arms Erich Eggers collected Happy Bucks for Operation Warm. Each $20 donation buys a new children's winter coat distributed by Hannah's Treasure Chest in partnership with local social agencies. Gerry Eastabrooks, our club treasurer, made the rounds with the collection cup. 
Erich said the club has met its goal and then some. Last year we were able to get around 340 coats, but he said we were "this far," and then he held out his thumb and finger as in the Polio Plus pictures, from having enough money to buy 500 coats. That would mean we have almost $10,000 raised.
Then the new giving began and Brian Hayes gave $20 and Doc Hodack gave $20 for a coat and then donated two tickets to this Saturday’s Ohio State game to be auctioned off, with the money going to Project Warm. Then the bidding began. He said each ticket was worth about $50 and the bidding went from $56 to $100 with Jeff Senney bidding a hundred, saying he would give the tickets to someone in his office. And then Erich asked if someone would bid $105, and Jennifer Gibbs offered that sum, saying she planned to give the tickets to her husband. And then Erich stopped the bidding and Jennifer got the tickets and wrote a check for them, so five more coats were added to the pile.
Then Brad Huffman gave $20, for getting his first new member recruit, Eric Beach. Eric gave money for a coat and Jeff Senney gave for the Elks winning five in a row, and Adam Manning gave and Carol Kennard gave $10 to tell that the Park district has a renewal on the upcoming ballot. She said she has car magnets for anyone wishing one.
Mike Wier gave for a special coat, noting that he was born in the South where they had pastoral prayers. These were longer prayers, like the one Sivaji gave today, asking the Lord to take care of the many people who have been victims of the recent hurricanes and the devastating earthquakes, from Houston, Texas, to Florida, to Mexico City, etc.
Judy Budi gave for her birthday as did many others sitting at the birthday table and those who didn’t sit there as they had been at pre-meeting committee meetings at other tables.
Judy said she ran into Rand Oliver recently.
Lee Hieronymus gave saying, “I don’t have anything to say,” and Brad Thorp shouted out, “I’ll give you $10 for that,” and when they came to him, he did give $10, saying “It was for Lee’s sense of control.” And Jim Harris gave…for…can’t read my handwriting…here…sorry…and Brian Bergman gave $5 for a coat.
Sivaji gave for his seventh grandchild, weighing in at 7 pounds, 7 ounces, and also stating: “Thou shalt not mock any prayer no matter how long it is.” Take note, Mike...
Was it Joyce Young who gave $20 for a coat and $5 for a birthday? Notes sometimes missing something...It was noted that the Rec Center now has two new slides: The Shark Revenge, and Blue Lightning. Sounds like Joyce.
Wayne Davis gave, noting that a new place called Nine Rounds, that offers kick boxing, has opened across from DoubleDays in Centerville.
Rebecca Quinones gave, mentioning how the latest hurricane devastated Puerto Rico, where her husband’s family is from. The houses survived, she said. Power was lost and, if I heard correctly, they did lose an aunt up on a mountain, she said.
Chuck King gave, noting with a big smile on his face that his radiologist said on his latest visit, that he is now free of cancer.
Ron gave and there was then mention of three coats and one and sixty-one losses for three months…and then Jim Hester said he was both happy and sad for his job was taking him mostly in Lebanon and that this would be his last meeting here in Centerville.
Our guest Sofie Ameloot also gave noting that she was still planning to get her application in to join the club.
Boyd Preston gave and Don Stewart gave and Dave Trout gave for coats. Katie Neubert said SICSA would have a presence at the Elks football game this weekend. (Added note: rumor was that Lisa Elam of Bill's Donuts would be honored at half-time for sponsoring special helmets for the CHS football team members. The helmets show how much of an impact there is, so coaches can keep track of what's happening and the need to check on any possible concussions. I know she paid for the helmets, but did not hear verification of the half time events, which would have been Thursday.)
 And the winner of the OSU tickets is seen below. Jennifer Gibbs.
Today's Speaker:  Jamie Reddin, owner of Logik Studios in Centerville.
Chuck King usually introduces our speaker but not today.  
Rebecca Quinones introduced our speaker, whom she knows from her family attending his studio and learning about biking.
She said Jamie Raddin is a local businessman, entrepreneur and accomplished athlete. He defines himself as a “betterest,” someone who can take existing processes, business models, products and designs and find ways to make them significantly better in function, result and efficiency.
She said his passions include: his three children, racing, tri-athalons, running, and adventure.
His most recent business venture, Logik Studios, located here in Centerville, is changing the lives of our local community as he strives to help others find their passion for exercising, biking, and a healthier way of life. He is an advocate for bike safety and co-created which strives to raise awareness of cyclists on our roadways and educate the public on the laws governing the interactions between motorists and cyclists.
In his spare time (if there is such a thing), Jamie leads groups of riders on supported road rides, races and recently started a Junior Cyclocross Racing Team here in Centerville that her daughter Sofia loves.
Jamie said Logic Studios is located in a 13,000 square-foot facility where they teach yoga, boxing, kick boxing, and biking and cycling classes, he said. The focus is on teaching and learning how to do things right, with indoor cycling and outdoor bike riding, what he came to talk about this day. The focus on outdoor riding is because there are too many injuries and deaths caused by riders and other vehicles not learning how to share the roadways, he said. His friend Jeremy from Wooster, Ohio, was killed on his bike when a truck going 55-60 mph went through a stop sign and hit him, he said. Back in 2011, his friend David Butterfield, from New Germany-Trebein, went to the right of traffic and a large dump truck that he assumed was turning left, turned right and hit him. He rolled under the truck and was crushed to death, he said.
Jamie said his roll is to try to create an awareness and education of the laws regarding sharing the roadways. Cyclists and motorists need to be more aware of the rules of the road, he said.
He said cars, trucks, and other vehicles, etc. ought to share the lane. "A cyclist is traffic, but many see us as an inconvenience," he said. Motorists are often aggressive or assertive and do not create an environment for cyclists. Cyclists are not obligated to get out of the way of a faster moving vehicle, he said. People must remember that cyclists are your husbands, wives, children, policemen, pastor, doctor, etc., he said, and that cyclists may use the full lane.
A driver must leave a distance of three feet or greater between the cyclist and his vehicle when passing for safe passage, he said. For safe riding, the cyclists do not ride more than two abreast, he said. Many motorists do not know that cars are allowed to pass a cyclist when there is a double yellow line if there is a safe place to pass, he said.
He showed a video that showed cars passing cyclists too closely on County Line Road, Bunnel Hill, and in Bellbrook, and also said they had problems with cars passing on Alex-Bell Road. When the cyclists that leave together to ride from Logik Studios out on the roads, which is in the evening around 5 p.m., a Logic Studios' car travels behind them to help protect the group, he said. (Editorial aside..workers coming home at this hour probably are in a hurry to get home…may have stopped for a drink on the way…and/or be blinded by the sun or curving roads that don’t give an advance site line…especially on Alex-Bell Road, which had no room for a cyclist to get over. A driver may have no opportunity to slow down once he sees a cyclist out in front of him, and may have no room to move over if a car is coming the other way….cyclists should also be aware of this…not to mention the foggy mornings around here.)
Jamie said the people who go to his studio average about age 45, with 70 percent female. They come to learn about fitness. The Junior Cyclecross team is for ages l9 to 18, he said. Spinning classes have more of the retirees.
Above you see Ben Holmes clearing the tables at the end of the meeting. He works for Yankee Trace and is always smiling and very efficient at his job.
And what do you suppose the people below are doing? Keep scrolling and you'll soon find out, in case you don't already know.

The song we sing for the upcoming Pancake Breakfast Fund-raiser Oct. 28 is
Don Gerhardt's original Pancake Breakfast song, sung to the tune of Take Me Out to the Ballgame.
This week we had a special group lead the singing. All volunteers. See below. Don is wearing a red shirt.
The meeting was closed with the reciting of the Rotary Four-Way Test.
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Service Above Self
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