This Week at Rotary: Oct. 5, 2017
Welcome to the newest members of the Centerville Rotary Club - Eric Beach and Wayne Davis!
Centerville High School students shared information about this year's charities to benefit from the annual Spirit Chain competition with Fairmont High School.
Our speaker, Greg Wallace shared information about the new location for the Montgomery County Fairgrounds.
Oct 12, 2017
Noble Circle
Oct 19, 2017
Run - Hide - Fight Instruction
Oct 26, 2017
Pancake Breakfast Prep
Oct 26, 2017
Citizens for Sinclair/Human Services Levy (10 Minutes)
Nov 02, 2017
Rotary Foundation
Nov 09, 2017
New SICSA Facility in Washington Twp
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Centerville Rotary Club Meeting Oct. 5, 2017
The GREETERS​​​: ​​​​  
10/05/2017 Don Stewart 
10/12/2017 Brad Huffman and Boyd Preston
10/19/2017 Frank Perez and Butch Spencer
10/26/2017 Phil Raynes and Kim Senft-Paras
11/02/2017 Jennifer Gibbs and Arnie Biondo
If you cannot greet on the day assigned, contact Kitty and she will schedule a replacement.

The greeter this day was Don Stewart. Our ever-loyal Jennifer got caught at work, pulled in two directions.
And here is Don in action. He did the duty of two this day, and was on time and jovial and a great greeter. He is seen here greeting club member Dale Berry. Raj Grandhi is coming in right behind Dale.
Here you see Doc Hoback, with PDG Harvey Smith right behind.
And here is Don greeting Harvey, who has a rather Napoleonic pose.
And here is Harvey talking with our Past President Ron Hollenbeck, still standing in for our current president Peachy Metzner. Notice Harvey's hands here. Is he praying or pleading with Ron. Or is it just about the upcoming club inductions? Don't know about Ron. Good thing there's not a gun in his hand...bad timing for that...
And here you see the pancake breakfast  committee working on final preparations for the upcoming Pancake Breakfast fund-raiser Oct. 28 at Centerville High School. They had good news to report about the present sponsorship of the fund-raiser. Frank Perez, seen at the left in the picture, spoke about the sponsorship during the meeting.
And now we switch gears for a moment and visit Bill's Donut Shop, where collections were being made to help the victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. Our own Rebecca Quinones led the effort, with drop off stops at her house, Pat Beckel's insurance office, and Bill's Donut Shop.
Here's a photo of co-owner Jim Elam, with a channel 22 TV reporter doing a story on the relief effort.
And Rotarians came to help out. Here you see Chuck King and Boyd Preston. To their right is a young lady originally from Panama, Dania Rosado, a friend of Rebecca Quinones, who is helping with the relief effort packing. 
And helping out again, Lisa Elam Tucker and her mom Faye Elam, are seen with Dania. 
And here we see another friend of Rebecca's, Mari Jeminiz, doing the heavy lifting of bottled water  and other items onto a truck to be taken to Wright-Patt to be flown to Puerto Rico.
And here's Sofie Ameloot, who got her application to join the club in and has been accepted. Next week is when she is expected to be inducted to the club. This was last week's entrance.
Today's Guests included:
Centerville High School seniors, Jackson Stoller, Megan Knauer, and Anna Marie Demos. They came representing Centerville High School's Spirit Change challenge with Fairmont High School. Jackson and Megan are on Student Council and Anna Marie is running for Spirit Chain Queen.
Sofie Ameloot, whose application to be a club member has been accepted. She's the guest of Rebecca Quinones. Sofie is seen in a recent picture above from last week's meeting, and also is seen in the picture with Rebecca under the Happy Bucks information.
Dottie Overly, wife of Don Overly. Notice she has a new shorter hair cut.
She and Don are seen with Tom Broadwell, who was in charge of the sign-in table this day. Tom had been away visiting a son.
And club member Pat Beckel brought a guest: Kathy Jablinski, president of The Heart of Centerville, the downtown business organization.
And here you see former guest Eric Beach, who became a member this day.
And Jeff Wolff, a principal in the West Wing at Centerville High School, is seen below. He is the guest of fellow CHS principal Jack Durnbaugh, sitting behind him.
And our guest speaker, Greg Wallace, the executive director of the Montgomery County Agricultural Society, is seen below:
The Centerville Rotary Club met at The Golf Club at Yankee Trace at noon. Past President Ron Hollenbeck led the Pledge of Allegiance; Harvey Smith gave the prayer, asking God's blessing on those killed and/or wounded in the recent Las Vegas massacre, and their families and friends.
This week as last, the patriotic song was replaced by singing The Pancake Breakfast Song of our member Don Gerhardt. The group you see below, led the singing, with Don directing.
Here you see our Past-President Ron Hollenbeck, who is subbing for Peachy Metzner, our current club president who has been recovering from ill health. 
Ron reminded everyone of the Rotary Leadership program beginning Nov. 4 that costs $50 for the three sessions. Our club will pick up the cost for individuals attending. The first and third sessions will be held Nov. 4.
He also reminded everyone of the House of Bread dinner coming up in October.
He reminded people to sign up for Pancake Breakfast Day in case they haven't already done so.
Frank Perez and the Rotarian volunteers will be doing labels after the meeting, he said. That 's at the school office behind Cline Elementary School.
Frank said the sponsorship drive had a "fantastic finish," with $13,685 in sponsor money. He thanked everyone for helping in this regard.
Ron said delivery of the 510 coats paid for with our Happy Bucks, should be on their way, though the Operation Warm photographer will not be, as they had a budget cut back in that regard, so we will be taking our own pictures of that delivery. About 85 cases, he said.
Ron said he received an e-mail from past District Governor Mike Kelly stating that they are looking for someone who wants to be the District Governor in 2020-21. Applications for such can be found on the District 6670 Web site, he said.
Ron mentioned the Northmont Rotary and then went on to say that our club will be matching $500 donations for advancement in Paul Harris fellow donations from club members. The awards will be made at the Christmas party in December. Also Rotarian of the Year ballots will go out soon.
He announced that Sofie Ameloot should be inducted into the club next week, if materials arrive.
Our two inductees to the club this week, Eric Beach and Wayne Davis, each gave a short bio synopsis.
Eric said he moved two years ago from Columbus to Centerville. He is from Mt. Vernon, Ohio, and now works with InterMetro sales, dealing with food service and health, on a regional Mid-West basis.
He said he is the father of two children, a six-year-old son and an 8-year-old daughter.
Wayne Davis, Centerville's new city manager, said he has lived in Centerville for two decades. He loves the community, he said, though he's originally from Massachusetts, and grew up in Vermont, New York, and Massachusetts. "I'm still growing up," he added. He said he is married to Kate Huffman, an attorney, and has three step children through Kate, and his own son living in Las Vegas. 
Wayne said he has been in local government for 26 years and before that was in the U.S. Air Force. "Dayton has grown on me," he said, "and I'm hopeful I've grown on them."
Sgt.-at-Arms Erich Eggers was not at the meeting. For the past months he has collected Happy Bucks for Operation Warm. Each $20 donation buys a new children's winter coat distributed by Hannah's Treasure Chest in partnership with local social agencies.
Ron noted that with last week's collection, and the help of two anonymous donors from the club giving $1,000, for the club reaching the goal of 500 coats, actually 510 coats, the order has been placed and the coats should soon be on their way. 
Gerry Eastabrooks, our club treasurer, made the the rounds with the collection cup this week, as Patrick Beckel served as Sgt.-at-Arms. Happy Bucks were for the Centerville High School Spirit Change Challenge with Kettering's Fairmont High School.
 Patrick took the time to laud the efforts of our club member Rebecca Quinones for organizing a local effort to help the victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. He said 104 pallets had been loaded and another 30 pallets with clothing, food, water, and personal items went out through Wright-Patterson Air Force Base on Wednesday on another flight. He said donations from Centerville have been greater than those in the Greater Cincinnati area.
Rebecca Quinones is at the left in the picture below. Her friend Sofie Ameloot is on right.
In the picture above you see the CHS students and Patrick Beckel and Gerry Eastabrooks. The charities the CHS Spirit Chain is supporting this year are Oaktree Corner, used to support children suffering grief from a lost one or other issues; and Brigid's Path, a Moraine medical facility that helps infants with opioid addictions.
Anna Marie Demos said she was running for Spirit Queen in hopes of making a difference at school. 
Megan Knauer explained the Oaktree Corner, noting it is there to help families get on with their lives in a positive way. The kids can come there and enjoy life again, she said. More than 1,000 families have been helped thus far, she said.
Jackson Stoller said the two charities they picked are very relevant for the community, especially since Ohio's opioid epidemic is so prevalent now.
The Happy Bucks collected from club members amounted to $355, and the club pitched in another $500, so the total given to the CHS Spirit Chain effort was $855, Ron said after the Happy Bucks were added up. 
Jeff Senney started off the Happy Bucks giving with $10, and then Brian Hayes gave $5 and Arnie contributed six dollars, noting that he has Yes for Parks yard signs available. As Centerville-Washington Part District director, he has a vested interest in seeing the passage of the renewal of the Park District's current levy on the November ballot.
Sally Beals contributed for the lovely tribute given to her last Thursday by the Centerville Foundation. She said more than 90 people attended and she thanked the Rotarians who attended. 
Rebecca Quinones gave a Happy Buck for her friend Sofie Ameloot being accepted into the club and another $5 for the Rotarians who helped with the Puerto Rico relief effort. She said she was going to rent a U-Haul, but there was truck after truck and then help at Bill's Donut Shop and Pat Beckel, who gave her the key to his office as a drop off place, and then the Rotarians who opened their wallets to pay for another day for a truck they were using.
Sofie Ameloot gave, noting she is happy to join the club, and then Ray Merz gave a roll of 94 pennies for Cincinnati losing 94 times, and then Katie Neubert gave a Happy Buck and Kitty Ullmer gave $10, $5 from her and $5 from Irene Ullmer, her mom. Jim Harris gave $20, and Tom Broadwell gave for visiting his youngest son, and Don Gerhardt and JackWorkman gave and Judy Budi gave for our guest speaker and guest principal, and Don Stewart gave for his 13-year-old dog rallying after going down with vertigo. And John Beals gave and others who got lost in the rapid-fire giving, gave for the new members and Sally.
And there was a $40 donation, with the man noting there was a Fair Queen and a Spirit Queen and a Spirit King among his grandchildren...the donor's name was not in my notes, but it was either Mike or someone near him, as it is noted that Mike Wier gave for being happy that his relative in Las Vegas was with ten people who all escaped being shot or killed in the recent Las Vegas massacre. Another $5 was given for the new members, and several others gave for the new members and Carol Kennard gave to say she has magnets for on your car touting the park district levy renewal. 
Pat Beckel then spoke up and said that Carol had been on TV and thus owed a fine, but that he was paying the $10 fine because it was about Springfield where she has been serving as an interim director. Her appearance had to do with showing people how to enjoy nature.
Ron gave for the new members and Wayne Davis gave for being a member of the club and for Rebecca and Sally, and also $20 for the charities. 
Then.....Sofie Ameloot ran over with six pennies, "making it a dollar" for Ray Merz, she said. 
And now for some general club pictures showing our good crowd on this day:
And more of the fun:
And more:
 And more:
Today's Speaker: Greg Wallace, executive director of the Montgomery County Agricultural Society.
Below you see a sketch of the future Montgomery County Fairgrounds site.
Member Chuck King introduced our speaker.
Chuck King introduced Greg Wallace as the executive director of the Montgomery County Agricultural Society. He said he is from Middletown, Ohio, and is a retired fire chief from Carlisle.
Picking up on Don Stewart's comments about his dog falling over from vertigo, Greg said he must be "suffering from old dog vertigo...maybe that's what's wrong with me every morning."
The man has wit, that's for sure. He said he spent 21 years in Carlisle as their fire chief, but started his career in Miami Twp., where he got to know Lee Hieronymus, one of our own members who has devoted himself to fighting fires and farming, among other things.
Now as head of the MCAS, " I work for 21 farmers," Greg said.
Greg said the Montgomery County Fairgrounds is 165 years old. Trying to find a new location for the fairgrounds, where it has room to grow, made him "the most hated man" in the area, for a while, he said. Everyone said, "We don't want you," he said. He needed to find a new site in Montgomery County with about 200 acres. They finally found Judge Arthur O. Fisher Park in Jefferson Twp., off  State Route 35 and Infirmary Road, a location in the middle of the County. It is about a 200 acre park, he said. 
They had first hoped to go to Brookville, but found no welcome mat there, he said.
Greg said they hope to have two main buildings up and the infrastructure of the site ready by June of next year. That means the first fair will have a lot of tents besides the buildings, he said, though their goal is to have four buildings ready for the fair, the main building, a small barn, a large barn, and the open air pavilion.
He said their budget is $15 million, the purchase price paid for the old Fairgrounds, but to do everything, they need $20 million, so they are looking for sponsors. The site will be both a fairgrounds and year-round event center, with air-conditioned buildings, he said.
The old fairgrounds only had 32 acres between UD, Miami Valley Hospital, and the river, he said. "There was no place to grow." He said this is the first fairgrounds to be completely new built in the past 50 years, he said. The buildings will be built using steel, he said. 
The park has tennis courts in the back part and a pond in the front part, he said. There are also four baseball diamonds. The major part of the fairgrounds will be about 58 acres, he said. The fairgrounds is being built on old baseball diamonds that haven't been used in 7 or 8 years, he said.
 The final site is located at 5661 Dayton-Liberty Road, about a mile due west of the Dayton VA Medical Center on the south side of U.S. 35.
 It will have a large campground area and will host year-round events, from business expos to farmer's markets, car shows, food truck competitions, gem and mineral shows, craft beer shows, auctions, craft fairs, food and wine expos, farmer's 5K Run/Walk, open livestock shows, dog shows and training, flea markets, new technology exhibits, antique shows, etc. 
The octagonal historic Round House will have to remain on its present site, as it would be too expensive to take down and move and rebuild, he said. It was built for the state fair in 1850, and is on the historic register, so it has to remain where it is or be moved. In the 1900's the state fair moved around, he said. The cost to move it would be $4 million, he said. It is 90-foot tall and 20,000 square feet on the inside, he said. It will stay, but everything else on the site will be torn down for use by UD and Miami Vallley. The main entrance will be changed to Infirmary Road off of State Route 35, and the county will widen Infirmary Road, he said. The park entrance is now on Dayton-Liberty Road.
Below is a sketch showing the layout of the buildings
Below you see the Pancake Breakfast Song:
The song we sing for the upcoming Pancake Breakfast Fund-raiser Oct. 28, from 7 a.m. to noon, is
Don Gerhardt's original Pancake Breakfast song, sung to the tune of Take Me Out to the Ball Game.
The meeting was closed with the reciting of the Rotary Four-Way Test.
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