This Week at Rotary: April 25, 2019
Exchange student Rodrigo visited with his host father, Dave Garel who talked about the wonderful impact hosting an exchange student has had on his whole family.
President Boyd led the Club Assembly where a recap of recent Service Projects was shared.
Brad Huffman shared the work done by Rotarians packing food for those in need at the Foodbank.
Deb Dulaney shared about how many books they sorted at Project Read.
"Minor" yard work at St. Leonard's that turned out to be "major" efforts was shared by Jen Gibbs.
Ron Hollenbeck noted Rotarians packaged diapers at one of our regular charities - Hannah's Treasure Chest.
Gerry Eastabrooks gave highlights of food distributed and games played with BOGG Ministries.
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Five Rivers Metro Parks
Jun 06, 2019
Recap of the RYLA weekend
Jun 13, 2019
Rotary Scholarship winners
Jun 20, 2019
Alzheimer Association, The Longest Day
Jun 27, 2019
Installation of new officers
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May 14
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Centerville Rotary Club Meeting May 23, 2019
Official Greeters for the week:
05/23/2019 Bob Fry and Dan Sortman
05/30/2019 Adam Manning and Judy Budi
06/07/2019 Brad Huffman and Gerry Eastabrooks
06/14/2019 Butch Spencer and Kim Senft-Paras
Here are our official greeters, Bob Fry (L) and Dan Sortman
Dan Sortman arrives first and gets to greet our club president Boyd Preston. President-Elect
Chuck King is to the very left.
Vice President Frank Perez is next in line. He's wearing the royal purple.
Dan Sortman stands heads above the rest, like his cranes. Jeff Senney, to the left, has arrived
earlier than usual for business purposes.
You have to figure out who these people in the dark are...
It's all a matter of where you stand in the entryway. Brian Hayes is still where the light surrounds you.
Terry Hanauer looks like he just came back from Hawaii, but that's not where he got the shirt.
And he has no tan, as of yet.
Kim Senft-Paras gets a double greet.
Arielle Jordan, Publisher of South Dayton Lifestyle Magazine, to be out this fall, is back again and
hopes to join us.
And our singing of God Bless America is assured of a grand rendition, as our lead singer
Brad Thorp, has arrived. 
Sgt.-at-Arms Erich Eggers will take care of Happy Bucks with his son-in-law Mark Balsan this day.
He's not short but his pants are. Can you tell we have summer weather noW? Stay tuned for some great pictures of the club's first Family Fun Outing, still to come.
Arnie Biondo was not at the outing, but he had a good excuse, as an important family moment was at the same time.
Volunteer work kept John Callander from coming early this day.
Carol Kennard always seems to turn her head just as the camera focuses. So be it.
Another tall man enters the picture. Tom Groszko. 
And the man who is not Irish at all arrives...Jim Stuart...But he's not wearing a tam, so how 
should I guess he might be Scotch...
It's hard to catch Butch Spencer as he enters, so here he is. As you see, the food is arriving as 
the members come in. Cookies this day because the cheese cake was too frozen.
Sofie Ameloot can be seen in this picture.
Sally Beals and Drew Carter are pictured here.
President-Elect Chuck King's wife Elaine is visiting this day. Yes, Chuck does come here on Thursdays.
Our guest speaker is Judy Budi, new CEO of Graceworks Lutheran Services.
And Brandon Brooks is a guest of our speaker Judy Budi
The Centerville Rotary Club met at the Clubhouse at Yankee Trace at noon. Club President Boyd Preston led the Pledge of Allegiance; Ray Merz gave the prayer; and the singing of God Bless America was led by Brad Thorp.
Menu this week:.
Yankee Combo Salad-Chicken Salad, cottage cheese, fruit, mini
Menu next week: Hamburger--lettuce, tomato, onion, condiments. Potato salad.
Guests this week: 
Our speaker Judi Budi; Arielle Jordan; Brandon Brooks
President Boyd Preston presided over the meeting. 
President Boyd Preston thanked our greeters Bob Fry and Dan Sortman.
He put the Rotary International New Visioning Statement on the tables again, along with an announcement and signup sheet for the 2019 Race to the Holidays. It is a 5K Walk/Run, to be held November 3 with a Health Fair from one to three thirty p.m. and the race at 2 p.m. It is being sponsored by the Kettering Health Network and is being co-sponsored by Amerprise Financial and Centerville Rotary Club. Presented by: Friends of Washington-Centerville Public Library, Centerville-Washington Park District and Washington Township Recreation Center.
More info will come later. You may register online at
He gave an update on the recovery of Joyce Young, now at Bethany Village for her rehab. He
said she's happy with her care and that her spirits are strong and that she's in no pain any more, and that she still may have four weeks of recovery. She said to say hi, he said.
He asked Jeff Senney to talk about the club's first Family Fun Outing held Saturday at the patio in back of the Franciscan Center at St. Leonard.
Jeff said the facility was wonderful and the hot dogs and hamburgers, water and sodas, red and white wine,with desserts and salads and vegetables brought by the members, were all great. And they wouldn't let Carol Kennard take any of her homemade pie back home...etc. The kids that were there had fun with balls and running on the grassy area, and the men played corn hole and frisbee and everyone had "an overall fun time." Next year might be better having a 1 to 3 p.m. time rather than five hours, so people would all come at the same time, he said.
Brad Huffman was called upon to talk about the exchange program for next year. He said they have three families lined up and that the girl to come is 15 and from Thailand. 
Judy Budi was asked to talk about the six Centerville Rotary Club scholarship presentations that occurred this day. She said Mark Febus and Dick Hoback went to the Centerville High School awards program this morning and the scholarship winners were named. They and their families will be guests at our June 13 meeting. Mark Febus said six awards instead of five were given this year due to the increased fund-raising at last year's pancake breakfast. 
Chuck King said that the plan is to start in August of this year with getting people involved in promoting and understanding what is involved in the pancake breakfast fund-raiser, so they can see how the money is raised and what it is used for. He said they hope to have the spouses come to a meal with the club members, as many of them volunteer and help out during the breakfast. 
Frank Perez then announced that the Centerville-Washington Park District has a new program it plans to start with a portable dog park. Our Rotary Club is going to help financially, he said. The parks will be set up during a three week period. It will also present a service opportunity, as railings and fences will have to be put up. The program will take place from June 3rd to June 24.
President Preston said he would talk about the District Assembly meeting he attended at 
Normandy Church next week, due to time limitations at this meeting. He said the District 
Sgt.-at-Arms Erich Eggers and Club Secretary Mark Balsan collected the Happy Bucks. 
HAPPY BUCKS: Happy Bucks this quarter go to Artemis House. The program supplies support and intervention for victims of domestic violence.
Pictures from the club's first-ever Family Fun Outing on the patio at the Franciscan Center at St. Leonard in Centerville. More than 40 people attended the May 18 event, which had a sunny day with temperatures in the 80s, though it was very pleasant on the covered patio, and everyone seemed to be in good spirits, and the food was plentiful and delicious. And if you missed it, sorry, as it was a fun time for all. Our District Governor and Assistant District Governor and their wives were in attendance. Here are a variety of shots from the event:

Speaker of the Week: Tom Henderson, Superintendent of the Centerville City Schools
 Centerville Rotary Club Vice President Frank Perez (L) introduced our speaker, noting that he heads a school district with more than 7,800 students. He said 75 percent of the teachers in the district have their masters degrees.
Superintendent Henderson is in charge of daily operations. He and Assistant Superintendent Bob Yux answer to the board for all instructional and supervisory aspects of education, as well as for financial and business affairs of the district. Treasurer Mitch Biederman handles financial matters. 
Tom said the school district has a School Board and also a Student Board to get input from the student body. Dan Tarpy is in charge of Human Resources, which includes Recruiting and Career Fairs, Meet the Candidates Night and the Dayton Job Fair.
Tom said Information Technology's goal is for every two students to have a device. There are 5,500 student devices, he said.
They have 3D printers, and students learn how to make items to replace something broken.
Sarah Swan is in charge of Community Relations. She handles Facebook and Instagram. They have 27,000 users on the district web site, Tom said.
Treasurer Mitch Biederman makes a five-year forecast for appropriations every spring and summer. Because the Centerville-Washington Twp. area is considered a high-income area, the district gets only $1,799 per student from the State, while poorer districts like Trotwood get
$8,600 per student.
Tom said the district gained 300 students last summer. The district has a good partnership with the city, township, park district, and library, he said. He said there were 400 students in the college-plus classes.

According to the Internet site for the schools, with Tom's comments interspersed: The district has developed a Quality Profile that provides a more detailed look at what our community, staff and students value most in our schools. 

Quality Profile Highlights

  • We serve about 8,200 students from Centerville-Washington Township in preschool through 12th grade.
  • 54.3 percent of students achieved at Accelerated, Advanced or Advanced Plus level on state tests, an increase over the previous year
  • 1,150 Advanced Placement (AP) exams were administered in 20 subject areas, with CHS students scoring an average of 3.47 (national average was 2.87)
  • Sinclair and University of Dayton partnerships assure our students are prepared for success after graduation.
  • The teachers also have a requirement to take additional training in summer and winter institutes, to keep up their professional standards, Tom said.
  • Award-winning groups and individuals in athletics, band, orchestra, chorus and visual arts
  • More than 3,400 college credits were earned by CHS students through Career Education programs and College Credit Plus
  • Primary Village North and Stingley Elementary are National Schools of Character
  • 9,756 service hours logged by 414 parent and community members in Academic Volunteer Program
  • Third lowest tax rate among school districts in Montgomery County
  • 12 percent of students identified as having special needs. This is 991 students, Tom said. There are seven school psychologists and 93 intervention specialists.
  • 30 languages spoken by English Language Learners.Tom said the main languages are Chinese, Arabic, Indian dialects and Spanish. He said they got a $30,000 grant from Fuyao to help with this for their employees. They have 21 students in the English Language services, Tom said.
The meeting was adjourned with the reciting of the Four-Way Test .
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