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Rotary Club of Centerville - August 18, 2022
Centerville Rotary Meeting Highlights
President Arnie Biondo welcomed everyone to the Centerville Rotary Club and led the Pledge of Allegiance. PDG Sivaji Subramaniam provided the prayer.
President Biondo shared these announcements:
  • The Rotary Theme this month is: Membership & Extension
  • Quote of the week: "You're not obligated to win. You're obligated to keep trying to do the best you can every day." by MARIAN WRIGHT EDELMAN, (LAWYER/CIVIL RIGHTS ACTIVIST)
  • Guests this week included guest of Wayne Davis, Bill Serr, who is a City Council member, former Graceworks Executive Director, and Dayton Rotarian (considering joining our club.) Jeff Senney’s guest Ashlee Walton was back and is interested in joining the club.
  • Reminder to review the recommended bylaw revision concerning members’ Pancake Day financial commitment. The Club will vote next week at the Club Assembly.
Brian Hayes announced he will be passing out awards for the previous Rotary year at the Club Assembly next week.
Kim Senft-Paras announced the Membership Committee is working to redo the website application, working on updating the brochure and making website updates. Committee members include Dan Johnson, Scott Kujawa, and Kim. Please send ideas to Kim.
Crissy Allums gave an update on Operation Warm: $5,418 raised so far which would buy 246 coats. The cost went up to $22 per coat and Ginger Clark is spearheading the project again this year. Last year we were able to purchase 636 coats and would like to exceed that this year.
Adam Manning announced the Pancake Committee decided we needed to raise the ticket price from $6 to $8 this year due to increases in costs to put on the event.
President Biondo reminded everyone of the social on Tuesday August 30, 2022 from 5:30 till 7:30 at Sueño,  607 East 3rd street, Dayton. We can't wait to see you and please bring a friend that might be interested in becoming a member! We will have a little wine tasting and there will be some dips and chips to snack on. If you like to order a more substantial meal for yourself, you are welcome to do so of course, at your own expense. Please let Sofie know if you can attend and how many others you will be bringing. Jeff Senney added we have at least 30 people coming so far.
Another Social Committee Announcement:
Save the Date 
On Wednesday, Sept 28th, Lock 27 Brewery in Centerville - Centerville Rotary. Trivia starts at 6:30 pm and concludes at 8:30 pm. Lock27 and their trivia host are partnering with us for a social, fun-raiser. Please join us to support a local business, bring a friend / would be member. The event will be monetized to support "Project Warm" - 50/50, raffle, etc. Lock27 will co-promote the event starting first week of Sept. Great opportunity for club and charity visibility.
PDG Harvey Smith along with sponsor Dan Johnson inducted new member Chris Norman. Chris shared he has 5 kids and 2 grandkids, with one on way next month. He has been a corporate giving officer for 40 years. Welcome to the Club, Chris!
Adam Manning shared a video: the Top 5 Rotary Myths Exposed. You can view it HERE.
Happy Bucks this quarter go to support Operation Warm, providing new winter coats to children.
Pat Beckel was our Sergeant at Arms this week and he said Bill Serr is a great community advocate and he hope he decides to join our club. He reminded all to give whatever you can, when you want to - that Happy Bucks are not a requirement but a time to learn more about our members.
Rotarians Happy Bucks this week included:
  • Arnie Biondo drove around the Mad River/Alex Bell roundabout that is now open.
  • Mark Febus said his company was honored as the Dayton Business Journal’s best place to work.
  • Mike Wier noted he has been in Rotary for over 30 years and it has changed a bunch. In his early days when there was a dress code, he was fined when making up in Oakwood for taking off his suit jacket!
  • Don Stewart leaves for Canada with his brothers to see the band Tribe, one they have followed since their youth.
  • Boyd Preston gave congrats to Mark and noted it was great to see Doc Hoback back from his surgery.
  • Ger Eastabrooks started new position at bank today - she is floater now, so not just at the Centerville location.
  • Kim Senft-Paras welcomed Chris Norman and thanked Bill Menker for finding the membership video.
  • Bob Fry was happy to see Doc Hoback and that we had an extra table filled today.
  • Matt Kuhn got a new power washer and now nothing is safe!
  • Dan Johnson welcomed Chris Norman and was happy his kids are back in school.
  • Brad Huffman shared the sad news that his daughter’s good friend/classmate passed away due to injuries sustained in an ATV accident. Many prayers are sent to the family.
  • Lee Hieronymus announced the Board voted that the Club will sing at the first meeting of month, but rest of month will be silent. He will be doing hay this afternoon.
  • Adam Manning announced his buddy Brandon’s son is on the Fairmont football team so Adam will be attending a lot of games.
  • Dale Berry gave for Operation Warm, to welcome Chris Norman, and for our speaker today, Jesse Lightle.
  • Ron Hollenbeck gave for a coat, for our speaker Jesse, new member Chris, and for sitting between two charter members.
  • Harvey Smith welcome Chris to the Club
  • Carol Kennard gave for getting through COVID and to welcome Chris to the Club.
  • Jeff Senney announced his son and wife are expecting their first child. He is thrilled Ashlee is going to join club, and he played golf last Saturday at an event that raised $5,000 for the House of Bread and one other charity. Despite a few handicaps, his team still managed to win the event.
  • Chuck King welcomed Chris to club and announced his dog got skunked but was able to wash the smell out with Dawn dish soap.
  • Michael Norton-Smith welcomed Chris, and was happy to have Bill Serr here, and although there was a smell of skunk in his yard, his dog did not get skunked.
  • Wayne Davis gave for Chris, Bill Serr, Doc Hoback welcome back, and good to see Sivaji Subramaniam and Don Stewart. He announced on Sept 3 there will be a Football Fan Fest at Stubbs Park.
  • Brian Hayes noted Friday was his wife’s birthday so he turned her loose at the mall and fortunately she didn’t spend it all.
  • Chris Norman was happy to be welcomed into club.
  • Ashlee Walton was happy that Arnie got through roundabout, as she saw a picture of someone going the wrong way! (Was it Arnie???)
  • Don Overly gave for Operation Warm.
  • Jim Harris welcome back Doc, and said he had heard the announcement on the diaper collection but then no follow up. He put the purchased diapers in a closet, and when his son found them and asked what?!!
  • Doc Hoback was glad to be back after missing 6 weeks due to surgery.
  • Sivaji Subramaniam was glad to be here.
  • Crissy Allums welcomed Chris and congratulated Mark for his company award.
  • Pat Beckel gave a welcome to our new member and guests, and noted 1 in 5 people in Dayton now have COVID so continue to be careful.
Our speaker today was Jesse Lightle, Washington Township Administrator.
Dale Berry introduced our speaker today, Jesse Lightle. When the state was first formed, it was divided into 1,038 Townships. Washington Township is the second largest Township in the state. We are fortunate to have an incorporated area located within the Township - the City of Centerville. Dale was elected as a Township Trustee 14 years ago and Jesse Lytle came to be the Township Administrator 16 years ago, with prior experience at the cities of Clayton and Centerville.
Jesse share that currently Sharon Lowry is President, Dale Berry is Vice President, Scott Paulson is Trustee, and Gary Smiga is Fiscal officer. Their mission is to provide for and promote the general health, safety and welfare of township residents and employees as we create an environment focused on building for the future.
Development Services continue to address the needs as we have seen an increased population since 2000. Washington Township is just behind West Chester Township, which has the largest population.
The Public Works Department had a 5-year renewal levy approved in the spring. They are paving 37 streets this summer and will spend $1.3 million on curb program. She noted there was a ribbon cutting yesterday at the new roundabout and they haven’t had a traffic accident there yet! This is the first roundabout in Montgomery County, but they are very common in other communities. There is a video showing how to navigate it. It allows you to get through much faster and safer. ROUNDABOUT
Cruise-In to the Ice Cream Social - over 4,000 people attended even with the rain off and on. It was the second year and a great event that combines the traditional ice cream social with classic cars. Woodland Lights is coming up and Jesse gave thanks to Rotary for the $2,000 donation to put in a ramp at Santa’s cabin.
RecPlex is completing a park master plan and they have received over $400,000 in grant money for Bass Lake area renovations to install a new accessible ramp and observation deck to encourage kayaking.
Town Hall Theatre Adopt a Seat program is still available where you can have your name placed on a seat. The Noon Optimist gave $20,000 to reserve the first two rows - they don’t sell those seats but use them to move kids closer to watch the shows.
Unfortunately they did not receive any bids for the Fitness Center renovations and will have to re-bid. The project is estimated at just under $1 million to spread out fitness equipment and accommodate more people while maintaining safe distance.
The Fire Department received an award as the Ohio Fire Dept of the Year for State of Ohio, and also Chief Kujawa earned an international award for his encouragement of professional development. Washington Township has the most credentialed officers, largely due to Chief Kujawa’s efforts.
They are working on relocation of the fire station on Maple Ave to the new property beside the high school. Ground breaking on the $7 million station was in July. It will include 4 bays and provide better response times being located on a main thoroughfare.
Sheriff’s Department substation and school resource officers recently provided Run, Fight, Hide and Stop the Bleed trainings for school personnel. Max, the new canine deputy, is in schools and also doing police work. Sheriff’s trailer is taken to community events -  has grills and fun community engagement activities..
There are no plans yet on what to do with the old Maple Ave facility once the new station is finished, but it will probably be used for storage in the future. Have reserve apparatus that needs to be stored somewhere.
The majority of the American Rescue Act Funds are being used for revenue replacement at RecPlex.
President Biondo thanked Jesse Lightle for the great update, led the group in reciting the Rotary Four-Way Test, and wished everyone a great week.
The program next week will be a Club Assembly. Please attend to learn more about how you can become more involved in committee activities!
The new laser engraved bricks have been purchased for our 50th Anniversary project at Grant Park and are now in storage ready for installation at the proper time.
If you haven’t visited Grant Park this summer, it’s not too late to enjoy the beauty of the pollinator area our Club seeded in the spring. Go for a hike today!
Please arrange for a sub if you are unable to greet on your assigned day or contact Crissy Allums.
August 25 - Ron Hollenbeck & Rebecca Quiñones
September 1 = Ger Eastabrooks and Boyd Preston
September 8 = Erich Eggers and Frank Perez
September 15 = Mark Febus and Don Overly
September 22 = Robert Ford and Ram Nunna
September 29 = Bob Fry and Mike Norton-Smith
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August 25 - Ron Hollenbeck & Rebecca Quiñones
September 1 = Ger Eastabrooks and Boyd Preston
September 8 = Erich Eggers and Frank Perez
September 15 = Mark Febus and Don Overly
September 22 = Robert Ford and Ram Nunna
September 29 = Bob Fry and Mike Norton-Smith
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