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eBulletin - October 28, 2021
Centerville Rotary Meeting Highlights
President Brian Hayes welcomed everyone to the meeting of the Centerville Rotary Club, led the group in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, and provided the prayer.
The thought of the moment – writer L.M. Montgomery once quipped – Isn’t it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet?
PDG Harvey Smith officially inducted Uriah Anderson into the Centerville Rotary Club.
Uriah was originally from Minnesota and grew up in California where he attended college. Afterwards, he received a fellowship in DC, which eventually moved him to Ohio. He was in
Graduate school at Wright State University in Public Admin, when Mark Metzger presented to the class. Mark was looking for an event manager for Woodland Lights, and Uriah was hired. He lives in Fairborn, with his wife and cat.
There was a pause in the action while several Rotarians searched the floor for the back of Uriah’s new Rotary pin. Brad Huffman came through with the eagle eye siting!
President Brian recognized our guests, John Lask who is interested in being a member and
Elda Gotos-Gay’s granddaughter, who hid under the table to keep from being seen!
Boyd Preston announced our next 50th Anniversary Service Day: Tuesday, November 9, 3:00-4:15 pm where we will harvest milkweed seed out of their pods. Meet at the Activity Center Park shelter (221 N. Main Street, where Park Headquarters is). We could use 10-12 Rotarians.
Ron Hollenbeck announced letters were distributed to share what you need in order to get to the next level Paul Harris Fellow as the club will provide matching points dollar for dollar. Please make the check payable to the Rotary Foundation and give to Ron.
Ron also shared this information on the Rotary 125 Club :
For the first time, District 6670 is offering a "125 Club" pin to those members who make 1) a donation of at least $100 to the Rotary Foundation's (RI) Annual Fund, and 2) contribute at least $25 to Polio plus.
For those members who make a $100 or greater contribution to RI's foundation during the year or during Centerville's matching program in November, you have satisfied the first requirement.  All contributions are directed towards the Annual Fund, unless specifically directed elsewhere by the member.
To donate $25 to Polis plus, there are a couple of ways to do this.  Namely...
1) Logon to "".  If you have an account, login.  If you don't, it's still easy to donate.
In either case, once you're at the "" website, select "Donate".  This will show several options.  Select "Polio Fund".  There is an option to check the box which says "I would like to make this donation in honor of or in memory of someone".  Boyd and I are suggesting that you check this box if you'd like to donate to the memory of Joyce Young.  We both did.  Then provide your credit card information and the amount of your pledge.
2) If you'd rather not go to the "" website, you can give me a check made out to "The Rotary Foundation" or provide me with your credit card information.  I'll complete the necessary form and send it in for you.
Please let Brian or Ron know if you have satisfied both donations.  We can then make sure the appropriate District person is notified, and we receive the correct number of "Club 125" pins.
Happy Bucks this quarter are for Blue Star Mothers (of America) A private nonprofit organization in the United States that provides support for mothers who have sons or daughters in active service in the U.S. Armed Forces.
President Brian served as our Sergeant-at-Arms today.
Happy Bucks this week, were generously given by:
  • Matt Kuhn for our new member, Uriah.
  • Brad Huffman for our new member, Uriah, and our guest speaker (his wife!)
  • Arnie Biondo for our guest speaker
  • Uriah Anderson for becoming a member
  • Ray Merz for his first cousin who recently turned 108, pleased for the good genes in his family
  • Elda Gotos-Gay for our new member, Uriah and her youngest granddaughter being with her
  • Gerry Eastabrooks for John Lask being at her table
  • Jeff Senney for his son who will be married the first week of November, noting as he was working on his Father of the Groom speech, and after his kids edited out all objectionable comments, it’s pared down to only 40 seconds
  • Chuck King for our new member, Uriah, for John, and since yesterday on the last day of church golf, he hit an 87!
  • Harvey for our new member, Uriah
  • Boyd Preston for our new member, Uriah, and the sign of fall at the meeting today - Ron is not wearing shorts
  • Carol Kennard wishing her Nittany Lions good luck this weekend against Ohio State, noting miracles can happen in college football
  • Dale Berry for our new member, Uriah.
  • Don Overly for his son coming up for OSU/PSU game
  • Jim Harris for our new member, Uriah, and for his son & daughter-in-law finally getting through from Canada
  • Tom Broadwell was happy
  • Dick Hoback for our new member, Uriah.
  • Larry Marchand for our new member, Uriah.
  • Adam Manning for our new member, Uriah, for Shannon, and that the Bengals are now 5–2.
  • Mike Norton-Smith for a fellow new member, Uriah
  • Bill Menker for our new member, Uriah, and than also gave a $5 fine for his boss making him present at an Optimist  meeting on Tuesday
  • Frank Perez gave some scary dollars for Halloween
  • Wayne Davis for our new, prospective and current members who are all good to be with, and reminded all to get out and vote on Tuesday’s election day and remember how fortunate we are to have the right to vote
  • Ron Hollenbeck for our new member, Uriah, and was impressed with super human vision Brad H. displayed, and that he and Chuck worked their last Tuesday at the Grotto Gardens.
  • Sofie Ameloot for Uriah, John, and that her daughter came home from RYLA with a big smile on her face
  • Brian Hayes for all anniversaries and birthdays this month.
Brad Huffman introduced his wife, Dr. Shannon McAfee, who received her undergrad degree from Miami University, where she was also a founding member of the Rugby team. Shannon attended medical school at Ohio University and did her residency at Grandview/Southview Hospitals, and has served as a panelist with Kettering Health. She has been in practice at Far Hills OB/GYN for 11 years.
Shannon gave an overview of COVID history, noting it was first found in a research facility in Wuhan, China. At first everyone was unsure what it was, and then discovered it was a Coronavirus, a type of virus that typically causes the common cold. But this one was worse.
Shannon noted she and Brad were vacationing in Hawaii, when it was just starting to spread in the U.S. The Thursday they were in Hawaii, their kids were sent home from school and everything shut down back at home. She spent the rest of her vacation researching COVID.
Most people don’t realize the science community has been researching mRNA vaccines since the 1980s.
She shared COVID case data, but also noted there are many unreported cases since you can now buy rapid tests over the counter.
Initially, they were unsure if pregnant women were high risk for COVID. Pregnancy is considered immune compromised, because as the baby is growing in your body, the body works to not fight against it, so immunities are lower.
After many studies and self-reporting, it was determined that pregnant women with COVID-19 were at a higher risk for severe disease. It is listed now as a high risk condition. Shannon said her job is to figure out how to prevent complications with pregnancy, and have healthy moms, healthy babies. Initially moms were required to work from home, and even take off work 2-3 weeks prior to delivery so they weren’t around other people before delivering. Now that people can be vaccinated, rules are not as strict.
There was a short pause in the vaccine due to blood clots, but it was only 8-9 people out of million who developed blood clots, which was not statistically significant. The disease risk was higher than the risks of getting the vaccine.
Is the Covid vaccine safe during pregnancy? Social media has made it painful for health care. So many “experts” are sharing misinformation.
Research showed there is no increased risk of miscarriage by taking the COVID vaccine. VSafe reported miscarriages between 6-20 weeks had an overall risk of 14%, which is within the 10-15% normal miscarriage rate.
Scientific studies have shown the COVID vaccine to be very safe, no severe complications, and no impact on fertility.
One Pfizer researcher thought the Covid spike protein was similar to a protein in the placenta, so he thought the vaccine would attack this protein in the placenta. But that is not what was found as the vaccine makes antibodies.
In Vitro Fertilization cases - found no change before and after vaccinated.
If vaccinated during pregnancy or while breastfeeding, the mother will pass on antibodies to the baby.
24 women’s health organizations support COVID vaccines for women who are pregnant or considering getting pregnant.
Booster shot - can you mix Pfizer and Moderna? CDC found you can mix safely.
We are seeing breakthrough cases (those who are vaccinated), but they do not suffer serious illness if vaccinated.
Dick Hoback noted there is a speaker on WHIO radio Saturday mornings who spreads incorrect information about the hazards of getting vaccinated. He said he wished Shannon would take her scientifically based program to WHIO.
There are three types of vaccines:
  • Vector
  • Live virus - a weakened version of the virus is injected so the body develops antibodies. Can’t do this type during pregnancy
  • mRNA vaccine - copies to the protein packaging part of the cell, doesn’t go to the nucleus, tells body to make an inactive protein that triggers your body to develop antibodies. She said the wave of the future this type of vaccine.
President Brian thanked Shannon for sharing this important information.
Next week our guest speaker will be Norman Miozzi from Habitat for Humanity.
Here's why Uriah appeared without a hat to the meeting today - he didn't feel his Halloween work uniform was appropriate when getting inducted into the club! Aarrgghhh
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