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Chartered 1972
eBulletin - April 28, 2022
Centerville Rotary Meeting Highlights
Our theme this month is Maternal and Child Health.
President Brian Hayes welcomed everyone to the Centerville Rotary Club and led the Pledge of Allegiance. PDG Harvey Smith provided the prayer.
President Hayes had the following announcements:
  • Our Club Theme this month covers the areas of Maternal and Child Health
  • Our thought of the moment comes from writer, John Updike who said “Dreams come true. Without that possibility, nature would not incite us to have them.”
  • District 6670 Empowering Girls Gala & District Conference Friday April 29, 5:30pm – 9:00pm tickets are $48/person @ Sycamore Creek Country Club
Frank Perez announced registration for the golf outing will be open until Monday. Registration is at 86 but he still needs the sponsor team names and email addresses. Still needed include: Ardent, Birchwealth, Bockrath, Edward Jones, Far Hills OB/GYN, Glass House Realty, Library of Design, Allen Lund, and several more. If you have a sponsorship, send your golfers to Frank now! Email him at Remember, Frank needs to enter their names into Golf Genius.
Mike Wier has tickets for Tuesday’s Dayton Dragon’s game and can be picked up after meeting or by reaching out to Mike at
We will be sending our Happy Bucks for this quarter through Matthew 25 Ministries to provide support where needed in the Ukraine.
Our Sergeant of Arms this week was Pat Beckel. He welcomed Connie Hatch, a visiting Rotarian from the  Strongsville Club.
Happy Bucks were generously given for:
  • Pat Beckel for an upcoming 2-week trip - to gymnastic national finals where both sons will compete and then to Hilton Head. He said to check out the live podcast tomorrow of Grace and Debbie, a series based on stories of women entering their second act of life. Debbie Teeters is one of the hosts.
  • Boyd Preston was happy to be here, and for next week’s Dragon’s game.
  • Chuck King was happy, and confirmed a yellow golf ball is not good when golfing in lots of dandelions.
  • Ger Eastabrooks & Carol Kennard for Ukraine.
  • Harvey Smith, Bob Fry, Elda Gotos-Gay, Susan Schnell, Sofie Ameloot, and Dale Berry for Ukraine
  • Don Overly for Ukraine and wished Pat's sons good luck.
  • Lee Hieronymus still has stitches and is healing from surgery, will celebrate his 76th birthday on April 30, for Ukraine, and being with his favorite fire chief at the moment. He noted that it was around this time 50 years ago when Don Overly was starting to organize our club.
  • Jim Harris for Ukraine
  • Ginger Clark for the newly opened Yankee Park playground, noting the Grand Opening will be on May 12.
  • Adam Manning paid for last week plus Ukraine.
  • Kim Senft-Paras for Ukraine and noted she will be gone in May to Massachusetts to help care for her grandkids.
  • Ron Hollenbeck for Ukraine and noted he saved a bird’s life yesterday - one was stuck in a neighbors gutter, so he opened the trap door and set it free!
  • Dick Hoback had a happy body as he just had a full body massage.
  • Brad Huffman for the great work of the golf committee and was glad to be back from vacation.
  • Judy Budi thanked the scholarship committee - Jim Harris, Mark Febus, Sofie Ameloot, and Harvey Smith as they recently started interviews.
  • Matt Kuhn for Ukraine.
  • Uriah Anderson announced on May 16 there will be a dedication of a room in memory of Joyce Young at RecPlex, starting at 12:30 pm. Best to use the McEwen entrance.
  • Frank Perez was just happy.
  • Wayne Davis for guests and Lee’s birthday.
  • Connie Hatch for Ukraine.
The club then sang Happy Birthday to Lee Hieronymus!
Our program today focused on the upcoming Golf Outing and the 50th Anniversary programs it will support.
Brad Huffman announced the bag stuffing will take place next week as some items were delayed in shipping.
Next Friday is the big day! Weather forecast is questionable but will change multiple times before then. We currently have 90 golfers signed up; had 72 last year.
Beatdown Biondo and Sweet-strongarm Sofie have done an amazing job with scholarships and raffle once again!
7-7:15 am check in and drop bags at your cart and then come in the main lobby to purchase raffle tickets and 50/50 while grabbing a bite to eat. At 8:30 am golfers will go out on the course and around 1 pm, will be back inside for lunch. Raffle winners will be pre-drawn and winners will be posted when you come in for lunch.
Preliminary Financial Report
Sponsorships $13,000
Pledges by club members   $3,700
Raffle estimate   $3,000
TOTAL $19,600
(Was $16,000 last year)
Boyd Preston shared an update on our 50th Anniversary project - helping with the redevelopment of Grant Park - McEwen Road entrance. The club members wanted a project that highlighted Rotary and made an impact in the community. The specific projects we will fund include: relocating the Rotary memorial garden, plant 3 trees for every tree lost in construction of a new parking lot, add a pollinator garden along with interpretive signage around the pollinator garden.
The memorial plaza will include new laser engraved memorial bricks (longer lasting), using brick made in OH and engraved in FL. The center of the plaza will have a bronze Rotary wheel, and the boulder will have a new bronze plaque.
There will also be climbing rocks to play on, and benches for relaxation.
A ground breaking will take place in late summer-early fall to coincide with the new parking lot installation. Our club members will help with moving the old bricks and tree planting in the fall.
The total cost of the project is $53,000.
Harvey Smith noted the budget is looking pretty good - with funding coming from the Golf Outing, District grant, club members, and $25,000 in seed money from the club’s budget. We may designate the last quarter Happy Bucks for the project if we are short of our goal.
Adam Manning noted that invitations will be sent out soon for the June 9 Anniversary Dinner (in place of the noon meeting that day.) Please RSVP as soon as possible.
Dick Hoback asked everyone to check the handouts on the tables that include past members and exchange students. Reach out to anyone you are still in contact with. Dick said past exchange student Annea lives in Washington, D.C. and may be able to attend the dinner in June.
Carol Kennard noted they met with past exchange student Saloni Bagwani on Zoom this week. Saloni is helping locate exchange students and will orchestrate a zoom panel discussion that will be recorded and inserted into our 50th anniversary video. Saloni will also interview Brad Huffman - one exchange student to another!
Here is the list of Rotary alumni and exchange students. Reach out to them if you are still in contact and give updated contact info to Dick.
  1. Niki Barnhill
  2. Jacob Bartel
  3. May Berkel
  4. Doug Cline
  5. Amy Constable
  6. Lindsey Daugherty
  7. Kelli Davis
  8. Timothy Dressman
  9. Beverly Fitzgerald
  10. Tony Gaddis
  11. John Grubb
  12. Bridget Herzog
  13. Steven Hinshaw
  14. Cynthia Klink
  15. Carrie Lifer
  16. Anthony Malone
  17. Sara McGarvey
  18. Mary McIntosh
  19. Rand Oliver
  20. Bill Reber
  21. Graham Ross
  22. Lori Shade
  23. Terry Smith
  24. Jennifer Webb
  25. Shirley Winterhalter
  1. WillIam Abrams
  2. Charles Ackley
  3. Jane Beach
  4. Brian Bergman
  5. Sylvia Clasen
  6. Shelley Fisher
  7. Ed Fleming
  8. Michael Gentile
  9. Branden Gross
  10. Robert Hendrix
  11. Jim Hester
  12. Tracie Hoker
  13. Monica Hughley
  14. Bob Jackson
  15. Robert Kidd
  16. Dawayne Kirkman
  17. Mark Koogler
  18. Geroge Korenyi-Booth
  19. Gary Kuntz
  20. Sharon Lowry
  21. Sandy Miles
  22. William Niehaus
  23. Daniel Nielsen
  24. Scott Paulson
  25. Robert. E Reed
  26. Dan Sortman
  27. Butch Spencer
  28. Robert Stemper
  29. Darrell Woods
  30. Thomas Zorbrist
  1. Christopher Buck
  2. Paul Cronley
  3. Lonny A Fry
  4. Bob Kilroy
  5. Jeremy Schans
  6. Kevin Talley
  7. Kitty Ulmer
1972 Humberto Pancho Velez Mexico
73 Luz Helena Jaramillo.     Columbia
74 Johnny hall Sweden
76 Vickie Truque Costa Rica
77 Patty Galvez Mexico
78 Per Lundahl Sweden
79 Monica Gomez Columbia
80 Ari Viercoula Finland
Manuel Roman Ecuador
81 Gidia ?
82 Stephan Ulrich Germany
83 Michelle Terrell New Zealand
84 Akiko Kawahari Japan
85 Carilis Ramerez Mexico
87 Sabastian Germany
89 Akiko Japan
99 Norberto Vargas Ballestero      Costa Rica
08 Annea Hapciu Croatia
10 Edwardo Azuar (Du) Brazil
16 (Mat’o) Martin Palovic Slovokia
17 Saloni Bagwani India
18   “   “
19 Rodrigo Tinajeros Peru
20 Yok Chinpathirankul Thialand
Sofie Ameloot announced we need a couple of people to help decorate the fire truck with our 50th anniversary theme for the July 4 Americana Festival. Brian Hayes offered to lead the group.
Kim Senft-Paras then shared the 50th Anniversary theme this month is on Maternal and Child Health. Her challenge for the club today was to list your favorite Centerville Rotary Club service project. She had some photos from past projects as inspiration. Club members noted:
House of Bread - 2019 (Dale Berry)
Delivering turkeys & hams  (Kim Senft-Paras)
BOGG Ministries  (Frank Perez)
Food Bank (Frank Perez)
House of Bread (Chuck King)
Gathering and planting seeds - 2022 (Chuck King)
Delivering literary materials - 2016-19 (Ron Hollenbeck)
Making/bagging dog treats - 2018 or 19 (Judy Budi)
Hannah’s Treasure Chest (Sofie Ameloot)
Dictionary/thesaurus - many years and continues (Don Stewart
Constructing shelter at Oak Grove Park (Matt Kuhn)
Project Read - 2017-18 (Boyd Preston)
Food Bank - 2018 (Adam Manning)
Constructing gazebo at Benham’s Grove - 1980’s (Dick Hoback)
Planting Rotary memorial evergreen forest - 1990’s (Carol Kennard)
Brad Huffman noted we still need a few volunteers for the Hole in One verification afternoon shift.
Golf will be played on the Vintage and Legends courses again. Friday volunteers for the early shift should report at 6:30 am to help with set up.
President Hayes announced next week we will have our own Brad Huffman on hand to share final details for the upcoming Golf Outing and be prepared to stuff swag bags next week!
President Hayes led the group in reciting the 4-way Test and wished everyone a great week.
We received this invitation from the Centerville Community Chorus
Some of our members recently attended the Rotary Youth Peace, Advocacy, Leadership & Service Day at Sinclair Community College:
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