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Dear Applicant,       


I am pleased that you have expressed interest in the Centerville Rotary Club. Rotary is an international organization dedicated solely to the welfare of peoples throughout the world. Our motto is "service above self," which sets a high standard of behavior for Rotarians around the globe. As an applicant for membership, you must be aware that you must commit to the Rotarian standard of behavior in order to proudly wear the Rotary pin, a symbol of Rotary membership and commitment to Rotary service. It is my desire that you fully understand the concept of Rotary membership and what you must do to become a Rotarian in our Club.  We are part of Rotary District 6670.  Please visit Website @




First:         The development of acquaintance as an opportunity for service;

Second:   High ethical standards in business and professions; the recognition of the worthiness of all useful occupations; and the dignifying of each Rotarian's occupation as an opportunity to serve society;

Third:        The application of the ideal of service in each Rotarian's

                     personal, business, and community life;

Fourth:     The advancement of international understanding, goodwill, and peace through a world fellowship of business and professional persons united in the ideal of service.




1.    A Rotarian believes in God and country. At each meeting we recite our allegiance to our country, and thank God for his blessings and ask for His divine intervention to help those in need.


2.    A Rotarian is willing to rise to the call of the needs of mankind as expressed by the Rotary leadership, at the international, national and local levels. This means support of worldwide Rotary projects, such as Polio-Plus and the Educational Foundation. At the local club level, a Rotarian must be ready to answer the call when the Club President asks for volunteer service.


3.    Rotary meetings are held each week. The by-laws of Rotary require that a Rotarian attend at least 60% of meetings held during each six-month period (January to June, and July to December.) Up to half of this requirement can be achieved through "make-ups" at other Rotary Clubs anywhere in the world. Additionally, our Board of Directors may grant attendance credit for participation in service projects. Failure to meet the attendance requirement may result in termination of membership.


4.    A Rotarian pays dues and fees as established by the Club. The Club remits part of these dues and fees to the district and national Rotary organizations. The current initiation fee to join the Club is $50. The current annual membership fee is $200, which is billed to members $50 every quarter. The meal fee is currently $12 a week, which all goes to Yankee Trace. The meal fee is also billed each quarter. Dues and fees must be paid timely in order to maintain membership in the Club and to avoid late payment fees. The Board of Directors has the authority to establish all dues and fees of the Club.  Our Club currently will reimburse a member up to $10.00 for meal expense paid to another Rotary Club when documentation of a "make-up" is provided to the Club Secretary.


5.    A member of our Club must work or reside within the City of Centerville or within Washington Township, or within a city or township immediately adjacent to Centerville or Washington Township. This is so even if there is an existing Rotary Club in an adjacent area.


6.    Each member shall be "classified" in accordance with the member's business or profession. The classification shall be that which describes the principal and recognized activity of the firm, company, or institution with which the member is connected. In our Club, the Club's Secretary and the President-Elect are currently responsible for assigning classifications.

a.    There are three categories of membership in Rotary: active, senior active, and honorary. All members of the Club have the same rights regardless of their membership status, with the exception of that described in the next paragraph.

b.    A person possessing the qualities set forth in article V, section 2 of the RI constitution may be elected to active service in this club.  This club shall not elect a person to active membership from a classification if the club already has five or more members from that classification, unless the club has 50 or more members, in which case, the club may elect a person to active membership in a classification so long as it will not result in the classification making up more than 10% of the club's active membership.

c.    A senior active member is a Rotarian who has any of the following qualifications: Years of Rotary membership, Plus years of age totaling 85 or more. Having attained any of these qualifications, an active member may petition the board to become a senior active member. Senior active members shall not be included in the total number of active members in regard to their classification.


d.    An honorary member is a person who has distinguished themselves by meritorious service in the furtherance of Rotary ideals. The term of such members shall be as determined by the board.  Honorary members shall be exempt from fees and dues, shall have no vote, and shall not be eligible to hold any office in this club.


e.   There is no limit to the number of members that can be admitted who are of a religious order, the news media or diplomatic service. A holder of an elected political office can only be admitted to membership if such person is gainfully employed in a profession or other business activity.


7.    Every member of our Club is expected to participate in the Club's major fund-raiser: the pancake breakfast project. Each member is expected to purchase a minimum number of 25 tickets as determined by the Board of Directors. The member can resell the tickets if he/she wishes at an amount no greater than that printed on the ticket. Members not able to participate in the project or to purchase the required minimum number of tickets for just cause should request exemption from the Board of Directors prior to the date of the pancake project. The applicant should inquire as to the dollar amount and time commitment from his/her sponsor before submitting an application for membership.


8.    Every new member should visit the Rotary International Website @ and participate in an Orientation program during the first year.




1.    An applicant should attend a minimum of two meetings before submitting an application and personally meet several members of the club.

2.    If the applicant wishes to join Rotary, he/she should inquire of the sponsor as to whether there is an open classification.  The applicant or sponsor should confirm the classification with the Club Secretary or President-Elect. The club will inform the applicant's sponsor of the availability of the classification.

3.    The applicant should become familiar with the commitment that must be made to Rotary and submit a commitment form along with a membership application form to his sponsor, the Club Secretary or the President-Elect.

4.    The club secretary will submit the application and commitment forms to the club's Board of Directors. The Board must approve acceptance of the forms.

5.    Upon Board acceptance, the applicant's name must be announced or printed in the Beacon, the club's newsletter, for two consecutive meetings. Any member of the club may object to the applicant's membership by appearing before the Board of Directors at a time and place so designated by the Board or by submitting written notice of objection with a complete explanation as to the reasons for objection. The Board of Directors is left with the ultimate decision as to admission of the applicant.

6.    The Club Secretary will inform the applicant or his/her sponsor of its decision.

7.    Upon election into the membership of the club, the applicant will be required to participate in an orientation program. The Board will inform the applicant or his sponsor of the date of the induction ceremony.

8.    The applicant's admission is contingent upon payment of the club's initiation fee in a manner and time specified by the club's secretary.


Questions? Contact Membership Chair Ann Blackburn, (937) 510-3238,