There was a counselor of a school in Centerville who wrote this letter:

“I find myself in a position to help a little boy and his family. A 10 year old at our school has been diagnosed with a terrible, rare disease, called "Dock 8 Mutation". He has basically little or no immune system and the prognosis is not good. Mom is a single mother with 4 kids. Her paycheck depends on her being at work, which is tough because she is so often at the hospital. My heart breaks for her. We are reaching out in every way at our school with fundraisers, church donations, staff donations, clubs and groups. We are hoping to provide mom with enough money to pay her bills for four months. If he gets a bone marrow transplant, that’s about what she will need since she will have to stay near him at the children's hospital in Cincinnati.I have known this family for eight years and I know this to be a hard working woman doing her best for her children. She often works 50 hours a week, which is difficult on her children, but what choice does she have? She is not on welfare. This, finally is just a bit more than she can handle alone.

I am writing to all of you to ask if you would like to help. Maybe you are in a position to help a little, maybe a lot. So many of us hear sad stories on the news and don’t know how to help. Here’s a little guy who I know, and we can touch his life. I know whatever we collect will go directly to paying her rent, heat, food and car. Money should not be her primary worry at this most heart breaking time.”


Our Centerville club heard about this sad story and decided to give the "Christmas jar" money to this sick child. But how do we get enough money into a jar?? Just our small change would never amount to much. So we did crazy things, having members pay for chocolates in crystal dishes bought from rummage sales. Raffling off champagne with glasses, signed by a district governor from two years ago. Giving a dinner for $100.- / person which was attended by 16  people.

We wrote the counselor our good news, we were able to pay at least for one month “less problems” for the family.

We received a note back which said:

“OH MY GOSH!!! This is so exiting. You brought a tear to my eye! THANK YOUR CLUB. I hope you all know you are the embodiment of the Christmas spirit! There are no words to express how much this will help this family. Blessing to you all.”

Now WHAT is a Christmas jar? Just a jar where we saved money in, but the story started with the “Christmas Jar” book written by Jason Wright.  Money is given anonymously to people in need and this problem fit the story perfectly. So some “elves” got together having great fun and bringing three jars filled with money to the home of the sick boy. They rang the bell and ran away, but made sure that the door was opened and the jars taken in.

Then we received an e-mail with a story submitted by a Lady from Centerville in Ohio and this is what she wrote:

“My Christmas miracle was the Christmas jars I received on my front porch two nights ago from an anonymous Christmas angel! I am a single mother of 4 children and in October my youngest son was diagnosed with a very rare life threatening  disease called Dock 8 mutation The only treatment currently being tried for these patients is a bone marrow transplant. Due to the many appointments and with needing to be home more with my children I have been unable to work much these past few months. When I opened the door and saw these jars and the book “Christmas Jars”, me and my son broke down and cried. We were so touched! My youngest son said while in tears “mommy people really love me and they are helping me”. The Christmas jars are a true Christmas miracle and we are so grateful. The Centerville community have been so wonderful to me and my family during this difficult time. The community is beyond Amazing! Thanks again for bringing cheer and joy to our hearts. We are so grateful.”


Centerville Rotary is a small club of 56 members, they were able to bring together $3.600.- for this sick boy who now feels so much loved. Isn’t this what Rotary is all about?


Believe me, this club feels blessed being able to serve.