Read some interesting information on awareness of personal security in this fast-changing world, presented by a recent speaker at the Centerville Rotary Club.


A recent speaker at our meeting, Mark Metzner, of KM Group, LLC in Centerville works as a consultant for professional services, from security to architecture, infrastructure, and other business services. 

He said that in today's fast-paced world it is becoming more and more important to be aware of the risks of the possible invasion of one's personal security, whether it is through information gathering for such purposes as stealing your identity, bank account, or other ill will.

It's a continuing process of monitoring the uses of the technology around us and how we use it, he said. One has to be especially careful about what information is put out for the public to see, be it on the Internet or phones we use, etc.

Homes, schools, shops, etc., all need to have security in place, but as individuals, we also need to be aware in using credit cards at the gas pump or ATMS, checking for skimmers and other devices that could capture our personal information. We should make sure we are not talking to scammers, people presenting themselves as our bank or a company they do not represent.

Using unsecure Wi-Fi hotspots can also present problems, as most such places offering free Wi-Fi try to warn users about when you connect to their Internet access.

Metzner ran out of time to get into the details of some of the ways to make your life more secure, but noted that you can check his Web site to find out what he had to leave out. It is His presentation is available for viewing in the download section of our website.