It has become a tradition for the Presidents-Elect and their partners participate in a community service project during the PETS-traning. This year's service project was selected by the partners of the DGE's of all 5 districts in Ohio. All Rotary clubs in Ohio (n = 280) were asked to fill a 30 gallon container with supplies for the Fisher house and bring it to PETS.

The Fisher house is a unique private-public partnership supporting America's servicemen and -women in time of need. There are currently 38 Fisher houses across the country. The Fisher house at Wright Patterson Air Force Base (WPAFB) in Dayton provides a home for the family and relatives of servicemen and -women who need medical attention and are admitted to the hospital on base. The family stays for free in the Fisher house as long as they need.

During the annual all-Ohio President Elect Training Seminar (PETS) every incoming club President receives training for his / her upcoming year. In addition there is ample time for fellowship. This year's service project involved bringing a 30 gallon plastic container with supplies for the Fisher house. They are in need of toilet paper, paper towels, toilettries, tissue paper, gift certificates for stores and restaurants, and (individually wrapped) snacks. The response of the Rotary clubs in Ohio was overwhelming.... a total of 210 containers and numerous bags filled with supplies and gift certificates were brought to PETS. There was so much that two 26-feet trucks were needed to transport everything from Columbus, OH to WPAFB. All the "goodies" were brought to WPAFB and unloaded at the Fisher house. When the manager of the house saw everything that was donated by Rotarians from all over Ohio, she was absolutely ecstatic... "amazing what Rotary has done for us" she said. "Absolutely amazing"....!!