Mae made a tomato soup for the Assistant Governors when a training meeting was held in our house. Apparently people sort of liked it because all of them wanted the recipe....Here it is.

Recipe for "Sop Tomat Java" (or in plain English : Javanese Tomato soup):



2 lbs of fresh tomatoes (or one can of diced tomatoes); half a pound of ground beef; one Knorr beef bouillon block; 2 chopped leaks; half a smoked sausage; one bottle of (onion and garlic) spaghetti sauce; one bottle of medium hot salsa; salt , pepper and a dash of garlic.

Preparation :

Clean and chop the leaks, set aside; Fry the ground beef untill almost done (no need to use oil or fat). When the beef is just about done, add the clean, chopped leaks in the frying pan and fry together. Cut the tomatoes in small pieces. When the beef is completely done add the freshly chopped tomatoes (or the content of the can of tomatoes) to the mixture and stir and mix together. Then add the spaghetti sauce, the salsa, the beef bouillon block, the smoked sausage cut in small pieces; salt, pepper and a dash of garlic according to taste. Finally add one soup spoon of sugar.

Let the whole mixture simmer for about half an hour. If you want to make the soup more spicy, add some hot sauce.