Centerville Rotary Guest Speaker Guidelines 
Dear Guest Speaker
Thank you very much for agreeing to speak at our Rotary Club of Centerville, OH. Kindly complete the speaker information below regarding your presentation, and return via email. 
The weekly lunch meeting is held at Yankee Trace Golf Club located at 10000 Yankee St, Centerville, Ohio 45458, telephone 937-438-4653. Our members start to arrive about 11:45 am. The meeting begins at 12:00 pm and concludes promptly at 1:00 pm. Please plan on arriving by 11:45 am to allow us time to arrange any audiovisual needs and check the room for your presentation. You are our guest – so when you arrive, please introduce yourself as the guest speaker and your lunch is complimentary. 
12:00 noon to 12:30 pm lunch is served and members and guests have time for networking. Meeting will begin at approximately 12:30 pm with the Pledge of Allegiance, Invocation and Patriotic song. The guest speaker is normally introduced about 12:40 pm. Club members expect guest speakers to make a 15-20 minute presentation, followed by a few minutes of questions and answers. Please provide the club member who arranged your program with a brief biography, as this information will be used for your introduction. 
There are typically 45 to 50 Rotarians and guests in attendance. Handouts for club members are welcome and please plan on laying the material on each table prior to the meeting. 
Presentations should not promote a specific business or its services and presentations should be non-political and non-sectarian unless you have been invited specifically for that purpose. 
Making a “sales pitch” or directly soliciting purchases or donations is not in the spirit of Rotary and not recommended. Guest speakers are welcome to invite interested club members to stay after the meeting for more information. 
The Rotary Club of Centerville is made up of exceptional community leaders who, along with 1.2 million Rotarians in 33,000 Rotary Clubs in more than 160 countries, are changing the world with our work in the Dayton area and around the globe, one act of service at a time. To learn more about our activities and our Club visit our website at 
Sofie Ameloot, Speaker Chair
(252) 904-9746
Speaker Guidelines 
Date of Presentation: 
Club Member: 
Title of Presentation: 
Topics to be covered: 
Please provide a brief biography or resume for introduction purposes. (You may also attach resume) 
Audiovisual Needs: 
Format of Presentation: 
PowerPoint Ver.______ Other ____________ 
Computer: Mac/PC/Tablet/Mobile 
Projector: Yes No Bringing my own 
Connection Type: VGA HDMI Mac Connector USB 
Audio Required: Yes No 
Computer Required: Yes No Bringing my own 
If you are not bringing your own computer please email presentation to Centerville Rotary at one week prior to the meeting. Please place “Rotary Presentation” in the subject line and an email receipt will be sent back to you providing confirmation that the presentation was received.