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Rotary Pancake Day –Set-up


FRIDAY – 10:30 pm

Dining Room Set-up

Set up tables/chairs
  • 49 eating tables, 3 server tables for drinks, condiments, table settings; Volunteer Sign-in table, registration table, sponsor tables
Line high chairs/boosters along walls
Set Tables
  • place settings, centerpieces, donation jars, table ads w/table numbers, syrup bottles, sugar/creamer/wet nap packages
Prepare 2 coffee/tea stations (coming from Bethany)
  • coffee pots, tea bags, cups; label coffee pots – regular, decaf, hot water
Set coolers next to beverage stations for OJ/Milk
Cleaning products set on side tables with cleaning cloths, paper towels
Post Work Schedule and Dining Room layout on wall by sign-in sheet
Server Stations
  • Silverware bundles, cleanser, rags, paper towels, cups, cooler for milk/OJ, extra syrup, extra sugar/creamer/wet naps, garbage bags, placemats, water pitchers
Volunteer Sign-in Table
  • Tape sign-in sheet to table, pens, nametags, Rotary badges, aprons
  • Tape volunteer orientation information & Sign to wall
Registration Table
  • money box, change, tickets, tally sheet, pens/pencils, bag for used tickets, clicker (counter), Sponsor level ads, floral arrangement, Rotary info sign in sheet

Kitchen Set-up

Assemble grills, attach propane, test
Set out plates, cooking utensils, latex gloves, prepare pancake warming trays



Start grills & cookers
  • 375° sausage oven, cook 20 minutes, then brown on grill
Prepare trays for sausage – paper liners & sausage
Leave enough space on sausage pans to shake pan to rotate sausage part way through cooking
Set bowls of butter packets on side tables
Put ice, milk and OJ in coolers in dining room
Set out money box and tickets at registration table (6:30 shift starts)
Volunteers sign in & check with Kim/Judy and see either Ron/Bob/Brad (dining room), Amber (Kitchen) or Carol/Gerry (general questions)

Clean Up

Dining Room

___Clean off tables
___Inventory & pack up leftover paper products; mark on boxes what’s there, seal shut – Carol has master inventory
___Give used tickets & food order slips to Carol
___Give $$ to Gerry
___Empty trashcans; put new liner in cans, return cans to where we got them
___Vacuum entire carpet
___Take home aprons/rags to wash – store at Yankee Trace
___Return large signs and boxed pancake supplies –to Grant Barn


___Wash dishes & put away, clean all kitchen counters, sink areas, etc
___Pack up extra food
___Inventory & pack up leftover paper products; mark on boxes what’s there, seal shut – Carol has master inventory
___Mop floor
___Return unused, unopened Kroger food
___Clean and pack up grills