See letter we received from the Rotary Club of Candido Mota regarding our donation to purchase running shoes for the track team!

Dear Lori,

last friday we gave the money to Centro Vocacional. We gave them US$3,000.00. It was US$2,000 from Centerville Rotary Club and US$1,000 from Candido Mota Rotary Club.

Converting this to Real, we got R$5.500,00.

It was great!! Now we'll buy the shoes and when they arrive we'll make new pictures and I'll send you too.

As you can see, children from the running team were there, all wearing their shirts.

All the directory of Centro Vocacional is very grateful to you. And Rotary Club of Candido Mota is also very grateful to you all. We are very proud of Centerville Rotary Club.

Please say hello and many thanks to everyone there.

Many greetings from Brazil.

Luiz Ricardo Begosso

Rotary Club of Cândido Mota